U20's & Ivor Burge Recap - Day 2

U20's & Ivor Burge Recap - Day 2

Results and top performers from Day 2 of the Australian U20's and Ivor Burge Championships being held in Dandenong, Victoria.

Provided by Dandenong Basketball

Feature Matches

U20 Men – Tasmania 92 DEF Australian Capital Territory 59

In an up tempo encounter Tasmania proved to be too strong for the ACT as they ran out 33 point victors.
After a competitive first half the Tasmanian’s stepped up their efforts on defence in the 3rd term on their way to a 28-10 quarter, led by Tanner Krebs who nailed four 3’s in quick succession. Krebs wasn’t alone though, with Kyle Clark (15pts), Joseph Chilcott (14pts) and Cameron Brown (9rebs) all impressing throughout the game. ACT’s Bul Kuol (19pts, 9rebs) and Evan Fowler (17pts) tried all they could to stop the Tasmanians but their efforts proved unsuccessful.

Ivor Burge Men – Tasmania 74 DEF Japan 71

It was a contrast of styles with Japan constantly looking to get out on the fast break while Tasmania looked to slow the tempo and control the game with their quality inside play. It seemed to be working for Tassie with big man Josh Cleary dominating in the paint with 25pts and a whooping 23 boards, foul trouble would slow him down in the end though, Japan hung in courageously and then, led by Yuichiro Nakagawa (32pts), exploded in the last to take the game down to the wire. Tassie were lucky to escape with a missed 3 on the buzzer from Japan handing them the W.

U20 Women – Australia Capital Territory 51 vs Queensland 78

Early on this game looked like it would be a close one with both teams scrapping for points in the first term, neither team could break the shackles and score freely, a credit to both teams defence.

The game turned dramatically in the 2nd term with QLD taking full control off the back of some nice offensive play from Courtney Woods (26pts). The 2nd term onslaught all but ended the contest; the ACT girls to their credit never gave up and put in a good showing in the 4th to keep the margin within 27 in the end.

Ivor Burge Women – Victoria Country 23 def by New South Wales Country 53

NSW Country came to play early in this one, shooting out to a 15-1 lead over the Vic Country girls who were caught napping. The 2nd term proved to be far more productive for the Victorians, led by Zoe Ford (8pts), they fought back and managed to get some points on the board, but unfortunately they were unable to slow the likes of Eliza Mills (35pts) who kept finding open lanes to get to the rim.

It was an entertaining and exciting brand of basketball with both teams continually pushing the ball up the floor but NSW Country had far too much fire power on the day.


U20's MEN

TAS 92 def ACT 59

Top Perf (TAS)- K. Clark (15p), T. Finau (15p)
Top Perf (ACT)- B.Kuol (19p, 9r), E. Fowler (17p)

NSW 94 def SA 59

Top Perf (NSW)- N. Pozoglou (24p), J. Hunter (15p, 8r)
Top Perf (SA)- K. De Wit (14p), B. Gleaves (10p)

WA 51 def by VIC 60

Top Perf (WA)- A. Litterick (11p), T. Wilson (10p)
Top Perf (VIC)- D. Vasiljevic (11p), T. Wilson (10p, 8r)

ACT 85 def QLD 82

Top Perf (ACT)- B. Kuol (26p, 7r), J. Hampton (21p)
Top Perf (QLD)- J. McVeigh (22p), D. Howe (14p)


WA 51 def by NSW 52

Top Perf (WA)- M. Dennis (16p, 7r), A. Sidebottom (16p)
Top Perf (NSW)- K. Hewett (12p), R. Evans (11p)

NSW 74 def TAS 59

Top Perf (NSW)- D. Milisic (23p, 8r), S. Anastasieska (18p, 9r, 7a)
Top Perf (TAS)- M. Payne (19p), S. Phillips (13p)

SA 76 def by VIC 104

Top Perf (SA)- D. Skinner (27p, 10r), T. Ortlepp (17p)
Top Perf (VIC)- A. Smith (25p), A. Sharp (16p, 10r)

ACT 51 def by QLD 78

Top Perf (ACT)- M. McPhee (15p, 10r), S. Tayor (8p)
Top Perf (QLD)- C. Woods (26p, 10r), M. Essex (16p)


VIC M 136 def ACT 51

Top Perf (VIC M)- J. De La Motte (30p), F. Dawber (20p, 10r)
Top Perf (ACT)- J. Littleton (18p), L. Howard (13p)

SA 77 def by NSW 54

Top Perf (SA)- W. Kinross (20p), B. Kinross (17p, 16r, 8a)
Top Perf (NSW)- L. Towers (17p, 15r), D. Pallier (15p, 12r)

TAS 74 def JAPAN 71

Top Perf (TAS)- J. Cleary (25p, 23r), B. Stanley (14p, 9r)
Top Perf (JAPAN)- Y. Nakagawa (32p), S. Takagi (10p, 12r)

VIC C 80 def WA 54

Top Perf (VIC C)- P. Mahoney (29p, 8s), P. Willoughby (10p, 9r)
Top Perf (WA)- K. Opoku (15p, 19r), D. Rulyancich (14p, 14r)


SA 12 def by VIC M 103

Top Perf (SA)- A. Howard (4p, 7r), R. Thomas (4p)
Top Perf (VIC M)- D. Phillips (22p, 22r), L. Shea (20p)

VIC C 23 def by NSW C 53

Top Perf (VIC C)- Z. Ford (8p, 11r), B. Lange (6p)
Top Perf (NSW C)- E. Mills (35p, 14r), B. Mills (8p, 23r)

NSW M 44 def by VIC M 46

Top Perf (NSW M)- B. Anderson (10p, 9r), D. Demello (9p)
Top Perf (VIC M)- M. Urquhart-Moran (17p, 22r), D. Burden (12p)