Basketball promotes diversity and inclusion for CALD females

Basketball promotes diversity and inclusion for CALD females

In 2013, Basketball Victoria administered Basketball Australia’s funding from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) for their Diversity and Social Cohesion Program, “Engaging Women from Diverse Cultural Backgrounds in Basketball.”

Over the past 9 months, Basketball Victoria along with other states (NSW, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia) have provided an opportunity for young girls and women of Culturally & Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds to participate in an introductory basketball program and in turn link them into mainstream basketball at their local Associations.
Key objectives of the program were to:

• Introduce the game of basketball to women/girls from diverse communities;
• Encourage participation – through flexibility, patience, and understanding within a fun and safe environment;
• Build on basketball interest;
• Encourage diversity and inclusion in sport;
• Promote and support Harmony Day and the Racism. It Stops With Me campaign; and
• Increase membership by “linking” the participants to an Association to continue involvement in basketball.
Basketball Australia Multicultural Officer Natascia Crisci believes a lot of groundwork has been done in engaging girls, with positive outcomes growing for local communities across Australia.
“All states have done a remarkable job getting this program up and running and I have been lucky enough to visit to see the girls learning our game and having a great time in doing so,” Ms Crisci said.
“Sport is a great social leveller and when it is done in such a fun, safe environment it just shows how similar we all are.”
A number of activities were conducted in 2013 to promote culture and diversity in Australian basketball, including:

• The Female Shooting Hoops Introductory Program (SHIP) which engaged 290 participants across Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria;
• The Come and Try Multicultural Gala Day in partnership with the GWS Giants (AFL);
• The Racism. It Stops with Me campaign;
• Harmony Day ¬– attended by around 1000 people
The following resources were also produced and are now available online:

• SHIP 6-week Program Introductory Resource
• How to Play Basketball in Australia Resource
As the DIAC funding comes to a close for 2013, the programs have been evaluated and a Case Study Resource has been produced as a support mechanism to assist local Basketball Associations to understand how to engage women and girls (13-18+ years). The resource is now available to Associations across Australia.