Over 50 athletes have completed a successful and educational week at Basketball Australia's Centre of Excellence in the latest installment of the Athlete Development Camp (ADC).

Able-bodied and wheelchair athletes were invited with the camp including physical and shooting tests, sessions on court as well as recovery and nutrition sessions, green and gold scrimmages and finally individual feedback meetings as they were exposed to the Boomers, Opals, Rollers and Gliders style of play.

19 observing coaches were invited to the ADC alongside the players and they joined four visiting coaches as well as 22 high performance coaches.

A second ADC will be held in September/October this year to coincide with school holidays and the high performance managers will determine the skill set package for that camp at a later date.

The 2017 ADC Athletes:

Girls Boys
First Name Surname D.O.B. State First Name Surname D.O.B. State
Phoebe Johnson 6/06/2001 NSW Benjamin Fakira 18/02/2000 NSW
Shyla Heal 19/09/2001 NSW Lachlan Dent 1/02/2000 NSW
Isabel Palmer 4/02/2001 NSW Matur Maluach 5/02/2000 NSW
Miela Goodchild 1/04/2000 QLD Tamuri Wigness 26/03/2002 QLD
Ashlee Hannan 21/03/2001 QLD Kody Stattmann 9/06/2000 QLD
Jessica McDowell-White 23/08/2000 QLD Nicholas Stoddart 27/06/2000 QLD
Paige Bayliss 30/01/2000 QLD Ryan Runnalls 25/05/2000 QLD
Grace George 28/04/2000 QLD Tyrell Harrison 6/07/1999 QLD
Kelsey Rees 14/02/2002 SA Anyang Garang 8/09/2000 SA
Hannah Hank 23/01/2001 SA Ben Carter 18/09/1999 SA
Gabriella Vidmar 5/04/2001 SA Riley Meldrum 10/11/2001 SA
Georgia Amoore 3/04/2001 VIC Tre Armstrong 29/02/2000 TAS
Ahlise Hurst 6/01/2000 VIC Tata Nicolas 26/09/1999 VIC
Gemma Potter 27/02/2002 VIC Josh Kunen 19/10/2000 VIC
Kobe Hawea 18/02/2000 VIC Jay Rantall 10/06/2001 VIC
Eliza Hollingsworth 17/02/2001 VIC Joel Capetola 5/02/2001 VIC
Emma Nankervis 9/06/2000 VIC Callum Beard 8/05/2000 WA
Cassidy Gould 19/02/2000 VIC Kyle Bowen 6/10/2000 WA
Last-Tear Poa 27/11/2001 VIC Wani Lodu  Swaka Lo Buluk 9/06/2001 WA
Anneka Bodt 10/07/2001 WA
Georgia Bishop-Cash 7/03/2001 QLD
Ashley Wardman 19/11/2000 QLD
Isabel Martin 11/03/1999 VIC
Maryanne Latu 15/01/1999 NSW
Amy Flintoff 1/10/1998 VIC
Mary Friday 1/04/1998 WA
Annabelle Lindsay 10/02/1998 ACT
Jessica Cronje 25/01/1998 NSW
Jamie Villalon 19/01/1996 VIC
Jocelyn Neumueller 2/08/1995 SA
Georgia Munro-Cook 17/05/1994 NSW
Kaia Scholl 3/08/1993 QLD
Hannah Dodd 27/04/1992 NSW
Bree Mellberg 14/04/1990 VIC

The 2017 ADC Coaches:

Women's Staff Men's Staff
First Name Surname State/Club First Name Surname State/Club
Kristen Veal CoE Adam Caporn CoE
Matthew Paton CoE Michael Cassidy CoE
Paul Goriss U19’s Leonard King QLD
Shannon Seabolm NSW Justin Schueller VIC
Rod Tremlett NT Mark Radford TAS
Brett Coxsedge WA David Ingham SA
Mel Downer QLD Phil Brown ACT
Mike Czepil VIC Grant Wallace VIC
Joe Turner VIC Brady Walmsly QLD
Claudia Brassard QLD Ben Rush TAS
Shane Wallace ACT Lucas Allen VIC
Deb Cook ACT Shaun Roger NSW
Matthew Clarke SA Tyrone Thwaites WA
Ryan Byrne SA Brad Barnes ACT
Jill Haughton QLD Bruce Minerds ACT
Tom Kyle QLD Vivek Gupta ACT
Lauren Brahe NSW Dean Nybery SA
Jane Kyle Manager QLD James Alexander SA
Ryan Vivian SA
Cobi Jones SA
Jamie Petty SA
Nic Martin QLD
Darren Best QLD
David Gould SA
Steve Charlton WA
Nick Such QLD
Nathan Beaver NSW