U20's & Ivor Burge Daily Recap - Day 1

U20's & Ivor Burge Daily Recap - Day 1

Results and top performers from Day 1 of the Australian U20's and Ivor Burge Championships being held in Dandenong, Victoria.

Provided by Dandenong Basketball


QLD 85 def by TAS 95

Top Perf (QLD)- J. Owens (20p), J. McVeigh (15p, 11r)
Top Perf (TAS)- T. Krebs (25p), L. Barker (22p)

ACT 50 def by NSW 91

Top Perf (ACT)- J. Hampton (17p), M. Brown (12p)
Top Perf (NSW)- J. Hunter (16pts, 9r), J. Hodgson (12p)

SA 72 def WA 67

Top Perf (SA)- S. White (19p), B. Gleaves (15p)
Top Perf (WA)- R. Vague (23p, 9r), A. Litterick (10p, 9r)

VIC 68 def QLD 59

Top Perf (VIC)- D. Vasiljevic (21p), J. Perry (10p), T. Wilson (10p)
Top Perf (QLD)- J. McVeigh (22p, 11r), J. Owens (11p, 12r)


SA 70 def by WA 78

Top Perf (SA)- T. Ortlepp (20p, 7a), P. Joyce-Tubb (14p, 12r)
Top Perf (WA)- M. Pirini (14p, 7a), A. Sidebottom (14p)

QLD 100 def TAS 46

Top Perf (QLD)- B. Kennedy-Hopoate (22p, 8r), C. Woods (17p, 11r)
Top Perf (TAS)- M. Payne (12p), G. Buchwald (10p)

VIC 105 def NSW 79

Top Perf (VIC)- A. Smith (30p, 10r), G. Pineau (16p), S. Dufficy (15p)
Top Perf (NSW)- R. Evans (19p), J. Forcadilla (16p)

ACT 44 def by SA 72

Top Perf (ACT)- M. McPhee (17p, 11r), S. Taylor (9p)
Top Perf (SA)- D. Skinner (14p, 9r), P. Joyce-Tubb (14p, 12r)


U20's Men

TAS vs ACT – 11am

NSW vs SA–12pm

WA vs VIC– 4pm

ACT vs QLD – 6pm

U20's Women

WA vs NSW – 10am

ACT vs QLD– 2pm

NSW vs TAS–6pm

SA vs VIC – 7pm

Ivor Burge Men

VICM vs ACT–12pm

TAS vs JAP – 1pm

VIC C vs WA – 3pm

Ivor Burge Women

SA vs VICM–10am

VIC C vs NSW C – 2pm

NSW M vs VIC M – 5pm


U20's Men

1. Victoria
2. New South Wales
3. Queensland
4. South Australia
5. Tasmania
6. Australian Capital Territory
7. Western Australia

U20's Women

1. South Australia
2. Queensland
3. Western Australia
4. Victoria
5. New South Wales
6. Tasmania
7. Australian Capital Territory

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