Northside Wizards spike in online registrations

Northside Wizards spike in online registrations

The move to online registrations is one of the key products offered by The Basketball Network (TBN), with Queensland association Northside Wizards seeing a major spike in their online take-up.

For Northside the online registration push has been a major success, with 98% of their player registrations completed online, saving the association and it’s club volunteers at least 10 hours of time consuming manual work each week.

Tasks such as manually entering registration data have been eliminated, along with the collection, reconciliation and banking of registration fees. Members now complete a single online form to register their details and pay their fees online. The success of the online registration process has been enthusiastically supported by the association’s junior clubs, who have all taken the opportunity to have their club fees collected through the online process.

Northside Wizards Regional Services Manager Cathie Roberts said the decision to fully adopt the online registration process was an easy one for the clubs and members, who were all looking for a better, quicker process.

“Since moving to the online registration process we’ve seen our members wholly embrace the change and declare this system as their preferred method of registering and paying their fees,” Ms Roberts said. “This has a significant benefit for the association and the clubs, reducing the time consuming activities that go with collecting registration fees and processing player data.”