U14 Girls Day 2 Wrap up

U14 Girls Day 2 Wrap up

All the news and reviews from day 2 of the Australian Junior Championships.

Penrith Panthers 19 defeated by Bullen Boomers 50

An electrifying start to this game, fast paced and very physical with Bulleen Boomers on five fouls and Penrith Panthers on three fouls within the first five minutes of the first quarter. In the second and third quarter the Bulleen boomers pulled away from the Penrith Panthers, with their great offensive capabilities. Penrith Panthers gave it their all, but it wasn’t nearly enough to beat the Bulleen Boomers.

Boomers—C Hocking 13, C Tidswell 8, B Keogh 7, A Smead 7

Panthers—T Tupaea 8, A Pope 4, J Clark 3

North West Tasmania 43 defeated Canberra Nationals 33

The first four minutes would see North West Tasmania race out of the blocks to an 11-1 lead in the back of some brilliant work from Georgeia Buckwald. By half time Canberra would stay in the game and drag the margin back to 24-16. The second half would provide finals like basketball with the winner to keep their finals aspirations alive. A big shot on the ¾ time buzzer would see the lead at just 4 points (31-27)

The final result gives the North West thunder an opportunity to make the top 12 if they can defeat Penrith Panthers in this afternoons game.

NW Tasmania—J Buchwald 11, S Phillips 9, C Middap 8, D Radford 8

Nationals—D Hoskings 9, T Brankovic 8, C McGinley 4

Melbourne Tigers 50 defeated Sturt Sabres 34

The game started very fast with both sides firing from the first bounce. Going basket for basket until the end of the 1st quarter. The 2nd quarter started the same way and ended with both team’s supporters being very loud and involved. With 20 seconds left in the first half scores were tied when Melbourne Tigers player Brittan Wymhym gathered a loose ball and hit a half time buzzer beater giving the Tigers a 2 point lead. For the first 6 minutes of the 3rd quarter both sides were still going hard at it and trading baskets until the Tigers coach called a time out and asked his team to lift. With the players responding the lead went to a 38-26 point. In the 4th quarter the Tigers showed their class and continued to push away winning 50 - 34.

Tigers—G Pineau 14, K Bretherton 11, T Hay 6, S Kyriakou 6

Sabres—G Gava 13, B Mashado 6, N Scholz 5

North Bears 47 defeated Ballarat Miners 38

In a tight opening quarter the North Bears took a 14-10 advantage over the Ballarat Miners. The second period provided another tight contest with the many jump balls an indication of both teams hustle for rebounds and loose balls. The half time score saw the Ballarat Miners fight back and take a 21-20 advantage over the Bears . The 3rd quarter was just as tight as the first two but saw the North Bears dominate the last few minutes to take a 34-27 lead into the last quarter . The 4th quarter saw the Bears come out and establish a 12 point lead with 5 minutes left, but the Ballarat Miners then cut the lead back to 6 pts with 3 minutes remaining. The Bears held on to their slight lead for the last few minutes and won the game by 9 points.

Bears—K Diamant 10, A Skerritt 7, C Liebenberg 6

Miners—E Brugman 14, M Frantin 6, K O’Dwyer 6

North Adelaide Rockets 54 defeated Southern Districts Spartans 50

Southern Districts Spartans jumped out of the blocks in the 1st quarter and gained an 8 point lead. North Adelaide then burst back into the game to tie the scores 28 a piece at the half. The leading scorers at the half were Courtney Woods with 8 points for the Spartans and Courtney Hansen with 12 points for the Rockets. The 3rd quarter saw North Adelaide continue their great run which saw the Spartans on a 20 - 9 run, taking the scores to 48-37. The last quarter saw the Spartans make a spirited comeback but fell just short. The North Adelaide Rockets taking the game out 54-50.

Rockets— Z Martin 10, A Botei 8, T Calvert 6

Spartans—C Woods 13, B Ritson 13, S Deakin-Sharpe 8, M Disteldorf 8

Mandurah Magic 31 defeated by Gosford City Rebels 40

Nervous starts by both teams ensured the game was close for the first quarter. Turnovers proving to be costly with only 8 points scored by both teams at the quarter time break. Magic fans were creating great atmosphere with most of the scoring being done in the last 3 minutes with both teams finding momentum. A confident start by Rebels in the second half kept them in the hunt with the Magic. Third quarter saw a strong start by Rebels causing Magic to take early time out to take the lead. Rebels also fought back to take the lead into the last to set up a nail biter. Both teams fired up to a very intense last quarter pace and skills turn up as determination kicked in. Rebels had the legs in the final minutes to come out winners.

Magic—N Harris 11, R Curtis 6, G Haines 6

Rebels—J McGuiness 14, J Forcadillo 8, M Goddard 6, H Turrise 6

Northern Tasmania 38 defeated by Stirling Senators 57

Nervous start by both teams, great atmosphere with Stirling’s supporters horns, drums made their presence felt. Both teams were playing well with Northern Tasmania missing opportunities. Score 15-5. Another nervous start by both teams. Stirling settling first and rushed to a 20-6 lead before Northern Tasmania called the first time out. North responded after the time out to be down by 4 point. Third quarter saw a great start by Stirling with a 10- 0 run. Northern Tasmania again missing opportunities . Stirling taking advantage of their every opportunity. Northern Tasmania had the momentum but could not put it on the scoreboard. The fourth quarter saw a slow start by both teams Stirling breaking away and controlling the last quarter Karley Gage was outstanding for Stirling

Northern Tasmania—A Green 17, S Miller 7, N Howard 6

Senators—K Gage 17, P Majeks 12, H Finis 6, A Moore 6

Knox Raiders 49 defeated NT North Geckos 27

A very close first quarter with Geckos leading 11-12. Both teams running the floor well with Jemma Osborne leading the scoring for Knox followed by Dana Walsh leading the Geckos. First 5 minutes of the second quarter both teams were point for point until some Good shooting from Rachel Lucas putting the Knox Raiders into the lead. At the end of first half the score was a seven point deference 24-17.

At the start of the third quarter; Knox burst out of the blocks to extend their lead, making advantage of the height that they have. The Geckos not giving up, trying to keep themselves in the game. Knox pushing their lead out 39-22 with Rachel Lucas hitting here foul shots and some good shooting from the floor by Jemma Osborne. The Knox Raiders kept their lead going into the fourth with the Geckos hitting some foul trouble with their leading scorer taking a set on the bench. The final score was 49-27 Knox Raiders taking the win.

Raiders—R Lucas 14, J Osborne 13, K Kebyon 8

Geckos—D Walsh 9, J Gutheridge 7, R Briston 6

Nunawading Spectres 69 defeated NT South Suns 18

The start of the first was riddled with scrappy play and turn over’s, a time out is called by Nunawading and they come out on the court back to their habits of great team play and great ball movement. The score at quarter time 19-6. The second quarter started with both teams hitting the floor well with both teams moving the ball well for there abilities, the game got aggressive and very entertaining even with the great score difference. The half time score was 32-16 Nunawading still holding the lead. The third saw Nunawading hold there dominance over the game, with their sharp offence and very strong defence saw them take the lead out to 26 points to start the forth. The forth started with the great defence from Nunawading cause more and more turn over’s from the NT, resulting in many fast breaks and easy lay-ups. The final score was 69-18 to the Nunawading spectres

Spectres—T Simmons 17, S Molloy 10, M Perry 9

Suns—F Swan 8, P Bara 4

Logan Thunder 43 defeated Southern Tasmania Chargers 24

A big build up for the game as both teams desperate for the win, after a few missed shots and opportunities, Logan opened the scoring. Both teams had a lot of missed opportunities to take the lead which could be critical later in the game. Hobart had the last 4 points of the quarter. The beginning of the second had a lot of the same aspects as the first with missed baskets and turn over’s riddling both the teams; Hobart started to gain some momentum but couldn’t put it on the board, Logan held the lead into the half time break 13-10. The third quarter, after what a looked like a promising start from the Hobart side, Logan got away on a 8-0 run, as the quarter went on Logan started to ‘Flex’ there muscles and extended their lead to 14 points. After a mini comeback from the chargers early in the forth, Logan again settled and Eventually ran out the win to 43-24

Thunder—K Saul 9, T Barker 9, J Phillips 8

Chargers— A Onaca 11, M Joseph 5, T Powell 4

Coffs Harbour Suns 67 defeated Bendigo Braves 38

The first quarter took off to a flying start with Bendigo Scoring the first bucket, Coffs Harbour taking the lead and using the ball very well. The score at the end of the first was a 19-7 with Coffs Harbour in the lead. The second quarter Coffs held the momentum and lead keeping control of the game, using their positions well the lead into half time 34-18. After the half time break, Bendigo Braves hit the court with what seemed like more confidence, they possessed the ball stronger and moved it up and down the court well. But Coffs Harbour not backing down strived to contest the ball at every chance moving it well and applying the pressure to Bendigo. With a strong finish from both teams the score is 52-27. The fourth quarter started strong with both teams going hard, the final score showed that Coffs Harbour finished as strong as they started 67-38

Suns—J Woods 23, T Croxton 13, E Hewitt 6

Braves—J Drummond 10, A Bailey-McClanahan 9, S Murphy 6

Townsville Flames 34 defeated by Forestville Eagles 60

With both teams playing for a top 2 spot in their pool both teams came ready to play. It was to be Forrestville that jumped Townsville early . McKenzie started well for Townsville and scored freely with her left hand but it was to be Forrestville leading at quarter time 21 - 7. The trend continued into the 2nd quarter as Forrestville applied relentless full court pressure to a rattled Townsville team. Half time score was Forrestville 36 to Townsville 15. Both teams played with a great spirit, supporters were vocal and all girls played with courage and application the referees doing an outstanding job in an extremely physical contest. It was Forrestville with so much to play for who ran out eventual winners 60 to 31. Forrestville had contributions from so many players but their point guard was Caitlan Hornsbyu and Jade Johnson were the standouts.

Flames— M Gray 18, A Ennis

Eagles—J Johnson 18, C Kain 12, C Ormsby

Penrith Panthers 55 defeated North West Tasmania 49

The game started off well with both teams sinking their shots, the skill level and intensity was very high. North West Thunder hit a BIG three pointer to take the lead heading into Quarter time. 15-16 with the North West in the lead. The second started of with both team on top of the loose balls, to try to get an advantage over the other. North West started to get some momentum forcing Penrith to take a time out and consider their options. The teams go basket for basket going into half time. With the scores tied leading into the half time break 27-27. With Penrith bursting out of the blocks after half time, the North West coach takes a time out to try and get here team back into the game, and they come out of it and turn up the defensive pressure to create easy scoring, and started to chip away at the panthers 7 point lead, to force it to one point. The scores after the third were 39-38. The teams change leads faster than the score table can put it up, with no team stamping their dominance on the game. Penrith’s great shooting from the foul line proved instrumental in there win, although the North West never gave up they couldn’t reign Penrith in. The final score 55-49

Panthers—T Tupaea 19, J Clark 17, M Fox 14

NW Tasmania—G Buchwald 19, S Phillips 12, C Middap 7

Canberra Nationals 38 defeated by Bullen Boomers 66

Canberra got off to a great start with the first 5 points in the first 2 minutes of the game but with a some quick turnovers Bulleen had put themselves back to a 1 point game. Second quarter saw Bulleen pour on the points to lead by 19 points thanks to a great contribution by Chiari Moretta and Romy Costa. Canberra managed to outscore Bulleen in the final quarter but Bulleen were too strong overall and ran out winners 66- 38.

Nationals—D Hoskings 9, D Sipa Borgeaud 8, S McGinley 8

Boomers—C Hocking 12, B Keogh 10, R Costa 10

North Adelaide Rockets 28 defeated by Ballarat Miners 49

Teams start off at a very high pace and intensity which makes it difficult for scores. A very tight and defensive quarter made it difficult to score. The score at the end of the quarter 7-6 a one point deference going to Ballarat. Into the second quarter the lead goes back and forth as no team can take control. North Adelaide jump to a nine point lead to end the half with all the momentum 13-22. North Adelaide turn up the defensive pressure and further extend their lead, and making it very difficult for Ballarat to score, forcing them to take their time out. Ballarat responds after the time-out and lifts up their intensity, creating steals and baskets to chip away at the lead. Scores leading into the third break are North Adelaide leading 24-36. North Adelaide shift the momentum in their favour to start the last quarter scoring the first six points. Ballarat battled in the last to get back in the game but North Adelaide proved to have the legs to finish out the game. Final score 28-49 North Adelaide Shooting well throughout the game.

Rockets—T Calvert 11, S Slade 8, T MacAskill 7, E Jackson 7

Miners—K O’Dwyer 8, M Fratin 7

Southern Districts Spartans 45 defeated by Norths Bears 63

With the Bears snatching the momentum and the lead in the first quarter it left the Spartans to play catch up ball. With the scoring spread across the starting five and a big three hit by Hannah Dawson the bears looked to set the pace of the game. At the quarter time break the Bears lead 8-17. The Bears were slowed as the Spartans and Bears went point for point. With Courtney Woods and Larnie Scheibner starting the ball rolling for the Spartans, and Alysha Skerritt leading the second quarter scoring for the Bears. Bears still leading the scores 18-27. The Bears picking the momentum back up, and keeping the lead in the third quarter with the scoring spread across most of the team. The Spartans trying to keep themselves in the game. At the third break the Bears still leading 30-42. The Spartans couldn’t break the Bears stride but that didn’t stop them they limited the Bears to twelve points while they themselves scored fifteen. The final scores were 45-63

Spartans—C Woods 15, E Scheibner 14, B Ritson 6

Bears—A Skerritt 11, C Liebenberg 10, P Olsen 9

Sturt Sabres 48 defeated Northern Tasmania 26

Sturt started the game well and restricted Northern Tasmania to four points in the first quarter. Grace Gave troubled the scorer with the first 6 points and finished with 8 for the quarter. Sturt 12 - 4 at the break. The second quarter and third quarters were similar the first quarter with Stuart continuing on their merry way.Final period was low scoring where the Sabres went on to win 48 – 26. In the second quarter Georgia Davey received a finger to the eye and had to leave the court for treatment

Sabres— G Gava 22, L Vagnarelli 6, A Creeper 6

Northern Tasmania— M Thyne 8, S Miller 5, H Savill 4

Melbourne Tigers 64 defeated Stirling Senators 38

An indifferent start to the game saw a lot of turn overs then both settling with Stirling starting the better of the two teams. In the first quarter Stirling got into foul trouble early. Paris Majeks getting 4 fouls which hurt Stirling although she did finish the game. Melbourne Tigers found rhythm and their relentless back court pressure proved frustrating for Stirling. Georgia Pineau for the Melbourne Tigers had 10 points and was strong on the boards. The score did not indicate the competitive nature of the game and with some very vocal and strong support from both teams supporters saw high standard game with the Tigers coming out on top.

Tigers—T Hay 13, K Bretherton 11, G Pineau 10, R Brewster 10

Senators—K Gage 10, M Dennis 6, P Mageks 6, A Moore 6