A note from Basketball Tasmania Chair Lou Cox on the passing of Ian Davies

A note from Basketball Tasmania Chair Lou Cox on the passing of Ian Davies

I am saddened to hear of Ian Davies passing, firstly being a Tasmanian, secondly having had close contact with him in the early 1980's.

As most people would know Ian performed magnificently for Australia at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, after which he spent time back in Tasmania during 1981.

Ian came to play with the Burnie Tigers in the North West basketball Union, and as Coach of the team I was able to see first-hand how brilliant he was.  He led us to the championship that year.  Another player who played against us in the grand final was Cliff Martin, who then went on to play with Sydney teams in the NBL.

We had several American import players during and after the 1980's until the mid 1990's, Ian was at the very top of those who made our roster such a strong one. At one stage we had up to 15 Americans in the eight team roster, so they had a huge impact.

Ian  will always be remembered in Burnie, along the North west coast, and indeed the whole of Tasmania.  He left Tasmania at age 11 and completed his education in America, reaching the heights that saw him become an Olympic and national champion, fully deserving of his place in the Australian Basketball Hall of Fame.

It was my honour to have had a small part in his basketball journey.  
I only wish that I could have again spent some time with him, reminiscing.

Lou Cox
Basketball Tasmania