Boomer David Andersen Selected to Play in French All-Star Game

Boomer David Andersen Selected to Play in French All-Star Game

Playing in his second season for ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne in the French Pro A League, Australian Boomer David Andersen has been named to take part in the All-Star Game on December 30.

Averaging 11.1 points, 6.5 rebounds, two assists and more than a block per game as a starting centre, Andersen is thriving at the club which currently sits at the top of their group with a 10-2 record.

“This season has been better, coming back to familiar surroundings has helped a lot,” Andersen said.

“I know the coach and staff plus our trainers are great so it has been easier to perform. Having a core of players back from last year also really helps to give consistency to the team and our style, which has been reflected in our games.”

The All-Star selection means a lot to Andersen as it is his first nomination since he was playing in Italy as a 23-year old.

“I’ve only been an All-Star once before so it is a great honour to be recognized as one of the best in France this season, especially being a veteran.”

However, the individual accolades would pale in comparison to a Championship which is the centre's main focus this season.

“It’s high up there for me but I am all about Championships and victories. The Euroleague Cups and domestic European Championships have all been highlights and mean more than All-Star appearances.

“I would definitely trade this in for a French Pro A Champions trophy, but hopefully that will also come at the end of this season.”

The All-Star game will pit a team of French nationals against a team of internationals while a dunk contest and three-point shootout will also be held.

“I believe it is a huge event in French basketball. I think it is in one of the biggest stadiums in Paris also so it will be great to experience it all.”

Although Andersen is focused on this season for ASVEL, a recent visit from Australian Boomers coach Andrej Lemanis was a helpful reminder that Rio is less than nine months away.

“It is and always has been a focus for me to be a part of the Rio team. It all works hand in hand- if you work hard with your pro team, they will thrive and hopefully be successful and then that keeps you in shape and ready for the challenge of Rio.”

The French Pro A League’s regular season will continue into May 2016 before Andersen is ready to join the Boomers squad, hopefully following a successful playoff campaign in France.