New faces on NBL and WNBL Commissions

New faces on NBL and WNBL Commissions

Basketball Australia is pleased to announce two new appointments to the National Basketball League and Women’s National Basketball League Commissions.

BA has confirmed Michael Slepoy of the Melbourne Tigers has been elected to the NBL Commission to fill the vacancy resulting from the resignation of Nick Marvin of the Perth Wildcats.

Alexis Dodwell has been elected to the WNBL Commission by the BA Board to fill the remaining independent vacancy.

Ms Dodwell brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of risk and compliance, along with project management experience as part of the Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (SOCOG).

Chair of the BA Board Scott Derwin welcomed the new members, with their expertise to add significantly to the NBL and WNBL Commissions.

"Given Michael's experience with the Melbourne Tigers and the Club's growth in membership and attendance, it is a benefit to have him join the NBL Commission,” Mr Derwin said.

“The Board of BA is also excited to have been able to elect Alexis to the WNBL Commission. Her experience in the corporate sector in the area of risk and compliance, and passion for sport will be a major asset for the WNBL.

“I have no doubt that both of these new commission members will make great contributions to the strategic direction and long-term sustainability of our professional clubs and leagues respectively.”

The NBL and WNBL Commissions are two of BA’s six strategic commissions and were established as advisory bodies to the BA Board.

NBL Commission Members

Justin Milne – Chair (BA)

Martin Cleaver (BA)

Scott Derwin (BA)

Michael Slepoy

Peter Bahlmann

Steve Dunn

Adrian Garrone

WNBL Commission Members

Scott Derwin – Chair (BA)

Lesley Podesta (BA)

Alexis Dodwell (BA)

Jeremi Moule

Jayne Arlett

Matthew Phelps