Condolence Statement on Devin Carracher

Condolence Statement on Devin Carracher

Basketball Australia Chief Executive Officer Kristina Keneally today expressed her condolences for the tragic death of former Boomerangs player Devin Carracher.

Mr Carracher played for the Australian Boomerangs – the national men’s basketball team for athletes with an intellectual disability – in 2006.

Between 2009 and 2011, he also played for VIC Country in the Ivor Burge Championships – the Australian basketball championships for players with an intellectual disability.

It is understood Mr Carracher suffered an epileptic fit before falling into the King River during a fishing trip earlier this month.

Mr Carracher’s funeral service will be held in Wangaratta tomorrow.

“We were deeply saddened to hear of Devin’s passing under tragic circumstances,” Ms Keneally said.

“Devin will be fondly remembered in the basketball community for his love of the sport and his contribution to tournaments both at home and abroad.

“On behalf of Basketball Australia, I extend our condolences to Devin’s family and friends. Our thoughts are with them at this difficult time.”

Mr Carracher participated in the following championships:

• 2006 – On the Boomerangs team that placed 4th in the INAS-FID World Basketball Championships
• 2009 – VIC Country Ivor Burge team, placed 3rd
• 2010 – VIC Country Ivor Burge team, placed 2nd
• 2011 – VIC Country Ivor Burge team, place 4th