Gliders legend Lisa Edmonds calls it a day

Gliders legend Lisa Edmonds calls it a day

The final of the Women's National Wheelchair Basketball League marked an important day in Wheelchair Basketball history as a legend of the sport called it a day.

Not only did the Perth Be Active Western Stars make history and win their first Grand Final since their inception into the WNWBL in 2006 in what has been hailed by many as the greatest WNWBL final since its inception in 2000, but Australian Gliders and WNWBL legend Lisa Edmonds decided it was time to retire after 24 years at the top level.

In every sport there are those who excel and set the benchmark for the future generations of players. Wheelchair Basketball is no different. There are good players, great players and then there is Lisa Edmonds.

It is said that intangibles are hard to value, but sport like in life values athletes who exemplify excellence and possess leadership attributes that rest beyond the box score. After playing over 100 internationals for the Gliders over the course of 13 years and overcoming adversity like many great athletes, Lisa has become one of the most respected figures in Wheelchair Basketball through hard work and dedication.

Her legacy extends far beyond the basketball court to the point where she is a staple and integral part of the of the national basketball community.

As a homage to Lisa Edmonds, Disability Sports Australia covers her achievements and legacy through this career periodical. With quotes from Lisa herself it is a fitting tribute to one of the greatest Women’s Wheelchair Basketball pioneers.

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