Georgia Munro-Cook

Sydney Metro Blues DOB: 17 May 1994 Class: 4.5 Position: Forward/Centre Number: 13

The daughter of Murray Cook, a member of The Wiggles, Georgia Munro-Cook attended Newtown High School of the Performing Arts before going on to attend the University of Sydney where she wrote a thesis on "The WNBA, the Anti-Women Backlash, and the League Response."

While her able-bodied basketball career was cut short by injury, Munro-Cook soon found a substitute in wheelchair basketball which gave her an outlet and a passion to pursue. A 4.5 classification, she quickly took control in the paint and became a focal point under the rim while developing her game with the Sachs Goudcamp Bears in the WNWBL.

Going on to win the Championship in 2017, Munro-Cook tallied five double-doubles for the season while leading her team for scoring and finishing second for assists to be named to the All-Star Five.

In 2015, Munro-Cook was selected as a member of the Australian Under-25 Devils and quickly advanced to play for the Gliders later that year, competing at the 2015 AOZ qualifiers, 2016 Osaka Cup and 2017 AOZ qualifiers.

There, she helped the Gliders advance to the 2018 World Championships, another tournament that Munro-Cook attended for her country.