U14 Girls Final Day Wrap up

U14 Girls Final Day Wrap up

All the news and reviews from the final day of the Australian Junior Championships

NT South Suns 37 def by Bendigo  Braves 43
Playoff 23 v 24
Bendigo went to an early  lead  12 – 0 after 4 minutes. Suns worked their way into the game but Bendigo still lead at ¼ time. 17 -8. In the 2nd quarter, Suns with their speed  came back again  to close the gap to be down  24-19 at half time. The second half  was a very hard contested affair with Bendigo hanging on to win   43-37   for the play off  for 23 and 24th position.
NT South Suns: P Bara 11, E Hampton 7, K Tilmouth 5
Bendigo Braves: A Bailey-Mcclanahan, R Johnston 6, S Appleby 6, J Drummond 6, S Murphy 6

Mandurah Magic 20 defeated by Sturt Sabres 57
Playoff 21 v 22
Sturt Sabres started well, getting the jump on Magic by 10 points. At half time the scores had blown out to 35-11. Both teams looked really tired after a long week of games. Mandurah Magic to their credit never gave up. With some excellent outside shooting from Georgia Haines (Mandurah), Molly Dumica (Sturt) and Jessica Mikulcic (Sturt), Mandurah had plenty of opportunities to improve their score but just failed to capitalise. Sturt eventual winners by 37 points.
Mandurah Magic : G Haines 10, N Harris 6, E Read 3
Sturt Sabres: N Scholz 12, M Dumican 12, G Gava 10

Northern Tasmania 44 def by Ballarat Miners 51
19 v 20 Playoff
Ballarat opened up strong with Kayla Mallet doing it at both ends of the court and doing a great job on Northern Tas star Abby Green.  ¼ time score line 14-13 in Ballarat’s favour.
Second quarter was a hard fought affair with Ballarat slipping  to a 5 point lead  25-20. The 3rd and 4th quarters were the same as the first.  Scores tied all at 43 all. Overtime started in a flurry with Ballarat baskets going to  a 6 pt lead and went on to  win  51 – 44.
Northern Tasmania: A Green 20, S Miller 9, M Gilligan 6
Ballarat Miners: M Fratin 17, E Brugman 11, K O’Dwyer 10

North West Tasmania 41 def Southern Tasmania Junior Chargers 34
Playoff 17 v 18
Southern Tasmania dominated the opening term but were unable to translate on the scoreboard South led 10 – 8 at the break with Tiahnee Powell sinking 7 points with some sweet outside shooting. NW Tas took the lead early in the 2nd quarter and led by as many as 6, thanks to better shot selection and execution and went to the main break 22 – 18 ahead. A rattled Southern Chargers turned the ball over several times in the 3rd quarter and NW Tas pounced on the mistakes to stretch the lead out to 11 points at the last break. The last quarter followed the same pattern as the third with NW Tas running the floor hard. Southern Tas fought it out to the end but were beaten by the better team on the day.
North West Tasmania: G Richards 16, S Phillips 12, G Buchwald 6
Southern Tasmania Junior Chargers: T Powell 14, M Courtney 6, E Hosken 5

NT North Geckos 30 defeated by Canberra Nationals 33
Bronze Medal -  Shield (15 v 16 Playoff)
A cautious start to the game by both teams saw Nationals ahead at quarter time. Geckos 4 & Nationals 6. The second quarter was similar to the first with strong defence played at both ends of the court. Nationals took control of the rebound. Molly McPHee and Jamie-Lee Phillips from Nationals and Megan Pope and Josephine Gutheridge from the Geckos, were the key players of this half. Geckos 9 & Nationals 12. Midway through the third quarter, Geckos took a slender lead. 3rd quarter: Geckos 19 & Nationals 18. In the fourth quarter, the Geckos were getting tired and their shots were not sinking and Canberra pulled ahead. The Geckos rallied with great defence and never gave up. Canberra went on to win the bronze shield 30 to 33.
NT North Geckos: J Gurtheridge 9, M Pope 6, A Walters 6
Canberra Nationals: A Evans 10, T Brankovic 6, S McGinley 5

Southern Districts Spartans 70 def Townsville Flames 29
Gold Medal - Shield (Playoff 13 v 14)
Spartans displayed strong defence and very good offence as a result the score was 8 – 0 in the first quarter. Spartans were very strong with tall girls and the Flames were quite a small team in comparison. Scores at quarter time: Spartans 28 to Flames 9. The second quarter saw the Spartans continue strongly to lead by 25 points at the long break. Spartans 38 to Flames 13. The third quater saw Spartans outscore the Flames 16 points to 9 to hold a commanding lead at three quarter time. Spartans 54 to Flames 22. The fourth quarter saw the Flames try their hardest and fight til the end. Spartans continued their dominance in the game to run out an easy victory.
Southern Districts Spartans: C Woods 17, M Disteldorf 16, B Ritson 14
Townsville Flames: A Ennis 14, A Foord 3, C Glase 3, L Downey 3, K Bin Dol 3

Penrith Panthers 30 def by Forestville Eagles 53
Playoff 11 v 12
Forestville took on early lead in the first quarter of 5 points. In teh second quarter, Alexandra Mason from Forestville shot a whopper of a 3 pointer with 3 seconds left on the shot clock, this and some great lay ups increase Forestville’s lead to 12. 3 minutes to go, Penrith Panthers finally scored. Penrith 13 – Forestville 28. Not much scoring from Penrith in the 3rd quarter, Forestville pulled away even further to take the win.
Penrith Panthers: M Fox 11, T Tupaea 8, J Clark 5
Forestville Eagles:  J Johnson 13, M Yaeger 9, C Ormsby 8

North Adelaide Rockets 39 def Coffs Harbour Suns 24
Playoff 9 v 10
Rockets got off to a good start with accurate outside shooting to lead 13-6 at ¼ time. The Suns picked up their defence in the 2nd quarter to bridge the gap to 3 points but the Rockets with good offensive rebounds and accurate shooting took their lead to 21-12 at the half time break. Both teams with great defensive pressure in the 3rd quarter slowed the scoring rate but Rockets were able to get a couple of late baskets extending the lead to 29-14 at  ¾ quarter time.  In the last  quarter the Suns worked hard to bring the score closer however the Rockets early good work saw  them run out comfortable  winners  39-24.
North Adelaide Rockets: C Hansen 20, T Calvert 15, S Elsworthy 2, T MacAskill 2
Coffs Harbour Suns:  S Willmott 10, J Woods 4, S Bourke 4

Bulleen Boomers 66 def Norths Bears 47
7 v 8 Playoff
The game started off very well for the Boomers coming out of the gates  with an 8-0 run before the bears made their first  basket  on a  great transition. The qtr closed with the Bears unable to convert their hard fought defence into points at the other end finishing the qtr 16–2 down. Midway through the second and Norths were looking the better team although it was a 17 point deficit. Norths continued the good run with 11- 0 to finish the qtr trailing by 6.The start of the second half the Bears kept pushing but Bulleen put their frustrations behind them taking them to a 9 point lead halfway through the 3rd qtr. The Bears looked to be back to the ill fated position of playing catch up basketball and the qtr closed with Bulleen leading Norths at the final break 50-38 As the game started to look out of hand and no chance for the Bears, they kept fighting as they did in the second but had far too many missed opportunities they were finally put to rest 47-66.
Bulleen Boomers: C Moretta 20, R Connell 14, C Hocking 14
Norths Bears: P Olsen 12, A Burke 12, J Rasmussen 8

Knox Raiders 54 def Stirling Senators 28
Playoff 5 v 6
The game started off very tough and physical with both sides starting off strong. A low scoring 1st quarter until Knox  brought on their press with 2 minutes to go  and created  a 17-5 break.  Second quarter saw   Sonia Dirito   from Knox lead the way with great leadership  and got the lead out  to   33 – 12. Paris Majeks  tried to lift the Senators but with no luck the Raiders  pushed away to lead   37-21 at  ¾ time. Raiders went on to win an easy  game  55 -28.
Knox Raiders: J Osborne 13, R Lucas 12, S Dorito 8
Stirling Senators: P Majeks 7, K Gage 6, M Dennis 5

Gosford City Rebels 25 def by Nunawading Spectres  43
Bronze Medal (Playoff 3 v 4)
Nunawading started the game strongly scoring the first 5 points  forcing Gosford to call an early time out  midway through the quarter. After the time out   Gosford closed the gap to be down 1. Score being Nunawading  7,  Gosford 6. Second quarter saw Nunawading settle and finish the quarter strongly be 6 points  up at half time. Third and 4th quarter  Nunawading continued to be strong and increased their lead  to win  43 – 25.
Gosford City Rebels: A McCoy 7, M Carter 6, J Forcadillo 4, J McGuiness 4
Nunawading Spectres: S Molloy 12, B Ralph 8, M Perry 6

Melbourne Tigers 66 def Logan Thunder 40  
Gold Medal (Play off 1 v 2)
The game started at a very furious pace with neither team being able to gain an upper hand.    Scores were 13 all at quarter time. After  the break  the Tigers with full court pressure lifted the intensity  and quickly went out to a 14 point lead  at half time.  After the break  Logan threw everything at the Tigers but could only manage to outscore them  by  2 points. The final quarter saw both teams in foul trouble but Tigers were too strong and deserved their Championship win.

Melbourne Tigers: G Pineau 16, Tia Hay 14, K Bretherton 10
Logan Thunder: W Wehi 15, B O’Brien 12, A Pepe 5


Championship Division:
• For gold Melbourne 66 d Logan 40
• For bronze Nunawading 43 d Gosford 25
• For 5th Knox 54 d Stirling 28
• For 7th Bulleen 66 d Norths 47
• For 9th North Adelaide 39 d Coffs Harbour 24
• For 11th Forestville 53 d Penrith 30

Shield Division:
• For gold Southern Districts 70 d Townsville 29
• For bronze Canberra 33 d NT North 30
• For 5th (17th overall) North West Tas 41 d Southern Tas 34
• For 7th (19th overall) Ballarat 51 d Northern Tas 44 (IN OVERTIME)
• For 9th (21st overall) Sturt 57 d Mandurah 20
• For 11th (23rd overall) Bendigo 43 d Northern Territory South 37