Read a recap of Day 5 from the 2016 Under-18's Championship in Forestville, South Australia.

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The competition is entering the home stretch in the men's and women's tournaments with the Quarter-Finals beginning today while the Kevin Coombs Cup is also off and running.

NSW Country topped Pool A for the men despite a loss on the final day of the group games, just edging out Queensland North who also finished at 4-1. SA Country's win over NSW Country will give them confidence heading into the finals as they advanced alongside WA Metro.

In Pool B, Vic Metro are the clear favourites having gotten through the group games unscathed. The other three finalists all finished with four wins with Queensland South, NSW Metro and SA Metro setting up a couple of thrilling finals today.

For the women, the unbeaten Vic Country will be buoyed by a nail-biting win over SA Metro in the last game of Day 5 while the 4-1 NSW Metro team also look like a title contender.

Joining them in the Quarter-Finals will be ACT and SA Metro despite both sides suffering losses yesterday.

Pool B has seen five teams advance with 5-1 records in Vic Metro, Queensland South and SA Country while Tasmania will also go through after splitting their games with three wins.

Vic Metro had not lost a game in the previous two years but aside from that slight hiccup, they will be one of the most feared teams as we get to the business end of the schedule today.

In the Kevin Coombs Cup, Queensland Navy asserted themselves as the team to beat with two convincing wins on Day 1 while NSW and Victoria also picked up wins. Queensland Gold will face WA today as both sides aim to get into the win column.

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