Gibson joins sports stars to say "Say Enough" to binge drinking

Gibson joins sports stars to say "Say Enough" to binge drinking

Boomer Adam Gibson is just one of a group of leading aussie sports stars to feature in a new video launched today for the ‘Say Enough’ to binge drinking campaign.

The 26 year old Tasmanian who also plays in the NBL for the Adelaide 36ers and made his Olympic debut in London, joined swim star and Olympic silver medallist Christian Sprenger, Olympic cyclist Shane Perkins and Commonwealth Games hockey gold medallist Anna Flanagan to launch the ‘strong enough to say enough’ campaign that aims to address binge drinking and the influence of alcohol promotion on young Australians.

The Be the Influence – Tackling Binge Drinking initiative, part of the National Binge Drinking Strategy, is a sponsorship partnership between the Australian Government and 14 national sporting organisations, including Basketball Australia, Netball Australia, the Football Federation of Australia and Swimming Australia.

These partnerships provide an alternative to alcohol sponsorship that enables sporting organisations to provide environments, from national to community level, that are free of alcohol promotion and messaging.

The ‘strong enough to say enough’ video will now be shown on in-stadium video screens at sporting events all across the country starting with this weekend’s Football A-League and National Basketball League games.

Basketball Australia Chief Executive Officer Kristina Keneally said BA was proud to throw its support behind the 'Be The Influence' campaign.

"There are more than one million grassroots participants of basketball across Australia, including more than 390,000 participants under 15," Ms Keneally said.

"It's imperative that we provide positive role models to the young players in our sport and demonstrate to them the benefits of leading healthy sporting lifestyles."

The initiative is being managed by the Australian National Preventive Health Agency and CEO Louise Sylvan says, “It’s pleasing that many of our athletes feel strongly enough to put their names and voices to this initiative.”

“This video brings together some of Australia’s leading athletes to tackle youth binge drinking by inspiring young people to make their own decisions, stand up for what they believe in and be ‘strong enough to say enough,’ says Ms Sylvan.
Since the launch of the initiative in June 2012 the Be the Influence messaging has already been seen and heard at nearly 1,000 events around Australia through venue signage, in stadium announcements and uniform branding.

Watch the video here.

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