Game reports from the final day of the 2017 Australian U14 Club Championships being held in Dandenong, Victoria.

GIRLS Shield Playoff North West Tasmania Devils (39) def. by Willetton Tigers (43)

The Devils and the Tigers played a highly competitive and entertaining match but it was the Tigers that had the early running as they took a lead into half-time. A lot of scrambling for the ball and physical clashes saw the Devils make in-roads as the game headed down the stretch and they owned all the momentum but time eventually proved their enemy while Willetton’s cool heads were able to see them prevail.

BOYS Shield Playoff Alice Springs Suns (30) def. by Northern Tasmania Tigers (86)

The Tigers gained advantage an advantage from the outset thanks to some impressive shooting and they led by 18 points at half-time before really putting Alice Springs to the sword in the second half when their defence ramped up.

BOYS Shield Playoff Sutherland Sharks (64) def. Canberra Gunners (60)

The Sharks and Gunners traded the lead frequently through the first half with both teams seeking an edge from beyond the arc but it was the Sharks who went into the main break with a double-digit margin. Canberra fought back late and sent a few scares through the Sutherland camp but the run came too late as the Sharks ended the week on a high.

GIRLS Shield Playoff Alice Springs Suns (35) def. by Darwin Cyclones (49)

The Cyclones charged ahead with an eight-point lead and their pace proved to be a concern for Alice Springs all morning as Darwin regularly beat them on the fast break. The Suns picked up their defence in the second half but the hot start from the Cyclones had blown the margin out too far to recover.

GIRLS Shield Gold Medal Newcastle Hunters (25) def. by Ballarat Rush (58)

An incredible defensive effort from both teams saw them scoreless through the opening minutes but once Ballarat were able to hit the scoreboard, an avalanche of points quickly put them ahead. They maintained that momentum into the second half when they truly gained breathing room and despite the best efforts of the Hunters, the Rush secured the Shield gold medal in emphatic fashion.

GIRLS Shield Playoff Perry Lakes Hawks (39) def. Southern Tasmania Kangaroos (33)

Perry Lakes had most of the possession early and some nice ball movement gave them good looks but the Kangaroos were more efficient at the offensive end to keep the scoreline close. Finally, in the last term, the Hawks opted for shorter passes and that gave them a slight enough advantage to sneak in front of the Kangaroos as the final siren blew.

BOYS Shield Playoff Newcastle Hunters (38) def. by Southern Tasmania Kangaroos (56)

Newcastle were in a suffocating full court press for most of the game as they aimed to take advantage of any slight mistake from their opposition and with impressive stamina from the entire roster, the plan worked for most of the game. The Kangaroos kept pushing though and as the match wore on, they figured out how to penetrate the defences of the Hunters and once they were through, their shot selection won them the game.

BOYS Shield Bronze Geelong Supercats (52) def. by Darwin Cyclones (53)

The Cyclones were made to earn their win against the Supercats, going toe to toe until the final seconds in an absolutely thrilling finish. The decisive factor in this contest were the rebounds as Geelong impressed on the glass but once Darwin were out in transition, they were difficult to stop. The Supercats failed to convert with some easy looks early on but in the last quarter, they drilled some massive buckets and it looked like we were headed to overtime before the Cyclones converted from the free-throw line in the dying seconds to claim their first ever Under-14 medal.

BOYS Shield Playoff North Bears (57) def. Rockingham Flames (46)

In a game of two contrasting halves, the Flames let an early lead slip against a tough Bears outfit. Early work inside gave the Flames a healthy lead until the Bears switched up to a half court press, turning up the pressure and trying to force turnovers. Norths created a comeback courtesy of their three-point shooting and once they garnered the lead, the Bears turned up their defensive pressure to ensure that advantage would not switch again.

BOYS Shield Gold Medal Perry Lakes Hawks (45) def. by Willetton Tigers (49)

The Hawks opted for riskier long shots in this match while the Tigers tried to get as close to the hoop as possible to score but both teams’ strategies negated each other with a close battle right until the final siren. Perry Lakes looked in control late in the second but Willetton’s persistent efforts in the paint eventually prevailed as they claimed the Shield gold medal in a classic.

GIRLS Shield Playoff Joondalup Wolves (37) def. by Maitland Mustangs (58)

An injury to the Wolves in the first half disrupted their play and it was an unfortunate circumstance for Joondalup as they struggled to find any rhythm after that. Maitland gained a 20-point lead and kept it for the most of the contest although Joondalup impressed late as they re-found their touch to keep the scoreboard ticking over.

GIRLS Championship Playoff, Canberra Capitals (43) def. Manly Warringah Sea Eagles (39)

Jumping out to a 27-15 lead midway through the third quarter, the Capitals were in control of this contest and things looked grim for the Sea Eagles. However, they refused to give in and a momentum effort saw them tie the game in the fourth quarter and send the Canberra fans quiet. That fight-back proved to take a lot out of Manly though and with the Capitals knocking down a couple of baskets to settle their momentum, the Sea Eagles eventually fell just short.

GIRLS Shield Bronze Medal Southern Tigers (35) def. by Forestville Eagles (45)

The Tigers gave chase throughout this match, trailing by nine at the half time break with Chloe Dumesny fighting hard on both ends and finishing with 19 points. The Eagles slick outside shooting was too much for their opponents though, persisting in the face of some serious pressure defence to control the game all the way to the end.

BOYS Champ Playoff Mackay Meteors (43) def. by Brisbane Capitals (66)

A clash of Queensland sides was quickly broken open by Brisbane who had the crisper passes to tear through the Meteors while Mackay also struggled to convert at the other end of the floor. The Meteors never gave in but the Capitals proved too strong and the game was then capped off by an incredible half-court shot from Mason Amos.

GIRLS Championship Bronze Medal Eltham Wildcats (55) def. Gold Coast Waves (48)

Both teams were switched on from the opening tip but the Wildcats didn't waste much time to seize the lead. Once settled in their offence, Gold Coast were just as clean though and they ensured the Wildcats were never far from their grasp, trailing by just three points inside the final minute. A couple of late chances would have made things very interesting but with those attempts rimming out, the Waves were forced to foul as Eltham secured the bronze medal from the free-throw line.

GIRLS Championship Playoff Sydney Comets (23) def. by Sturt Sabres (49)

The Sabres were able to intercept passes and create chances as they broke through for a 20-point lead quickly in this game. Sydney tried to get back into the contest through some bold long passes and while the ploy did work at times, Sturt’s start saw them cruise home.

BOYS Championship Playoff Cairns Marlins (66) def. by Illawarra Hawks (68)

The Hawks were intent on forcing the Marlins to shoot from outside and with a solid defensive base, they were then able to get out in transition which saw them gain a ten-point lead at half-time. Following some instructions in the main break, Cairns came out to bridge the gap quickly and having figured the Illawarra game-plan out, they forced overtime in a thriller. The Hawks were not going to be denied though, answering every response from the Marlins as the game went on and on but finally, Joshua Dent secured the win for Illawarra in a game that will be remembered by everyone who saw it.

BOYS Champ Playoff Bulleen Boomers (80) def. North Adelaide Rockets (62)

Bulleen looked like an extremely cohesive unit yet again, taking on a North Adelaide side with plenty of height in their arsenal but when the Boomers got through the Rockets’ press, they were too silky in the paint to be bothered by that rim protection. Despite trailing at half-time, North Adelaide fought back to make it a 12-point game at one stage but Bulleen did not let them get any closer.

GIRLS Champ Playoff Cairns Dolphins (43) def. by South West Metro Pirates (46)

South West Metro continued with their half court press which saw them be successful yesterday but the Dolphins were up for the challenge and under the rim, completely took control with some physical play both under the rim and on the glass. However, as the game wore on the Pirates slowly eradicated Cairns’ strong play and their performance down the stretch had to be commended as they finished off the week in impressive style.

BOYS Championship Bronze Dandenong Rangers (50) def. by Hawthorn Magic (53)

A posed Hawthorn side in the dying stages secured the bronze medal, in the face of a roaring home crowd and a Dandenong team that never gave in. The Rangers led early and looked in control for most of the first half but the Magic began to double-team Jerome Pierre which threw Dandenong out of rhythm. Denzel Timmons then took over for Hawthorn as his work in the lanes proved the difference late, leading them to a stirring victory.

BOYS Championship Playoff Sturt Sabres (44) def. by Norwood Flames (57)

Norwood secured a decent lead early and took calculated risks bringing the floor up the floor to produce results on the scoreboard. Sturt were not fazed though and stuck to their game-plan to keep the deficit at just two points at half-time but the Flames’ efficiency was maintained out of the main break and eventually wore the Sabres down despite the scoreline not really reflecting the close nature of the contest.

GIRLS Championship Playoff Nunawading Spectres (24) def. by Diamond Valley Eagles (31)

After a low scoring start, the Eagles slowly cruised ahead by forcing Nunawading into consistent turnovers. Once the Spectres got the ball into their front court, they then struggled to convert and while a late run from Nunawading sent a few scares through the Eagles’ bench, it all came too late as Diamond Valley finished the week in style.

GIRLS Champ Gold Medal Dandenong Rangers (33) def. by Bulleen Boomers (36)

In a gold medal game of epic proportions between rivals Dandenong and Bulleen, the Rangers looked to establish themselves early through some great vision up the court and slick passing that saw their way into the lanes. Bulleen’s high defensive line didn’t seem to be working in the first half but they persisted with it and their desperation for loose balls and physical play finally began to pay dividends. Dandenong’s Nyadiew Puoch and Dallas Loughridge both fouled out in the fourth quarter which forced them to play a different game and the Boomers penetrated inside before kicking it out for a clutch three-pointer in the final minute to finally sink the Rangers. An incredible game from both teams was a deserving end to an amazing tournament from the girls.

BOYS Champ Gold Medal Eltham Wildcats (52) def. Sydney Comets (43)

Hot shooting from the outside and slicing through the Comets defence with powerful drives, the Wildcats could not be stopped by the defending Champions. The one-percenters were there from every member of the team and that proved the difference as they also got Comets stars Ositadimma Ahamefule and Trangi Speedy Coe into foul trouble, taking an eight-point lead into the final term. Sydney hustled their way back though with Anthony Mundine and Bailey Chambers controlling the tempo of the contest but the margin eventually proved too much to overcome as Eltham clinched the game with a couple more strong plays in the paint.



1. Eltham Wildcats
2. Sydney Comets
3. Hawthorn Magic
4. Dandenong Rangers
5. Bulleen Boomers
6. North Adelaide Rockets
7. Norwood Flames
8. Sturt Sabres
9. Illawarra Hawks
10. Cairns Marlins
11. Brisbane Capitals
12. Mackay Meteors
Shield Division
1. Willetton Tigers
2. Perry Lakes Hawks
3. Darwin Cyclones
4. Geelong Supercats
5. Sutherland Sharks
6. Canberra Capitals
7. Norths Bears
8. Rockingham Flames
9. Southern Tasmania Kangaroos
10. Newcastle Hunters
11. Northern Tasmania Tigers
12. Alice Spring Suns


1. Bulleen Boomers
2. Dandenong Rangers
3. Eltham Wildcats
4. Gold Coast Waves
5. Diamond Valley Eagles
6. Nunawading Spectres
7. Sturt Sabres
8. Sydney Comets
9. South West Metro Pirates
10. Cairns Dolphins
11. Canberra Capitals
12. Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Shield Division
1. Ballarat Rush
2. Newcastle Hunters
3. Forestville Eagles
4. Southern Tigers
5. Willetton Tigers
6. North West Tasmania Devils
7. Maitland Mustangs
8. Joondalup Wolves
9. Perry Lakes Hawks
10. Southern Tasmania Kangaroos
11. Darwin Cyclones
12. Alice Spring Suns

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