U20's & Ivor Burge Recap - Day 3

U20's & Ivor Burge Recap - Day 3

Results and top performers from Day 3 of the Australian U20's and Ivor Burge Championships being held in Dandenong, Victoria.

Provided by Dandenong Basketball

Feature Matches

U20 Men – New South Wales 54 DEF BY Western Australia 70

The first half was a see-sawing encounter with both teams getting the better of each other at different stages. Western Australia were on early, racing to a 6 point lead at the first break, before the New South Welshmen came to life and stormed to a first half lead on the back of a 22-10 second term.
The third term saw the momentum swing back to the Westerners and this time they would not let it slip, with Luke Roberts and Rhys Vague nailing big 3’s to put the game beyond doubt. Vague finishing the game with a whopping 37 points.

Ivor Burge Men –Western Australia 71 DEF South Australia 113

It was an open and free flowing contest which the South Australian’s relished.
The game was blown apart in the 1st term with Wayne & Bradley Kinross finding plenty of gaps in the WA defence. WA were trying hard but weren’t able to finish their good work at the charity stripe which proved costly as they tried to stay in touch. David Rulyancich (26p & 21r) tried his heart out for the whole game but was unable to slow the South Australian onslaught.

U20 Women – Tasmania 57 DEF BY South Australia 76

Demi Skinner had a field day finishing with 27 points and 17 rebounds, as the South Australian women romped home to defeat the Tasmanians by 19pts.
Both teams showed plenty of spirit early and scored freely as they raced to a 24-23 score line at the first break, SA holding a slight lead. After quarter time SA’s bigs, Skinner and Portia Joyce-Tubb, didn’t allow Tassie any easy looks inside and it paid off as Tassie’s scoring dried up. Samantha Phillips was tireless for the Tasmanians but it wasn’t enough as SA ran away victors.

Ivor Burge Women – Victoria Country 82 DEF South Australia 13

Another fast start in the women’s match, this time Vic Country bolted out of the blocks, scoring at will and locking down on defence to hold their opposition to just 2pts in the 1st term. It looked as if the trend would continue in the 2nd term when Samantha Williver (38pts) knocked down 3 quick baskets in concession for the Vic’s. Half way through the 2nd the South Australians stepped up their intensity on both ends of the court, unfortunately for SA they were unable to maintain that level and the Vic’s, with the help of Zoe Ford (13pts), pulled further away and increased the final margin to 69.



NSW 54 def by WA 70

Top Perf (NSW)- J. Hodgson (11p), N. Pozoglou (10p)
Top Perf (WA)- R. Vague (37p, 9r), R. Pal (6p, 9r)

TAS 50 def by VIC 71

Top Perf (TAS)- T. Krebs (21p), K. Clark (9p)
Top Perf (VIC)- D. Vasiljevic (19p), J. White (11p)

QLD 70 def by SA 85

Top Perf (QLD)- M. Leahy (13p), N. Larkins (12p)
Top Perf (SA)- M. Makoi (17p), N. Fassos (17p)

WA 66 def ACT 59

Top Perf (WA)- R. Vague (22p, 9r), R. Pal (10p)
Top Perf (ACT)- E. Fowler (18p, 7r), B. Kuol (12p, 7r)

VIC 93 def NSW 77

Top Perf (VIC)- D. Vasiljevic (27p, 7r), T. Wilson (15p, 8r)
Top Perf (NSW)- N. Pozoglou (20p), J. Hodgson (20p)


QLD 64 def by WA 79

Top Perf (QLD)- C. Woods (13p), B. Kennedy-Hopoate (11p, 11r)
Top Perf (WA)- M. Dennis (20p, 10r), M. Pirini (12p, 6a)

TAS 57 def by SA 76

Top Perf (TAS)- S. Phillips (15p, 7r), M. Payne (10p)
Top Perf (SA)- D. Skinner (27p, 17r), P. Joyce-Tubb (16p, 14r)

VIC 118 def ACT 36

Top Perf (VIC)- G. Pineau (21p, 9r), A. Smith (19p, 10r)
Top Perf (ACT)- M. McPhee (12p), S. Taylor (8p)

NSW 61 def QLD 49

Top Perf (NSW)- S. Anastasieska (27p, 8r), R. Evans (9p)
Top Perf (QLD)- T. King (11p), C. Woods (10p, 7r)


ACT 72 def by TAS 86

Top Perf (ACT)- M. Tipler (24p, 16r), J. Koenig (20p, 10r)
Top Perf (TAS)- D. Pace (25p, 11r), J. Blizzard (17p, 8r)

JAPAN 54 def by VIC M 77

Top Perf (JAPAN)- Y. Nakagawa (13p), S. Takagi (10p, 14r)
Top Perf (VIC M)- J. De La Motte (20p), C. Slacik (18p, 15r)

WA 72 def by SA 113

Top Perf (WA)- D. Rulyancich (26p, 21r), K. Opoku (21p, 17r)
Top Perf (SA)- F. Theodore (26p, 8r), W. Kinross (21p, 15r)

NSW 84 def VIC C 56

Top Perf (NSW)- A. Barnes (19p, 11r), S. Monks (14p, 12r)
Top Perf (VIC C)- P. Mahoney (18p), P. Willoughby (11p, 12r)


VIC C 82 def SA 13

Top Perf (VIC C)- S. Williver (38p, 11r, 6s), Z. Ford (13p, 7r)
Top Perf (SA)- R. Thomas (4p, 16r), M. Woods (4p)

NSW C 39 def by NSW M 55

Top Perf (NSW C)- E. Mills (24p, 9r), B. Mills (7p)
Top Perf (NSW M)- B. Anderson (20p, 24r), N. Harris (14p, 36r)