In collaboration with SportsTG, Basketball Australia has unveiled the next generation scoring app, Courtside.

Bringing the game further into the digital age and enhancing existing administrative processes, Courtside will take the place of computer programs and paper-based offline systems for associations, while greatly decreasing the workload for club volunteers and improving the quality of game data retained.

The Courtside app is for scoring basketball games on a tablet with the game results recorded on the internet making them easy to view and share.

The app seamlessly integrates game statistics with your website, making it faster and easier to view stats than ever before, while also allowing administrators to prioritise their time, reducing time spent manually entering data.

Games can be set up and players selected in under 30 seconds and once they commence, all statistics can be recorded through the app.

Operational both offline and online, results and game data can be uploaded straight away with players, parents, associations, volunteers and scorers all able to utilise the benefits of Courtside.

“We’re excited to work with Basketball Australia to improve the game at a grassroots level for all involved,” said CEO of SportsTG, Glen McGoldrick.

“We are proud to release an easy to use, digital scoring solution in collaboration with SportsTG,” said Basketball Australia GM of Community & Stakeholder Relations, Lisa Hasker.

“This platform will allow our grassroots basketball communities to grow and their stories to be told.”

Having been trialled at a few associations around the country, users have already discovered how much easier the Courtside app is to use.

“Our members can view the end of game results immediately after every game along with Courtside producing statistics such as total points, field goal attempts, three-pointers made etc.,” said Ishoa Jade-Cook, General Manager of Launceston Basketball Association.

“The user-friendly app has made scoring games exciting and interactive and with an average of 1,500 hits daily to our Launceston Basketball website, it is a perfect way for our members to stay up to date daily on results at our association.”

Courtside is free and accessible on a tablet device but only for associations and clubs who are affiliated with Basketball Australia. The affiliation includes free access to a SportsTG database to manage competitions and registrations as well as a website to share results.

For more information on Courtside affiliated and non-affiliated associations, clubs, participants or parents can contact Basketball Australia and SportsTG through the form found here.