[Jayco Opals camp] Five minutes with Suzy Batkovic

[Jayco Opals camp] Five minutes with Suzy Batkovic

Having missed the 2010 World Championship through injury, Jayco Australian Opal Suzy Batkovic is raring to go in the side's quest for London success. We caught up with her.

Suzy Batkovic. Is it good to be back in camp with the Jayco Opals girls?

Definitely. Good to be back in camp with the girls and good to be back in the green and gold.

What about having Lauren back in the program. She hasn’t been in the program since 2010, you weren’t in the program in 2010, so how long’s it been since you’ve played with your old mate?

The last Olympics. Yeah, I got injured [in 2010], I had a battle with my knee, and so 2008 would’ve been the last time.

And you picked up where you left off no doubt?

Always. She’s easy to play with because she’s a phenomenal athlete. It’s always good playing with Loz.

This is obviously a competitive period with the team. Is there a bit of tension among the players that are on the fringe and fighting for spots?

I don’t think so. With the young ones, it’s obviously their first opportunity to break into their first Olympics and after this week’s selection camp unfortunately three of them have to go home. I feel sorry for the coaches, having to pick a team because at the moment it’s tough; it’s like a coin toss. Everyone’s playing well, everyone’s doing well. I’m just glad I’m not a coach right now.

There’s been a lot of individual stuff, skills stuff and two-on-two, but no full court five-on-five work as yet? Is that because the coaches are looking for something specific before they make their selections?

Yeah. There’s been a little bit on skills, break-downs and learning what the Jayco Opals do on defence, but tomorrow is a scrimmage day and on different days we’re doing different things, for the coaches to have a look at different things and different structures, what people do, how they defend an on-ball, those little break downs. But I think tomorrow will be a lot more five-on-five. I just think the coaches are trying to give everyone a good opportunity, to show what they’ve got with their skills and things like that.

There’s the potential for this group to be one of the biggest Jayco Opals teams to take to the floor. Will that change the way the Opals traditionally play?

Every team, every Olympics and every World Championship, it’s always going to be different with different people retiring or someone taking someone else's spot. I think the team’s evolving, so it’s never the same. You’ve got to go with the game, because the game gets upped every season it feels like. It’s going to be competitive. We’re big, but there are a lot of big countries out there. By the time we get there, we probably won’t look that big.

Are you going to take a few steps out come London time and launch a few threes up?

That’s a silly question: of course I’m going to launch some threes up. I always launch threes. I always have. I just love my threes. Who said big girls can’t shoot threes? We prove them wrong, every time.