Catching up with the Boomers

Catching up with the Boomers

We check in with some of the Boomers playing in Europe and there are plenty highlights and videos to take a look at as well.

Steven Markovic
Sitting seventh on the ladder at 11-11, Steve is averaging a huge 31 minutes for KK Radniki, and is delivering 13 points per game and five assists. Recently, Steve dropped 12 points against Nathan Jawai’s team in 28 minutes of play

Click here to see some video footage of Markovic in action — Steve’s the one with the new haircut.

Joe Ingles

Since moving to Barcelona, Joe is averaging 15 minutes an outing for six points a game. In the side’s one-point loss to Brad Newley’s team, just before Christmas, Joe dropped nine points and had five assists in a great effort.

Barcelona also thumped David Barlow’s team by 20 recently; Joe contributed nine points to that outcome.

Click here to see Joe land a three-quarter court shot… wait for it… with a Rugby ball. No way that shot is for real. Or is it? You be the judge!

Click here to see footage of the Ingles vs Nielsen match-up, including the head tap.

Brad Newley

After moving to Lietuvos Rytas Brad has been enjoying 22 minutes of floor time and has been scoring eight points per game. He scored seven crucial points, on his way to a team-high 16, in the closing minutes as the Lithuanian champs matched the Greek champs, Panathinaikos. Newley combined with Khalid El-Amin to beat Panathinaikos 68 – 67.

Click here for an interview of Brad discussing life in Lithuania

Click here for highlights of Brad’s win over Panathinaikos

David Barlow

Playing for CAI Zaragoza, DB is averaging 26 minutes for eight points, five rebounds two assists, and while playing for Zaragoza. DB dropped 14 points in a tough loss to the sixth-ranked Laboral.

Video: Iphone translation app is paying off

Newly promoted in the league, they are sitting 13th on the ladder for the following year.

Matt Nielsen

After moving to Olympiakos during the off-season Matt is loving the new club, averaging 20 minutes for eight points and two rebounds per game. Matt went back to his home ground of Valencia last month and secured two crucial wins in as many games.

“The decision" — Watch now

Olympiakos — fist pump

AJ Ogilvy

Moving to our well-visited city of Istanbul for the Besiktas team, AJ is suiting up with the much-popularised Allen Iverson and it’s paying off. AJ is averaging 20 minutes, with 11 points and six rebounds in the Eurocup. For those that missed his latest blog check it out check it out here.

Sporting a bit of a European hair cut AJ gets a behind the back pass from... you guessed it Allen Iverson. Click here

Aleks Maric
Truck unfortunately is having a rough trot at the moment. In the offseason he secured a gig for Panathinaikos only to injury his elbow nine games into the season. Al is sidelined until early April after undergoing surgery for the injured elbow. We all wish you a speedy recovering, mate.

Click here to see Truck’s recent movements

Video: Nice dunk, nice reaction

Nathan Jawai

Nate moved to Maric’s old club in Serbia. Now with Partizan, in 29 games he has averaged 21 minutes, 10 points and five rebounds. When the ‘locals’ played each other Nate scored eight points in 25 minutes of play against Steven Markovic in late February

Click here to see the Play of the Game — a Jawai monster dunk

Click here: Jawai sends one back

Aron Baynes

Aron ‘The Main Frame’ Baynes is playing for EWE Baskets Oldenburg in Germany (who knows what the accent is going to sound like now). Baynsey is averaging 22 minutes in the Eurocup, while dropping 14 points and six rebounds

Earlier in the season Baynsey sits down with a local reporter. Click here for the full interview.

Click here to see Baynesy throw a big one down

Luke Nevill

After some dramatic moves in the Melbourne Tigers camp, Luke picked up and moved to Russia to play for BC Triumph Lybertsy  in the PBL, The PBL (Professional Basketball League) succeeded Russia’s top league, the SuperLeague in 2010.  Since moving there, Luke has only seen four games, but he’s averaging eight points.