The helloworld Boomers and Jayco Opals are set to tour the Americas in their final warm-up before August.

The Jayco Opals will head to the USA for an exhibition tournament from July 28-August 1 where they will play Canada on July 28 at 7am in Delaware, France on July 30 at 6.30am in Connecticut and the USA at 6am on August 1 at Madison Square Garden, New York City (all times AEST).

This will provide Australia with the perfect preparation leading up to the main tournament with all three opponents ranked in the top ten in the world.

USA Basketball is currently discussing terms of a television or live stream broadcast so stay tuned to Basketball Australia's social media accounts leading up to the tour for updates.

The helloworld Boomers will head to South America for a series of potentially six games with three of those still to be decided.

They will hit Buenos Aires first to face Lithuania (world rank 3) on July 25 before facing Argentina (ranked 4) on July 26.

Their third game will be against Brazil (ranked 9) in Sao Paulo on July 28 with the final three games to be played potentially on July 30 and July 31 with one last clash on August 3 in Rio.

"Any team at the Olympics will give us a tough game," Dellavedova recently told The Age.

"We will get tested early and it will give us a good idea of where we are at early on but that's how you want it.

"Having good quality lead-up games will help us and we have to be ready to go from the start."

Stay tuned to Basketball Australia for updates on LiveStats and results throughout the game while SportTV may also broadcast the clashes via the internet here.

The full schedules for both teams can be found below:

Jayco Opals Schedule (all times AEST):

July 28: Australia v Canada at 7am in Delaware
July 30: Australia v France at 6.30am in Connecticut
August 1: Australia v USA at 6am at Madison Square Garden, New York City.

Helloworld Boomers Schedule:

Helloworld Boomers vs Lithuania – Tuesday 26 July at 8.15am, Buenos Aires
Helloworld Boomers vs Argentina – Wednesday 27 July at 10.05am, Buenos Aires
Helloworld Boomers vs Brazil – Friday 29 July at 9am, Sao Paulo
Helloworld Boomers vs Lithuania – Sunday 31 July at 1.00am, Sao Paulo