New-look WNWBL ignites this weekend

New-look WNWBL ignites this weekend

Round 1 of the Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball League tips-off tonight ahead of a big weekend of action from Dandenong Stadium.

The league is now up to five competing teams, and will no doubt have grown in strength on the floor as well, when things get underway.

There are nine games over the weekend which will see VIC Dandenong Rangers, To Be active Western Stars, Sydney University Flames and Stacks Goudkamp Bears all back on the floor and ready to go, with the new side in the competition, the Queensland Comets, keen to make a big first impression over the weekend.

The home-side VIC Dandenong Rangers will face the To Be Active Western Stars on Friday night, in the only match-up for the evening.

The Rangers, led by star players Cobi Crispin and Leanne Del Toso, and supported by the likes of Kathleen O’Kelly-Kennedy will be looking to get their season off to a flying start in front of their home crowd.

The Western Stars will be looking to their star player Amber Merritt, one of last season’s most dominant players, to get the job done for her side. She won’t be able to do it alone however, with the likes of Amanda Nott, Clare Burzynski as well as veteran player Amanda Bonauita sure to fire also.

Saturday at noon will see the new side, the Queensland Comets match-up against the Sydney Uni Flames. For many of the Comets, it’s their first foray into WNWBL action and they will be well led by the likes of Shelley Cronau and Bridie Kean who will be keen to notch up early wins as the side looks to establish themselves.

Sydney Uni Flames will look to the strength of Stephanie Van Leeuwen and Caitlin de Wit to get their season off to a flier, along with the rest of their deep line-up, as early round 1 wins could prove critical as this season unwinds.

Following that match-up, the Western Stars meet the Stacks Goudkamp Bears, who coming into the 2011 season with a new look and new name. For Goudkamp, Kylie Gauci is going to be tough to stop, the veteran star leading other top players Jane Sachs and Tina McKenzie and the rest of the squad into the first round.

The remainder of the weekend should be tough. Here’s how the teams will meet-up over the weekend:

Friday 3 June 7:00pm, VIC Dandenong Rangers vs To Be Active Western Stars

Saturday 4 June 12.00pm, Queensland Comets vs Sydney Uni Flames

Saturday 4 June 2.00pm, To Be Active Western Stars vs Stacks Goudkamp Bears

Saturday 4 June 4.00pm, VIC Dandenong Rangers vs Sydney Uni Flames

Saturday 4 June 6.00pm, To Be Active Western Stars vs Queensland Comets

Saturday 4 June 8.00pm, VIC Dandenong Rangers vs Stacks Goudkamp Bears

Sunday 5 June 9.30am, Stacks Goudkamp Bears vs Queensland Comets

Sunday 5 June 9.30am, To Be Active Western Stars vs Sydney Uni Flames

Sunday 5 June 12.30pm, Sydney Uni Flames vs Stacks Goudkamp Bears

Sunday 5 June 12.30pm, VIC Dandenong Rangers vs Queensland Comets

The League has five rounds in total. Following this weekend, the season moves to Perth from 1-3 July, before moving to Brisbane over the weekend of the 5-7 August. Sydney Uni plays host in the second last round, 20-21 August with the finals being battled out from 23—25 Sept at North Sydney.

Click here for the WNWBL website for all fixtures and results.