U14 Boys Day 4 Wrap up

U14 Boys Day 4 Wrap up

All the news and reviews from the U14 Australian Junior Championships

Sutherland Sharks 56 defeated Northern Tasmania Foresters 50
It was neck and neck in the first quarter and just one point separated them after eight minutes of play. Luke Tucker for the Foresters looked dangerous with an early three-pointer. The Sharks were firing early in the second quarter and notched up the first six points but the Foresters matched their pace and just edged them out with the score 28-26 at half time. The teams traded baskets in the third quarter and it could’ve been anyone’s ball game however the Sharks crept in front for the second time in the game. An injury riddled final quarter saw the Sharks lose key players Bailey Musulin and Julian De Costa but they held onto the lead and took out the game.
Sharks – J. De Costa 32, B. Musulin 8, Z. Edwards 6
Foresters – R. Petterwood 15, Z. Kilby 13, I. Devereaux 12

Illawarra Hawks 58 defeated North West Tasmania Thunder 52
 The first quarter was balanced and both teams took 11 points apiece, Kyle Clark was first quarter star for North West with nine of their points. There was quite a bit of animosity toward the referees from the coaches in the second quarter as the refs cracked down on some rough play and the Hawks were ahead 32-26 at half time. The Hawks held onto their lead in the third and a three pointer by Angus Glover capped of a solid third quarter. North West came home strong and outscored Illawarra by 10 points in the final term but it wasn’t enough and the Hawks took the game 58-52.
Thunder – K. Clark 23, D. Bransden 16.
Hawks – S. Cranney 26, B. Marks 10, A. Glover 5

Rockingham Flames58 defeated NT North Geckos 37
The Flames burned up the court in the first quarter and lead the Geckos 17-7 after the first eight minutes. The second quarter was more evenly matched and a three-pointer from Jaylen Clarke gave NT North hope they scored 13 to the Flames’ 15. The Geckos weren’t able to match Rockingham’s scoring rate in the third quarter and they pushed further ahead to 46-37. Liam Ebert helped his team to victory in the final quarter with six points and unyielding defence.
Flames – M. Ramsden 13, L. Ebert 12, M. Tregear 8.
Geckos –  J. Lew Fatt 9, M. Drescher 6.

Sandringham Sabres 62 defeated Logan Thunder 53
The Sabres broke out early in the first quarter and scored a solid 20 points but the Thunder weren’t far behind and only trailed by six at quarter time. The second quarter saw a sense of uncontrolled urgency from the Thunder and the Sabres were able to continue their strong form and held a nine point lead. Both teams played offensively well in the third term but the Thunder couldn’t make any headway on the Sabres lead. Sandringham were just too good in the end and captain Harley Balic played well offensively with 12 points.
Sabres – H. Balic 12, T. Taranto 9, D. Atkins 8.
Thunder – D. Maluto 20, S. Morris 17

Gosford City Rebels 62 defeated Forestville Eagles 41
The Rebels kicked off the game in style and they scored 18 points to the Eagles 7. The Eagles defence held up in the second quarter and they kept the Rebels to just four points, the Eagles were only behind by four points at half time. Forestville’s pressure dropped during the third quarter and through Oliver Robilliard and Jayden Hodgson the Rebels were able to put 20 points up for the quarter. The Rebels used their height and speed to put another 20 points on the board in the final term. Austin Clarke for the Eagles had a solid performance and Jayden Hodgson was on form for the Rebels with 22 points.
Rebels – J. Hodgson 22, O. Robilliard 20, B. Wheeler 6, B. Ferris 6
Eagles – A. Georgeson 20, N. Wurm 5, J. Slade 5, A. Clarke 5

South West Pirates 65 defeated East Perth Eagles 39
South West trailed at the beginning of the first term but found their form and struck ahead to lead 23-10 after eight minutes. The Pirates turned the long pass into a signature move early in the game and were up 19 points at half time. A brilliant third quarter by the Pirates saw them score 22 points to the Eagles 6, and a strong fourth term by the Eagles couldn’t get them back ahead. The Pirates took the game despite an impressive game high score of19 by Eagles’ Rhys McKean.
Pirates – L. Richardson 14, W. McDowell-White 12, D. McDowell-White 10.
Eagles – R. McKean 19, A. Donlagic 5, S. Ameduri 4.

Diamond Valley Eagles 55 defeated Blackburn Vikings 38
Another great performance from the Eagles, who got to an early lead of seven points in the first quarter. They pushed this lead to 30-17 by half time and a slower third term by both teams brought the three-quarter time score to 41-25. A good final quarter for the Vikings saw them score 13 points to the Eagles 14 to bring the Eagles to a 23 point win, with a top score of 21 to Jack Formosa, closely followed by Abiola Akintola on 20 points. 
Eagles – J. Formosa 21, A. Akintola 20.
Vikings – M D’Agostina 16, J. Heath 11, T Williams 6.

Sturt Sabres 67 defeated Northside Wizards 53
There was barely a point between these two teams in the first minutes and both looked like they were feeling the pressure as the quarter time buzzer went, with Wizards leading 13-11. The second quarter was full of controversy when the Wizards supporters claimed the bench had missed two crucial points, the Sabres pushed ahead however and were up eight points at half time. The Wizards won the third term with 13 points to Sandringham’s 12 but their lack of defence in the final quarter was the nail in the coffin for Northside. Wizard Lachlan Cash seemed to have his hand in every play and scored himself 15 points for the game.
Sabres – N. Fassos 20, S. Pontifex 15, C. Matthews 9
Wizards – L. Cash 15, J. Milburn 14, A. Villamore 9

Rockingham Flames 71 defeated North West Tasmania Thunder 50
The Flames began strong and Aidan Zeverona put in an inspiring three-pointer as the shot clock was running down mid way through the first term. The second term wasn’t any better for the Thunder and the Flames took 15 points for the quarter to stretch their lead to 33-20. The Thunder were stronger offensively in the third with Brad Green at the front of all their offence. The Thunder couldn’t keep up the pace in the final quarter and none of their shots were dropping, the final score was 71-50 to the Flames
Flames – B. Amos 25, M. Ngan-Woo 10, M. Ramsden 9
Thunder – D. Bransden 12, K. Clark 10, B. Green 8, J. Howard 8

Willetton Tigers 57 defeated Illawarra Hawks 45
The Tigers got off to an early lead, starting the game with two three-pointers from Austin Cummings and finished the first quarter ahead by 6. They continued to push the lead into the second term to get the half time score to 32-23 in their favour. A higher scoring third quarter and a massive game-high score of 28 for Hawks’ captain Sean Cranney wasn’t enough for the Hawks to get ahead. Some fantastic defence in the goal circle from Tigers captain Emil Nedzed and five three-pointers from Austin Cummings (with 19 points in total) brought home the win for the Tigers with a final score of 57-45.
Tigers – A. Cummings 19, E. Nedzed 14, B. Pang 12.
Hawks – S. Cranney 28, B. McBay 4, B. Marks 4.

Sutherland Sharks 54 defeated Canberra Nationals 48
Neither team could sink a ball and Canberra were just ahead 7-6 after the first quarter. A big three-pointer in the second quarter by Lachlan Dowse from Canberra pushed his team ahead and the Nationals again snuck through and were up three points at half time. Canberra extended their lead early in the third quarter but the Sharks increased their intensity and some smart play by Bailey Musulin allowed them to get ahead 36-35. Sutherland were in charge in the final quarter but some magic three-pointers by Jarrod Phillips and Jarrod Hampton got Canberra back in the game. They couldn’t secure the extra points necessary and the Sharks were victorious.
Sharks – B. Musulin 16, T. Tsangarliotis 9, A. Khoshnevisan 8
Nationals – J. Hampton 11, L. Dowse 7, J. Phillips 6, O. Bayly 6, B. Hoang 6

Doncaster Panthers 72 defeated South West Pirates 54
In one of their toughest matches so far, the Pirates were unable to continue their winning streak in their second match for the day. The Panthers got off to a ferocious start to score 26 points in the first quarter and brought the half time score to 45-23 in their favour. The Pirates improved greatly in the second half with some great defence and rebounds by William McDowell-White, scoring 31 points to the Panthers 27. They were unable to catch the Panther’s early lead or the highest individual score for the day with Panthers’’ Darcy Crocker scoring a massive 32 points, with the final score at 72-54.
Panthers – D. Crocker 32, B. Hardwick 14, D. Fan 12.
Pirates – D. McDowell-White 15, M. Leahy 10, L. Richardson 10.

Sturt Sabres 71 defeated Sandringham Sabres 50
It seemed like the Sturt had a task on their hands as the first quarter started out as an even matching. Sturt gained ground and Isaac White shot a three-pointer on the siren to move ahead 20-10 at quarter time. Sturt held their lead in the second quarter and Sandringham were looking desperate. Sabres won the third quarter and Jimmy Ellison helped them score the 16 points to Sandringham’s 15. But Sandringham’s heads went down in the final term and they allowed Sturt to notch up 22 points to take the game. Sturt’s Nick Fassos was top point scorer for the game with a massive 27 points.
Sturt – N. Fassos 27, M. Simmons 19, C. Matthews 9
Sandringham – Jimmy Ellison 21, H. Balic 12

Geelong Cats 66 defeated Knox Raiders 20
There was no getting past the Cats in this game, showing the Raiders from the start that they were out to win. The first 13 points of the game went to the Cats and they ended the first half 35-9. The Raiders couldn’t keep pace and had a scoreless third term, but managed to restrict the Cats to 10 points. Another 21 points by the leaders in the final quarter, along with a huge top score of 20 points for Jacob Pupavac ended the game with a huge 46 point win to the Cats.
Cats – J. Pupavac 20, B. Biggs 9, J. Crawley 7.
Raiders – S. Pritchard 7, L. Jones 5.

Melbourne Tigers 46 defeated Gosford City Rebels 30
Tensions were running high early in the game and the defence from both teams was impeccable with only four points total scored after five minutes of play. The second quarter was equally stressful for both teams and the Rebels took a narrow two point lead into half time. The Tigers proved why they are the team to beat in the third quarter as a fearsome defence kept the Rebels to just three points for the term. The Tigers held strong and fought their way through the final term to a sixteen point victory.
Tigers – M. Owies 10, T. Wilson 9, B. Allison 8
Rebels – J. Hodgson 10, T. Akamarmoi 10

Hills Hornets 46 defeated Diamond Valley Eagles 42
Another intense match as the Hornets and Eagles meet for the second time this week.  The Eagles got in front early with a two point lead at quarter time. A defensive second term by both teams kept the score low by half time at 22-21 to the Hornets. The Hornets stayed ahead to finish the fourth quarter 36-29, but the Eagles stayed in the game right to the end, the score at 43-42 with 35 seconds to play. A goal by no 14 with 10 seconds to go pushed the Hornets lead out, with a free throw bringing the Hornets to a four point win.
Hornets – B. Gligorevic 13, M. Evans 8, A. Bannatyne 7.
Eagles – A. Akintola 16, J. Formosa 11, D. Marshall 6.