Australians win 3x3

Australians win 3x3

Australia Gold has won the FIBA Oceania 3x3 tournament in Coffs Harbour.

The Australians women’s Gold team have won the FIBA Oceania 3x3 tournament in Coffs Harbour, defeating New Zealand.

The team of Bridget Mimmo (Vic), Kirby Lennan (Qld), Phillippa McDonald (SA) and Lucy Murray (NT) scored an 11-10 victory in the final to take the title.

The Australia Green girls team also finished third.

In the men’s competition, Australia Green was defeated by the New Zealand team.

The next major 3x3 event is the Australian 18 and under 3x3, which will be held at the State Sports Centre in Sydney as part of the Rollers and Gliders World Challenge from 19 - 21 July.  The event will feature 10 men’s teams and 11 women’s teams.

Oceania 3x3 Tournament, 26th-28th June 2012


Australia Gold                                
Bridget Mimmo (Vic)                       
Kirby Lennan (Qld)                           
Phillippa McDonald (SA)                
Lucy Murray   (NT)                         

Australia Green
Bridgette O’Neil (Vic)
Lizzy Tonks (NSW)
Courtney Middap (Tas)
Danusia Sipa Borgeaud (ACT)

Coaches:      Women: Rebecca Dick (TAS), Jessica White (ACT)

Gold Medal:
Australia Gold 11 def. NZ 10

Bronze medal:
Australia Green 13 def Guam 10


Australia Gold                                
Zachary Young (Qld)                       
Robert Colton (ACT)                       
Lance Schmidt  (NT)                       
Abiola Akintola (Vic)
Australia Green                   
Kyle Clark (Tas)
Kai Healy (NSW)
Andrej Donlagic (WA)
Ben Rennie (Sa)

Coaches Men:   Paul Langford (VIC), Ed Summers (NSW)

Gold Medal:
NZ 18 def Australia Green 12

Bronze medal:
Australia gold 17 def Guam 5