Basketball Australia is pleased to announce that the 2017 Australian Helloworld Under-14 Club Championships will be hosted by Dandenong Basketball from October 2-7 in 2017 at the Dandenong Basketball Stadium.

Following the success of the event earlier this year which saw the boys and girls tournaments hosted together for the first time, Dandenong will again run both tournaments concurrently.

“We are thrilled to be selected to host the 2017 Under-14 Club Championships,” said Dandenong Basketball CEO, Graeme Allen.

“Dandenong Basketball has a history of being able to manage quality events at Dandenong Stadium and with both the boys and girls Championships being held in the one location, it will provide an exceptional experience for all players and teams.

“Basketball Australia should be congratulated for having the initiative to bring both events to the one location, providing the players with the opportunity to meet and mix with fellow basketball athletes and showcasing the best club teams from around the entire country in one place at one time.”

Dandenong previously held the boys competition in 2009 and have been one of the more successful teams across the Champs history, winning the Ken Watson Trophy for the boys in 1991, ’94, ’98 and ’03 before going back-to-back in 2012-13.

They also held aloft the Michele Timms Trophy for the girls tournament five times in 1997, 2000, ’02, ’03 and most recently in 2009.

“These championships have been the representative start for many Australian basketball legends and I am sure at this event we will also see some rising stars in action,” said Allen.

“Everyone involved from 2009 has great memories of a sensational event, with great competitions and great supporters.

“Next year will be a carnival atmosphere of elite club teams and we will ensure that everyone involved leaves with great memories of the competition and the event itself.

“Bringing some of the best young basketballers to the best stadium in Australia, it will also bring significant economic benefit to the local community with thousands of supporters following all the teams.

“This event will certainly be a highlight for the city and we look forward to welcoming everyone to this beautiful area of Victoria, surrounded by mountains, regional areas and beaches.”

2017 Helloworld Australian Club Championships:

2-7 October, 2017
Dandenong Basketball Stadium
270 Stud Road, Dandenong Victoria 3175