The Helloworld Australian School Championships provides the opportunity for schools from all around the country to compete against each other and that far-reaching aspect of the tournament is most evident with Denmark High School.

Located 500 kilometres south of Perth in Western Australia, the school is situated on the coast and bordered by the Denmark River.

“Denmark High is a very old school within the state of Western Australia with the region established through the timber and agricultural industries,” said Ken Davies, Denmark High School Basketball Program Co-ordinator.

“The town is a very picturesque place with a very temperate climate and our students come from a number of small towns surrounding Denmark with some travelling two hours by bus to get to school.”

Due to their location, the students of Denmark High will endure a six-hour bus trip to Perth before taking another four-plus hours on the plane trip to Melbourne and bus ride to their hotel for the week of the School Championships.

“The kids will leave Denmark on Wednesday, November 30 at 9.00pm and arrive at the hotel on Thursday, December 1 around 1.00pm.

“Most will get very little sleep in this time period so jet lag and tiredness is a problem.”


While those travel times and the costs associated with the travel mean Denmark only participate in the Helloworld School Championships every two years, they still find the Championships a rewarding experience.

“We love the chance to play against schools from all over Australia and in different and such varied locations. It is great for the kids to meet new friends and to pit their skills against like-minded players.

“The biggest benefit our students will get from competing at these Championships is the recognition of how much hard work players must put in to reach the top as well as how much commitment is required by so many to get a school of our size to these tournaments.”

In addition to having further to travel than any other team, Denmark High may be one of the smallest schools in competition with only a couple of hundred students enrolled.

“There are not many school in Western Australia that participate and definitely none as small as ours. The school and the local community have banded together to get our students to this tournament and I believe they are all very proud of the kids efforts.

“If the students come back to school with positive experiences and portray an enthusiasm for the tour then the next group of kids eligible to compete will be motivated.”

The small population of Denmark High does not hinder the school’s participation rate either with three teams set to compete in the boys and girls divisions of Under-17’s.

While they are hopeful of coming out on top in each division, Denmark High will take much more than the final result away with them at the end of the tournament.

“To win a championship would be sensational and it would lift the profile of the school but we hope that every player has a wonderful time and that it is an experience that they will remember forever.”