Rollers take positives from games with Italy

Rollers take positives from games with Italy

After a big first-game victory over the Italians, the Rollers have succumbed in the second and third games of their three-game series during their European camp last week. Despite the losses, there were plenty of positives to take out of the camp and the series.

With Justin Eveson, Shaun Norris, Grant Mizens, Brett Stibners and Jeremy Doyle in Australia, the camp and games served as a good opportunity for the players currently whipping around in European circles to get together and knock a few games out in the green and gold.  After a big win in Game 1, things swung in favour of the Italians — as reported, the locals turned it on for the TV game, that is for sure!

The Aussies were outplayed and out gunned throughout the contest and the younger Rollers struggled to make an impact on the game, Brad Ness and Tristan Knowles carrying the brunt of the load for the Rolllers.

The twin towers of Cavagnini and Pellegrini were dominant throughout, the Aussies succumbing 76-68.In a tight and exciting game 3, quality players Tristan Knowles and Bill Latham returned to their Spanish club for domestic duties, while Dylan Alcott remained sidelined through injury. Although a monumental challenge, it was a chance for some of the others players — in particular Adam Deans, Shawn Russell and John McPhail — to rise up against a full strength Italian line-up. And rise up they did.The Rollers took it right up to the Italians and with 90 seconds to go, had the chance to draw level. Unfortunately they came up short in what was a valiant effort. 

Adam Deans and Shaun Russell gave the team some impetus on inside and our lows did a great job defensively to help match the bigs from Italy.

The final score was 49-54 in favour of the Italians, but there are some great signs that when this Rollers team comes together in full, they will be a force to reckon with on the international hard-wood.  

Game Two

Italy (Cavagnini 28, Marchionni 14, Pellegrini 12) defeated Australia (Brad Ness 16, Tristan Knowles 13, Shawn Russell 6, Kim Robins 6) 

Quarter by quarter breakdown

AUS 15 to 22 ITA

AUS 12 to 21 ITA

AUS 13 to 25 ITA

AUS 18 to 8 ITA

Game three

Italy 54 (Moukhariq 12, Pellegrini 11, Bargo 8, Bernardis 5, Raimondo 5)
defeated Australia 49
(Adam Deans 13, Brad Ness 12, Shaun Russell 8, Kim Robins 4, Luke Popel 4)

Quarter by quarter breakdown

AUS 10 to 11 ITA

AUS 10 to 17 ITA

AUS 14 to 12 ITA

AUS 15 to 16 ITA