Frank Ponta Cup tips off tonight

Frank Ponta Cup tips off tonight

Round one of the Frank Ponta Cup tips off tonight, in the highly-anticipated wheelchair basketball competition from the Australian Institute of Sport.

Named after five-time Paralympian, Frank Ponta, who is widely considered the father-figure of the Australian wheelchair basketball program, the competition will see five teams battle it out over two rounds — round one will be played over the coming weekend, March 25-27, with round two taking place in a month’s time.   

Four of the five teams take their names from four past captains of the Australian men’s program: John Turich, Sandy Blythe, David Gould and Brad Ness.

Also competing is the Gliders national team.

There will be 10 games played over the course of round one, the first sees the John Turich Reds battle the Brad Ness Golds at 6.00pm AEDT.

The weekend wraps up on Sunday with the final game played between the David Gould Whites versus the Gliders.

All games are played at the AIS Training Hall. CLICK HERE to see the full fixture of games over Round One.

The Frank Ponta cup is an exciting addition to the Australian wheelchair basketball calendar and serves many purposes in the wheelchair basketball landscape.

The tournament provides quality games and the ability for players to play as their classification.

It also provides opportunities for coaches to ply their trade in a more competitive setting.

This year, along with the four NWBL coaches, there will be eight development coaches attending, which will help to expand our coaching stocks around the country. In the same way, it will also offer the opportunity for developing referees and officials to take control of games in a competitive environment and continue their education in our sport.

The Frank Ponta Cup has grown since 2010 — there is now five teams competing and 12 coaches involved. It will continue to grow as the years progress and in the process will be spreading the word about wheelchair basketball.