U14 Girls Day 1 wrap

U14 Girls Day 1 wrap

All the news and reviews from Day 1 of the Girls U14 Australian Junior Championships.

Nunawading Spectres 55 defeated Mandurah Magic 17

With the first basket of the game going to the Magic, the hopes were high temporally but not for long as the Spectres answered back with 2 straight. With only 7 more points scored after the first goal to the Magic the Spectres got on a run and finished the quarter with 14 points to double the Magics’ score. With only 1 basket in the second quarter for the Magic the intensity was up for the Spectres who had 25 points in the end of the first half. The Magic never really got going with a final score of 17 after the buzzer with the Spectres having a giant second half running away and finishing with a total of 55 points to win by a margin of 38 points.

Top scorer for the Spectres was Rachel Poke with 13 and Nikita Harris for the Magic had 8.

Townsville Flames 41 defeated Coffs Harbour Suns 37 

 In a tight game the Townsville Flames led by 2 point after the first quarter. Coffs Harbour held Townsville in the second quarter keeping the margin to 2 at half time. The third quarter saw some spirited defence from both side with a low scoring quarter with the Flames increasing their lead to 4. The final quarter was a repeat of the second with Coffs holding Townville with final score being 41– 37
Top Scorers for Coffs Harbour—E Tonks 13, R Black 8, and T Croxton 7
Top Scorers for Townsville—M Gray 10, A Ennis 9, K Bin Dol 6.

Gosford City Rebels 60 defeated NT South Suns 21

Gosford City Rebels set the scene for the game with a first up quarter of 14 points to 2.   From that point Gosford had complete control of the game. 3 players,   Alessandra Gasparotto   14 ,   Jasmine  Forcadillo 12   and  Madison  Goodard were the main scorers for Gosford.     Keialah Satour  with  6 was best for   N T  South Suns.  Felisha Swan injured her knee and we wish her a speedy recovery.

 Forestville Eagles 70 defeated Bendigo Braves 33

A tight contest in the first quarter saw the scores even at quarter time. However in the second quarter the Eagles were able to draw away with 23 points and limiting the Braves to only 5 points. The second half the Eagles consolidated their advantage. The scoring was shared around by the Eagles and the Braves tried hard to get back into the game. A couple of injuries to the Bendigo team didn’t help their cause.

Top Scorers for the Eagles—M Yaeger 10, J Johnson 9
Top Scorers for the Braves—A Bailey-McClanahan 10, J Drummond 6

 Knox Raiders 65 defeated Southern Tasmania 52

This was always going to be a tough first up encounter for one of the favourites Knox taking on the host team in the Southern Tasmania Chargers.  Knox jumped out of the blocks early to lead by ten points in the first quarter and never looked back. Southern Tasmania never gave up and came back at Knox on many occasions. A tight tussle in the second half eventually ended with a buzzer beating three from Knox point guard to run out 65-52 point winners.  

Top scores all with 16 points for the Knox Raiders –  Sonia Doritto, Rachel Lucas, Jemma Osbourne. For Southern Tasmania – Maddison Joseph top scored with 14, Tiahnee Powell 11, Amy Onaca 10.  

Logan Thunder 56 defeated NT North Geckos 23

The Geckos started off the game with the first 4 points on the board only to have them evened back up by the Thunder in quick succession. The Thunder got on an important roll which the Geckos could not contain. After the first bell the scores were a little imbalanced with the Thunder leading by 8 with a score of 12. The Geckos struggled to compete with the Thunder for the remainder of the game, as the Queenslander’s asserted their strong contention for the Championship early in he tournament. Bridget O’Brien and Kellianne Saul put in monster games for the Thunder with Bridget finishing with 17 points and Kellianne had 16 including two 3’s.

Penrith Panthers 54 defeated Canberra Nationals 34 

The atmosphere was electric from the opening tip off with Penrith supporters bringing their musical instruments to lift their team. It was working as they led 33 to 16 at half time. However powerful words from the coach at after lifted Canberra’s spirits and the team came out with some impressive offence in the third quarter. However the Panthers were equal to the task and continued to hold the lead of 20 points for the remainder of the game.

Top Scorers Penrith—T Tupaea 22, M Fox 9, J Clark 9
Top Scorers Canberra—S McGinley 7, E Tridgell 7, D Hoskings & A Evans 5 each

Bulleen Boomers 59 defeated North West Thunder 23

Both teams came out aggressively looking to control the rebounds. Their enthusiasm however waived into early foul trouble by the second quarter. By Half time the Bulleen Boomers had a strong lead of 14. In the 3rd period the Boomers picked up their offence to get a comfortable lead on the North West Thunder running out winners by 59 to 23

Top Scorers for Bulleen Boomers— C Carey 11, C Hocking 10, R Connell 8
Top Scorers for NW Thunder—C Middap 8, S Jaeger 6

North Adelaide Rockets 61 defeated North Bears 51

The North Adelaide Rockets came out with an explosive start to this game, leaving their opposition a little stunned in the opening minutes. This was a high scoring game for U14 basketball and some good shooting was on display by both teams. Both team were also able to show solid defensive rotations, which kept the scores close for the entire game. As the clock wound down to that final whistle, nerves became a factor for the Bears and in the last quarter the Rockets re-ignited their shooting prowess and started to hit their long shots. While the Bears were still in it to the end and had their chances to get the win, the Rockets prevailed and went on to win the game by 10 points.

Top Scorers for the Rockets C Hensen 20, T Calvert, T MacAskill
Top Scorers for the Bears P Olsen 15, A Burke 13, A Skerritt 9

Ballarat Miners 49 defeated Southern District Spartans 45

A slow starting game with few points scored in the first 4 minutes of play and the score a quarter time only being 7 to 4 to the Miners. The pace in the second quarter picked up with some quality play. There was heavy knock to one of the Spartans under the ring leading up to half time but thankfully she recovered quickly. Ballarat broke away with 25 to 17 half time lead. Tight defence in the 3rd quarter and heart pounding 4th saw the Miners hold out a fast coming Spartans by 4

Top scores for the Miners—M Fratin 20, M Muir 9, K O’Dwyer 8
Top Scorers for the Spartans— C Woods 13, J McMullen, B Ritson 7

Stirling Senators 58 defeated Sturt Sabres 32
The Senators started the game with some great defensive pressure causing a number of turnovers. Karley Gage was looking strong with her moves to the basket and Stirling was looking polished as they moved the ball up the court. Sturt’s intensity soon picked up and they were able to move the ball well which created some good scoring options. However it was Stirling that applied strong defensive pressure to cause some turn overs and get some easy fast break layups.

Top Scorers for Stirling—K Gage 20, A Moore 12, P Majeks 7
Top Scorers for Sturt—B Mashado 8, M Dumican 8, G Gava 6

Melbourne Tigers 92 defeated Northern Tasmania 31

The final score denotes this game to be a blowout, however it certainly didn’t seem that way from the side line. The fast paced nature of this game saw both teams with a high intensity of defence and frantic pace offensively. By the second quarter the Tigers were up by only 9. Some good ball movement and execution from the Tigers found good driving lanes for scorers, which proved to be the difference for the game.

Top Scorers for the Tigers—R Brewster 22, S Kyriakou 15, T Hay 13
For Northern Tasmania A Down, A Green, S Miller all had 6 points.

Nunawading Spectres 43 defeated Gosford City Rebels 34

After a slow start in the first quarter where Gosford led Nunawading, 15 to 6 at quarter time. The spectres settled down to work to be 1 point down at half time 21 to 20. The Spectres continued their good work in the third period to be 9 up and went on to win the game 43 to 34. For Nunawading, Maddison Perry and Shannon Milloy had a great game. For Gosford, Alexandra Gasparotto hit double figures with 16 points.

Top Point Scores for Spectres M Perry 13, S Molly 11, A McFerran & B Ralph 6 Each
Top Scorers for Rebels were  G Gasparotto 16 and T Boyd 6

Mandurah Magic 56 defeated NT South Suns 20  

Mandurah Magic, with great team work, had a commanding first half 30 – 5. The game finished with a fairly even last quarter, when the NT South Suns held the Mandurah Magic to 9 points whilst scoring 8 themselves. Mandurah Magic’s Georgia Haines had a great game with 22 points. NT South Suns’ Kiarra Tilmouth led the way with 7 points.

Top Scorers for the Suns— K Tilmouth 7 and V Riley and E Hampton with 4
Top Scorers for the Magic— G Haines 22 and R Curtis 12

Coffs Harbour Suns 48 defeated Forestville Eagles 29 

After an even first quarter, where both teams were 7 each, Coffs Harbour Suns scored 19 points in the second quarter to be 8 up at half time. With a very good team effort in the last quarter Coffs Harbour went on to win the game by 19 points. Elizabeth Tonks from Coffs Harbour Suns scored 12 points with no fouls, this was a great effort. Morgan Yaegar and Jade Johnson of the Forestville Eagles worked hard.

Top Scorers for Coffs—12 each to E Tonks and T Croxton
Top Scorers for Forestville—J Johnson 9 and 7 M Yaeger
Townsville Flames 60 defeated Bendigo Braves 41  

The Townsville Flames started the first quarter well and set up a commanding lead at half time 36 to 17. Bendigo Braves came back in the third quarter and outscored Townsville Flames by 4 points. Townsville Flames held on to their lead to win by 19 points. Mykenzie Grey of the Townsville Flames had an outstanding game and scored 22 points. Bendigo Braves scored evenly across the team.

Top scorers for Braves—M Delahunty 8 and 6 point for B Abe and S Murphy
Top Scorers for the Flames—M Gray 22, A Ennis 10 and 7 for B Fuller.

Southern Tasmania 53 defeated NT North Geckos 41

Maddy Joseph started Hobart with some strong play with Nicole Bresnehan taking control in the first quarter. The Geckos performed strongly in the second keep the scores close. The Geckos closed the gap in the third quarter as the Chargers slowed down somewhat. A blow for the Geckos as Emma Carbone was fouled out. Hobart in the 4th quarter consolidated and increased the margin to 12 points at the final siren.

Top Point Scorers for Sthn Tas—M Courtney 13, A Onca 12, T Powell 6
Top J Guterridge was the standout for the Geckos with 26 points

Knox Raiders 53 defeated Logan Thunder 39

Knox, in their second game for the day, led 15 to 9 at quarter time. With an even second quarter, set up their wing in the third quarter to go on and win by 13 points. Jemma Osborne, Knox Raiders, left the game injured after falling to the floor and hitting her head. Rachel Lucas let the way with 12 points for Knox, with her team mates sharing the rest of the load. Bridget O’Brien, Captain of Logan Thunder, top scored with 13 points. This result gave Knox their second win for the day.

Top Scorers for the Raiders—R Lucas 12, J Osborne 10, J Vao
Top Scorers for the Thunder—J O’Brien 13, W Wehi 8 and J Phillips 7