Scholarships awarded for 2014 BA National Centre of Excellence Men's Program

Scholarships awarded for 2014 BA National Centre of Excellence Men's Program

The Basketball Australia National Centre of Excellence (CoE) has announced the scholarship recipients for the 2014 men’s program.

The 2014 men’s program will include four returning athletes and six who will join the CoE for the first time.

Among the scholarship recipients are Queensland duo Jack McVeigh and Harry Froling, who will be joined by New South Wales pair Gerard Martin and Isaac Humphries, along with Tanner Krebs from Tasmania.

Dejan Vasiljevic, Tom Wilson, Abi Akintola, George Blagojevic and Jock Perry make up the five scholarship recipients from Victoria.

Head of the Australian men’s national teams program and Australian Boomers Head Coach Andrej Lemanis said the quality of player coming into the CoE has him excited about the future.

“These past couple of months have been a really enjoyable time for me as I reacquainted myself with the junior talent in Australia,” Lemanis said.

“The truth is, we have a lot of outstanding players coming through and a lot of credit has to go to the state programs for the work they have done in developing our tremendous basketball talent.”

A challenging selection process has Lemanis confident the Boomers program is a strong position going forward.

“The process of selection is never easy – it is always the case that you feel like you need more scholarships, with some very good players missing out,” Lemanis said.

“For those that have been awarded scholarships, it is a fantastic opportunity for them to continue to develop their skills.

“I look forward to watching the growth of these players over the next 12 months. One of the true joys of coaching is seeing players improve and achieve great things – to see their potential come to fruition.”

In an exciting development, Basketball Australia will officially take carriage of the Australian Institute of Sport basketball program, allowing for greater input into the direction of our elite junior development programs.

As part of his role as the head of the men’s program, Lemanis will have technical input and oversight of the curriculum, while the CoE Associate Coach of the men’s program will be responsible for the day-to-day coaching, implementation and functioning of the program.

Lemanis believes the CoE provides young athletes with the perfect environment to develop all facets of their basketball education, whilst maintaining their schooling and holistic development.

“We believe the CoE provides these athletes with a quality daily training environment that is very difficult to replicate anywhere else,” Lemanis said.

“They have access to great coaching, world leading medical, strength and conditioning services and sports science support.

“They are also serviced by fantastic facilities all within walking distance of each other and their accommodation. Now it is up to the athletes to take advantage of everything on offer to them.”

Surrounded by the best in support, education and training, Lemanis hopes to see these athletes join his Boomers squad in the years to come.

“The purpose of the CoE program is to produce future Australian Boomers,” Lemanis said.

“The race is on – which of these athletes will be the first to become a Boomer.”

These scholarship holders will form the CoE men’s team that will compete in the 2014 SEABL season, with the Associate Coach to be the team’s Head Coach.

The athletes will be based at the CoE in Canberra, living at the AIS residential precinct. The CoE men’s program year will begin following the completion of the 2014 Australian Development Camp in late January.

Basketball Australia would like to congratulate the athletes awarded scholarships for the 2014 CoE men’s program.

BA National Centre of Excellence Men’s Program Scholarship Athletes 2014

Abi Akintola (Vic)

George Blagojevic (Vic)

Harry Froling (Qld)

Isaac Humphries (NSW)

Tanner Krebs (Tas)

Gerard Martin (NSW)

Jack McVeigh (Qld)

Jock Perry (Vic)

Dejan Vasiljevic (Vic)

Tom Wilson (Vic)