Leanne Del Toso

Kilsyth Cobras DOB: 12 Aug 1980 Class: 3.5 Position: Forward Number: 9

Leanne Del Toso started playing wheelchair basketball in 2006 after noticing an Australian Paralympic Committee flyer on the wall at her local gym. Playing in the local Victorian competition in 2007, she was named the league's MVP before moving up to the WNWBL where she was named the most improved player.

Winning two league Championships, Del Toso was also awarded the 3.0 MVP in 2015 and 2018, two years in which she was also included in the All-Star Five.

In 2008, Del Toso was named as a reserve for the Gliders at the 2008 Paralympics before making her debut at the 2009 Osaka Cup, winning gold. A year later she finished fourth at the World Championships and then made her Paralympic debut in 2012 in London, winning silver.

Since then, Del Toso has won several more gold medals at the Osaka Cup and competed at the 2018 World Championships in Hamburg, Germany with the Gliders.