Walking Basketball



Following a successful application for funding through the Sport Australia’s Move It AUS – Better Ageing grant program, Basketball Australia will be delivering Walking Basketball programs around Australia.

Walking Basketball is a low-impact, social and fun way to improve the levels of physical activity for inactive and slightly active Australians, including those recovering from injury.

The program provides optimal health benefits to all who participate, including those who might be intimidated by the pace and impact of a traditional basketball game but love the slower, more social version of Walking Basketball.

Walking Basketball is for participants across all ages, genders and abilities and helps to maintain and improve health and decrease risk factors associated with sedentary behaviour.

Whether you played years ago and want to get back into it, have never touched a ball or want to give something less strenuous a go, Walking Basketball could be the sport for you.

For more information please email walkingbasketball@oldsite.australia.basketball