U14 Girls Day 3 Wrap up

U14 Girls Day 3 Wrap up

All the action from the U14 Australian Junior Championships

North West Tasmania  76 defeated NT South Suns 33
North West Thunder took control of the game early to lead by 13. Quarter time Thunder 23 Suns 10. Some good shooting saw Courtney Middap with 2 big 3 pointers By half time North Thunder had extended their lead. Thunder 41 Suns 17. In the third Quarter the Suns picked up their game and applied more pressure on the ball. Thunder 53 Suns 31. At the end of the game Thunder took a strong lead winning 73 to 33. The Suns put in a good effort but were unsuccessful in bridging the gap with Ella-Mae Hampton being fouled out.
NW Tasmania—C Middap 18, G Buchwald 9, S Phillips 8, K Lucas 8,  S Jaeger 8
Suns— S Smith 12, F Swan 10, V Riley 6

Mandurah Magic 23 defeated by Southern Districts Spartans 51
With a slow start from both teams the game was very even the whole quarter with the score at the end of the quarter 6 to 7. The Spartons finally getting ahead by six at half time 12 to 18 with Milly Disteldorf scoring 6 by half time. Picking up the pace when they got back on the court, the Spartons picked up their defence and got a comfortable lead 16 to 34.  The last quarter started with Elise Read for Magic getting fouled out and Spartons putting on the of pressure and eventually running away with the game to win 23 to 51.
Spartans—M Disteldorf 17, L Scheibner 13, J McMullen 6
Magic—K Miegel 8, R  Curtis 7

Townsville Flames 40 defeated by NT North Geckos 43
 The game started with high intensity defensive pressure, forcing an 8 second call to be made against the Geckos. The first quarter ended 6-9 to the NT North Geckos. At the start of the second quarter it seemed that it would be a low scoring game, this was due to the stron defence that was being played on both sides of the court, with the game going point for point from the start,. This was a high fouling quarter with both teams hitting the foul line. The scores going into the half time break were 17-21.  The start of the third was again all down to the defence with both reams wearing each other like a glove, but both teams able to score with a more aggressive offence and greater ball movement. With a change in the lead heading into the forth quarter it promised to be a close game 31-29 with Rochell Briston leading the scoring for the Geckos with 8 points in the 3rd quarter. In a tight and exciting last quarter the final score was 40-43 with NT North geckos winning their first game at this championship in a nail bitting last few minutes.
Flames—A Ennis 10, M Gray 10, Kee Ahn Bin Dol 8
Geckos— R Briston 24, A Walters 8, E Carbone 6

Coffs Harbour Suns 24 defeated by Logan Thunder 57
The game started well with a lot of passing and good teamwork. The only thing that let both teams down was they struggled to turn the effort into points with a lot of baskets being missed. The score at quarter time saw the Thunder only in front by 1 point 2-3. The first basket for Logan being scored by Tegan Barker, and the first score for the Coffs going to Rebecca Black. The second quarter saw the game final got under way with both teams finding the bucket. It was tight until the final stretch of the quarter were Logan final made their run with a few quick buckets and some tight defence. Logan stretched the lead out to 14 points leading into the half 24-10. In the third, Logan kept the momentum with their defensive pressure  and wearing the suns like a second skin. The Thunder took their lead to 25 points to enter the final quarter.
The final quarter was a show of Logan’s strength keeping the Coffs to 8 points and running their lead out to a 33 point win. Logan’s, Kellianne Saul, Jessica Phillips and Whitnee Wehi, lead the team to a comfortable win 24-57 at the final siren.
Suns—E Tonks 10, E Hewitt 4, R Black 3
Rebels—K Saul 12, B O’Brien 12,  W Wehi 12

Bulleen Boomers 67 defeated Gosford City Rebels 45
First quarter saw very good pressure from both teams, with Bulleen one point down.   Second quarter Rebels  get out to an early lead  and Bulleen  putting enormous  pressure  on the ball which caused Rebels to foul and as a consequence sent  Bulleen to the line.  This allowed Bulleen to take a 4 point lead at half time. The second half saw the pace pick up and Rebels were able to even the score thanks to some brilliant work from Jessica McGuinness who got into foul trouble and had to take a seat on the bench. Bulleen took advantage   and extended their lead to 15 points.  With 5 minutes to go Rebels hit foul trouble when two players Alessandra Gasparotto and Rebecca Neaves fouling out.   Bulleen got the lead out to 18 points with a minute to go and went on to win by 22 points.
Boomers—C Hocking 21, B Keogh 11, C Moretta 10
Rebels— A Gasparotto 14, J McGuiness 7, M Carter 6, A McCoy 6

Knox Raiders 57 defeated Stirling Senators  53

Knox Raiders got out to a early lead , both   teams with great defence with Stirling getting a  few late baskets  to  cut the lead to 4 points.    In the second quarter some fast breaks from  Raiders hurt Stirling,  but Stirling  as before  in the last few minutes  of the quarter tightened their defence  and pulled the lead back to  2 points.     The 4th quarter started in a frenzy  with each team scoring bucket for  bucket.  Danica Arnold  fouled out for Stirling with 3 minutes to go.    Sonia  Dirito   scored from two fast breaks    and the lead extended out to  4 points, the Raiders maintained this lead to the final siren.
Raiders—R Lucas 22, S Dirito 14, J Osborne 12
Senators—M Dennis 14, K Gage 12, D Arnold 10

Nunawading Spectres 34 defeated by Norths Bears 38
There was a tense atmosphere about the stadium as both teams got ready to start. Both teams fighting hard on the boards and trying to get some form of momentum. At quarter time the Spectres lead 12-8. After the quarter time break both teams came out firing. With a 3 pointer from Tessa Boyd starting the Spectres scoring. Both teams went hard for the ball and worked well in offence. With both teams working the ball well through the hands the score got to 20-11,Spectres up by 9. The words from the Bears coach must have been great because they come out on fire. There defence limited the Spectres to a small 3 point quarter while the bears caught up as well as took the lead by 3 at the third break. 23-26. Again with some long shooting from Hannah Dawson the Bears got back to the rhythm they had in the third quarter. But the Spectres never gave up with a long bomb from Shannon Molloy the scoring went point for point it came down to the third quarter come back from the Bears to decide the game.34-38 To the Bears in a thriller.
Spectres—A Lindenmaver 12,  T Boyd  5 , M Piho 4, T Simmons 4
Bears—P Olsen 9, C Keefe 7, A Burke 7

Mandurah Magic 30 defeated by Canberra Nationals 41

It took a couple of minutes for the teams to settle but once they did Canberra were the better team.   At quarter time Canberra lead by 11 points   13- 2.  The second quarter was very even with Canberra unable to break away but Mandurah could not take advantage to close the gap.   The Nationals got going again to increase their lead to 15 points. Magic started the third quarter with a rise in intensity and a lot more hustle.   They still couldn’t stop Canberra from increasing their lead to 21 points.  The final quarter saw an improved effort by the Magic who held the Nationals  scoreless  to reduce the margin to 11 points.  
Magic—E Read 7, N Harris 6, G Haines 5
Nationals—D Hoskins 8, M McPhee 6, A Evans 5

North West Tasmania Thunder 45 defeated by Ballarat Miners 47
The game started with some good defence and then a 3 pointer from Courtney Miiddap got the Thunder supporters excited. Both team got into foul trouble late in the quarter with it ending 12 to 9 in the Thunders favour.  The second quarter was also hotly contested with play going back and forward  with the Thunder increasing their lead  by 1 at half time. A 3 pointer from the Thunders  Georgia Buchwald started the third quarter and got supporters from both sides into the game The thunder getting out by 15 points and them the Miners kicked into gear. Multiple baskets from the Miners Morgan Muir and Emily Brugman helped the Miners  claw their way back to 2 point deficit  at 3 quarter time. The defence in the final quarter saw the pressure build  and the Miners eventually took to lead and with 2 of the thunder being fouled out making the task even harder. The Miners winning a cracking game by 2 points.
Thunder—G Buchwald 16, C Middap 13, S Phillips 5, L Lucas 5
Miners—M Brugman 14, K O’Dwyer 10, Z Nevett 6

Southern Tasmania Chargers 38 defeated Bendigo Braves 25
With the Miners winning the tap and heading to the line to score the first 2 points to the set the pace. The pace was matched by Maddison Courtney leading the home team to their first 4 points and playing a crucial part in the chargers’ defence pulling down the boards both in offence and defence with the help of Amy Onaca. The chargers lead at quarter time. 13-9. The braves now playing catch up sending the chargers to the line for their first 5 points of the quarter, Bendigo tried but the defensive pressure and turnovers let them down, half time 24-15. The momentum was slowed after the break with there being more fouls marked down than points. With 4 players going into foul trouble the chargers were forced to move to their bench, and they held their own, moving the ball well and keeping Bendigo at bay. Going into the last break Chargers were up 30-21. With the help of the Spartans and the Hobart cheer squad the chargers again gained momentum, but half way in, three of the starting five got their fifth foul, forcing the chargers to go to their bench,. The final score 38-25 the home team taking the cake.
Chargers—T Powell 7,  M Courtney 7, M Ogle 6
Braves—A Bailey-McClanahan 9, S Murphy 6

Townsville Flames  58 defeated Sturt Sabres 51
The first quarter was a tight  and even contest with both teams playing good defence.   In the last 2 minutes  Townsville pushed  up on a press and scored a couple of late baskets  to lead by 7.    Flames 15  Sabres 8.
Sturt started the second quarter with a lot more intensity  than Townsville and took the lead momentarily.  Townsville then came   back to regain the lead to be in front by  3 points at half time.    Townsville again got off to a good start  in the third quarter  and remained in control  throughout.  This saw them extend  their  lead to 8 points.  Flames   46  Sabres  34.    The last quarter  was a very even affair  with neither  team able to get the ascendance with the final margin  being 7 points  in favour of Townsville.    A very even game after Flames having gained their winning margin in the first quarter.
Flames— M Gray 25, A Ennis 12, Kee Ahn Bin Dol 8
Sabres—G Gava 17, B Mashado 8, N Scholz 8, M Dumican

Coffs Harbour Suns 55 defeated Melbourne Tigers 88
In one of the more high scoring games  of the championships the Melbourne Tigers out classed the suns with quick transistion and tight defence. Tigers used well spaced lanes and continual communication. Coffs Harbour never gave up despite the score differnce. Jordan Woods from Coffs  Harbour had a fantastic game and Brittany Wunhym used great footwork to increase led the defensive pressure on Coffs Harbour which ultimately allowed the Tigers to come away with a good win.Rachel Breewster rolled her ankle and we wish her a speedy recovery.
Suns— E Tonks 11, J Woods 10, T Croxton 9
Tigers—T Hay 18, B Wumhym 14,  G Pineau 13, R Brewster 13

Bulleen Boomers 51 defeated North Adelaide Rockets 34
After a very even 1st quarter the Boomers led by 1 point   13 -12.    With Chloe Tidswell grabbing 8 points.    2nd quarter  was a very low scoring scrappy  affair with only 4 baskets being scored for the quarter.   After half time the Boomers went on a scoring spree scoring 19 to 10  points  being scored evenly over the team.    The last quarter was very even with  the Boomers running out winners by 17 points.  Celeste Carey and  Chloe Tidswell had great games for the Boomers whilst for the  Rockets    Courtney Hansen  was impressive.
Boomers—C Moretta 12, C Tidswell 11,  B Grooby 7
Rockets—C Hansen 7, S Elsworthy 6, A Hatchard 6

Nunawading Spectres 47 defeated Penrith Panthers 37
The game got off to a slow scoring start with both teams displaying ferocious  on ball pressure and denial defence resulting in only 13 pts total scored and 1 pt separating the two  teams by the end of the 1st quarter.     The pressure continued throughout the 2nd quarter however Spectres were able to gradually increase their lead to 9 pts.   None of which came easily.   It was some nice outside shooting and well placed inside feeds which paid off for them.    The score at the large break was 17 to 26 in Spectres favour.    Panthers scored early in the 3rd  with some nice turnovers and resulting fast breaks to bring the difference back to 5 pts by half way through the 3rd.   This was quickly taken back out to  9 pts with a couple in quick succession by the Spectres who found themselves in foul trouble over the last minute of the quarter.    This allowed the Panthers to reduce their deficit to only 3 points  with the score being 29 to 32 with a quarter to go.  Panthers opened the scoring in the final quarter and this was quickly responded to by the Spectres.   Succession of turnovers followed from both teams neither of which could capitalise on their hard work.    The score gradually increased on both side with only a basket in it until late in the quarter when Panthers lost a key player to foul trouble  with a  minute to go allowing the Spectres to capitalise and take their lead out to 10 pts over the last minute.  
Spectres—I Sargeant 13, A McFerran 8, L Camenzuki 7
Panthers—M Fox 11, T Tupaea 10,  J Clark 9

Knox Raiders  55 defeated Forestville Eagles 54
This was one of the closest games of the championships, a physical game with excellent defence from both sides. Sonia Dirito controlled the tempo for the Raiders. The cheering from the Tasmanian Knox supporters (led by team liaison Charlotte Collins) was outstanding. The first quarter finished  Knox 22 to 12. The 2nd and 3rd quarters saw some great boards work from the Eagles keeping the Raiders to 7 points and 12 points but were unable to reduce the margin.  At the 3rd quarter break the scores were 43 to 33 to Knox. Just as the Eagles were closing in on the lead, the coach received a technical foul with Knox capitalising with 1 of the 2 free throws and scoring off the inbound. This  gave Knox a 4 point lead and the Eagle loosing their momentum. The final score Knox finishing 55 to 54.
Raiders—S Dirito 20, R Lucas 17, J Osborne 10
Eagles—T Whitlam 11, C Kain 9, M Yaeger 8