U20's & Ivor Burge Recap - Day 4

U20's & Ivor Burge Recap - Day 4

Results and top performers from Day 4 of the Australian U20's and Ivor Burge Championships being held in Dandenong, Victoria.

Provided by Dandenong Basketball


U20 Men – New South Wales 96 DEF Queensland 69

Queensland has struggled to find any rhythm in the tournament so far and that trend continued against NSW.
The NSW team were all over the Queenslanders early with smothering defence and well constructed offence, allowing them to streak ahead to a 19 point lead by the time half time rolled around. QLD’s offence picked up in the 3rd term led by Jack McVeigh (23pts) but NSW continued to find the bottom of the net as well, extending their lead out to 23pts heading into the final term. The 4th was a procession with NSW continuing to slice holes in the QLD defence, some athletic play from Thomas Akamarmoi (18pts) who helped himself to 15pts in the quarter.

Ivor Burge Men –South Australia 58 DEF Victoria Country 42

SA’s athletic line up proved too strong for the Vic Country men as they ran out 16 point winners.
The first half it was all South Australia as they ran their opponents off their feet, which opened up plenty of holes in the Vic’s defence allowing a number of easy baskets for the likes of Franz Theodore (10p) and Con Gouras (15p).23
The Vic’s weren’t going to let this one go easy though as they put in an impressive third term to close the lead to within 11 at the 3rd quarter break, The South Australian’s however steadied in the final term to claim victory.

U20 Women – ACT 39 DEF BY Western Australia 70

The ACT’s woes continued yesterday as the Western Australia women took them to task as they handed them a 31 point defeat.
The first term was a struggle for the ACT only managing 7pts to WA’s 16pts. The ACT coach must have fired up at the break though as the ACT showed signs of life to claw the lead back to with 5 halfway through the term, unfortunately though it didn’t last long enough, with the West Australians kicking into gear again to extend the lead out to 14 at the half. From that point on the game was all but over, WA running out eventual winners 70-39.

Ivor Burge Women – South Australia 38 DEF New South Wales Metro 86

A massive 36 to 4 first term from NSW M sealed the fate of this game early. NSW continued on their way in the 2nd term with Nicole Harris (30p, 18r) enjoying her time out on the court. In a great show of sportsmanship in the 2nd half the NSW’s team took their foot off the gas ever so slightly to allow the South Australian’s to get into the game with a 30 point 2nd half adding some respectability to the final result. The win moved NSW Metro up to 2nd on the ladder and within striking distance of Vic Metro.



SA 70 def by TAS 72

Top Perf (SA)- M. Makoi (22p,10r), K. De Wit (13p,10r)
Top Perf (TAS)- T. Krebs (16p), K. Clark (16p)

NSW 96 def QLD 69

Top Perf (NSW)- T. Akamarmoi (18p), N. Pozoglou (15p)
Top Perf (QLD)- J. McVeigh (23p), M. Leahy (9p)

ACT 48 def by VIC 89

Top Perf (ACT)- E. Fowler (22p), B. Kuol (11p, 7r)
Top Perf (VIC)- A. Akintola (15p), D. Vasiljevic (13p)

TAS 51 def WA 44

Top Perf (TAS)- K. Clark (15p), J. Chilcott (12p)
Top Perf (WA)- R. Vague (23p, 10r), M. Hampson (6p)


TAS 43 def by VIC 89

Top Perf (TAS)- M. Payne (12p, 10r), G. Buchwald (10p)
Top Perf (VIC)- A. Smith (24p, 10r), A. Sharp (17p, 10r)

ACT 39 def by WA 70

Top Perf (ACT)- S. Taylor (13p, 8r), M. McPhee (11p)
Top Perf (WA)- A. Sidebottom (15p, 13r), T. Hepburn (11p, 10r)

SA 57 def by NSW 74

Top Perf (SA)- D. Skinner (17p, 8r), T. Ortlepp (14p, 9r)
Top Perf (NSW)- J. Forcadilla (19p), S. Anastasieska (17p, 8r)

WA 89 def TAS 44

Top Perf (WA)- M. McKay (22p, 10r), T. Hepburn (13p)
Top Perf (TAS)- S. Phillips (10p), T. Bennell (9p)

VIC 84 def QLD 50

Top Perf (VIC)- A. Smith (19p, 9r), G. Pineau (17p)
Top Perf (QLD)- S. Deakin-Sharp (16p), M. Essex (11p, 12r)


NSW 70 def WA 43

Top Perf (NSW)- A. Barnes (15p, 8r), K. Mcintosh (12p, 7r)
Top Perf (WA)- D. Rulyancich (19p, 20r), K. Opoku (10p, 19r)

SA 58 def VIC C 42

Top Perf (SA)- C. Gouras (15p, 15r), F. Theodore (10p, 11r)
Top Perf (VIC C)- P. Mahoney (12p), J. Myers (7p, 13r)

VIC M 105 def TAS 55

Top Perf (VIC M)- J. De La Motte (44p, 10s), J. Thompson (11p)
Top Perf (TAS)- J. Cleary (21p, 14r), B. Stanley (15p, 14r)

ACT 70 def JAPAN 61

Top Perf (ACT)- M. Tipler (17p, 8r), J. Koenig (16p, 9r)
Top Perf (JAPAN)- Y. Nakagawa (17p), S. Takagi (16p)


VIC M 86 def VIC C 31

Top Perf (VIC M)- D. Phillips (22p, 18r), S. Hough (12p, 12r)
Top Perf (VIC C)- M. Ward (9p, 7r), C. Turner (6p, 8r)

SA 38 def by NSW M 86

Top Perf (SA)- A. Howard (12p), K. Williams (10p)
Top Perf (NSW M)- N. Harris (30p, 18r), T. Anderson (17p, 7r)