Basketball Australia’s Athlete Development Camp for January 2016 wraps up today, following a five-day intensive clinic for 44 athletes.

The first day of the camp involved physical testing and training sessions before a talk from Australian Boomers head coach Andrej Lemanis that extolled the virtues and challenges of being a national team player.

The following four days included anthropometric measurements, training sessions, shooting sessions and recoveries every day with time for feedback provided at the conclusion of the camp.

Tuesday night also saw a visit from Australian Opal Marianna Tolo who is in rehabilitation at the Centre of Excellence for a knee injury.

“ADC was such a big thing for me, when I was first invited,” Tolo said.

“I learnt so many new skills and new basketball terminology. When I was watching and following the AIS Athletes, I was really impressed and that moment I decided to be one of them. I trained and worked really hard and got a scholarship. In the beginning, it was a bid sad to be far away from my family, but I quickly adapted the program, and understood that is what I need to be a better player.”

The Australian Federal Police, Cyber Safety and ASADA also conducted talks, broadening the player’s ideas of what it takes to be a top-tier athlete in this country.