Dandenong to host 2011 Basketball Managers Convention and Trade Show

Dandenong to host 2011 Basketball Managers Convention and Trade Show

If you're a basketball manager or a basketball venue manager, be sure to check out the Basketball Managers Convention and Trade Show, April 19 and 20 at Dandenong Basketball Stadium, Victoria.

Basketball Managers Inc.(formerly Basketball Managers Victoria) is a not-for-profit professional group established in Australia many years ago to provide networking and training opportunities for all Basketball Managers with the outcome to improve our collective venues, facilities, programs and the wonderful sport of Basketball in general. 

The group meets quarterly at host member venues and discuss all matters of stadium management to improve efficiency and quality and to also provide necessary guidance and support in dealing with common dilemmas and issues of our proud industry.

To date we have successfully conducted four Convention and Trade Shows to create professional development opportunities for our members, with each event having 200+ passionate basketball managers in attendance. 

In 2011 we are will conduct our fifth Convention and Trade Show on Tuesday 19 April 2011 and Wednesday 20 April 2011 at the Dandenong Stadium, Dandenong (Melbourne), Australia. 

In attendance will be over 200 managers, stadium staff and association executives and volunteers.  That is, you will have direct access to the decision makers from each of the 70-plus country and metropolitan Victorian basketball associations and venues, together with a number of interstate managers and related businesses.   

Forty five to 50 companies supplying goods and services to basketball associations and basketball venues will be represented at the Trade Show. The Convention and Trade Show is endorsed by both Basketball Victoria and Basketball Australia.”

For more information contact:

Paul Flynn
Marketing Manager, Dandenong Basketball Stadium
270 Stud Road, Dandenong North
P: +61 3 9794 7192
F: +61 3 9706 9631
M: 0402 570 251
E: marketing@dandenongbasketball.com.au