U14 Boys Day 2 wrap up

U14 Boys Day 2 wrap up

All the news and reviews from day 2 of the Australian Junior Championships

Hills Hornets 33 defeated Doncaster Panthers 30

The Hornets came home with a tight win in the final two minutes but were given a scare by Panthers sharp shooters. The first quarter showed off some defensive marvels by both teams and the score was only 8-11 at quarter time. Hornets were all over the Panthers in the second quarter and kept them scoreless. The game was tied at 20-all after the third term and the Panthers had fought back from being 15-8 down at half time. The last term bounced back and forth with the three three-pointers from Panther Blake Hardwick but Hills were able to clinch the victory in the dying seconds.

Hornets – M. Evans 11, W. Pearce 10

Panthers – B. Hardwick 13, D. Fan 7, D. Dowisha 4

Diamond Valley Eagles 62 defeated East Perth Eagles 37

After a tight first few minutes in the Eagles v Eagles game, Diamond Valley soon pushed ahead to a 20 point lead at half time, 33-13. The ferocious force of Diamond Valley continued into the third quarter, but a stellar fourth quarter by East Perth saw them come back against the leaders scoring 17 points to Diamonds Valley’s 10. This was not enough to catch the lead, with Diamond Valley captain Abiola Akintola taking a couple of impressive lay-ups in the second half to top off his game high score of 21.

Diamond Valley – A. Akintola 21, J. Formosa 9, A. Walsh 7

East Perth – R. MacKean 11, A. Donlagic 9, S. Ameduri 8

Gosford City Rebels 79 defeated South West Pirates 54

The game started off close with the Rebels six points ahead on 22 in the first quarter with Pirates Tim Kieman and Darryl McDowell-White scoring three pointers in the first half. The Rebels extended their lead by half time to 14 points with a score of 38 – 24. Rebels captain Oliver Robilliard was the star player scoring 23 points including four three pointers. Pirates’ Benjamin Volkman wasn’t far behind on 18 points scoring his team 14 points in the second half.

Rebels – O Robilliard 23, B Wheeler 11, H Murray 9.

Pirates – B Volkman 18, M Leahy 9, D McDowell-White 7, L Richardson 7.

Sturt Sabres 78 defeated NT North Geckos 19

The Sabres proved too quick for the Geckos winning their game by 59 points at the AIS. The Territory battled fiercely throughout the game but just gave the Sabres too much room to move. Sturt put in an impressive team effort with three players scoring in double figures and captain David Angley lead the charge. The Gecko’s Jarrod West was a hard man in offence and the score line didn’t match the fight the Gecko’s put up.

Sabres – C. Matthews 12, M. Simmons 10, N. Fassos 10

Geckos – J. West 8, T. Liebelt 4

Blackburn Vikings 58 defeated Northern Tasmanian Foresters 54

This match was just about as close as they come, with neither team able to maintain a constant lead. Half time finished up at 25-23 to the Foresters, despite a huge 15 point haul by Viking’s Michael D’Agostino in the first half. The Vikings pushed back in front by the end of the third quarter with a four point lead. Some excellent defence by both teams lead to a dead-even fourth quarter and the Viking’s maintained their four point lead to win 58-54.

Vikings – M. D’Agostino 22, J. Heath 10, A. Ceravol 9

Foresters – Z. Kilby 18, I. Devereaux 14, R. Petterwood 11.

Sandringham Sabres 56 defeated Northwest Tasmania Thunder 34

Both teams had incredible support, cheering and chanting throughout the entire game, and it proved to be effective. The Thunder lead the first quarter by two points on 9 – 7, but the Sabres fought back hard with good defence, and by half time were leading 23-13. The Sabres worked as a great team with Captain Harley Balic scoring 13 points, and Timothy Taranto showed height isn’t everything, scoring two three pointers in the first half.

Sabres – H Balic 13, T Taranto 10, J Ellison 8.

Thunder – K Clark 11, G Hadley 8, G Dennison 4

Melbourne Tigers 87 defeated Sutherland Sharks 37

The Sutherland Sharks couldn’t match it with the ever-powerful Melbourne Tigers. With an average height of 178cm the Tigers were always going to be a force to be reckoned with and the fifty point margin proved this. The game was put out of reach in the third quarter with the score at 66-34 after the third term. Sharks ‘big’ Julian De Costa was the top scorer for the game ahead of the Tigers giants. The Tigers put in a team effort and the points were shared around and Matt Owies lead the scoring for his team with 14 points, a notable performance for the Tigers by Sam Williams in defence.

Tigers – M. Owies 14, A. Karabatsos 13, C. Hutton 13

Sharks – J. De Costa 21, Z. Edwards 7

Forestville Eagles 49 defeated Canberra Nationals 39

The Eagles got off to an early head start and were ahead by 9 at the end of the first quarter. They pushed this lead ahead by half time leading the Nationals 30-18. The home team had a strong third quarter, restricting the Eagles to six points while scoring 10 themselves. Josh O’Gorman scored an impressive 16 points for The Eagles, which helped them get their game back in the final term to take the lead 49-39 at full time.

Eagles – J. O’Gorman 16, A. Clarke 11, A. Georgeson 9

Nationals – O. Bayly 7, J. Duffy 6, B. Hoang 6

Willetton Tigers 62 defeated Illawarra Hawks 57

This game was extremely intense from the start, with neither team being able to maintain a constant lead. The Tigers lead the first quarter by one point, then the Hawks fought back hard leading the first half 33-26. The Hawks kept their lead in the third quarter by just 9 points but the pressure the Tigers was on. The Tigers defensive skills kicked into overdrive in the last quarter and they managed to close the gap and defeat the Hawks by five points. Hawks captain Sean Cranney played an amazing game scoring 16 points in total.

Tigers – H Colliver 14, J Harrold 14, E Nedved 11.

Hawks – S Cranney 16, N Zhang 14, B Marks 9.

Knox Raiders 91 defeated Northside Wizards 72

The Raiders are now two from three after they stormed away with an impressive 19 point win against the Wizards. Shaun Pritchard had an inspiring game, he collected numerous rebounds and accumulated a mighty 38 points. Raider Lachlan Jones pushed strongly up the court in the first quarter which kept the Raiders ahead by one point after the first quarter. The game was tight in the first half with only five points in it but the Wizards lack of defence let them down in the end and the Raiders pulled away in the final quarter. Wizards point guard, Lachlan Cash, played a key role in their early success but was fouled out and unable to assist in the final quarter.

Raiders – S. Pritchard 38, J. Depace 21, J. Hare 9

Wizards – J. Milburn 27, A. Villamore 14, K. Richards 11

Geelong Cats 52 defeated Logan Thunder 38

The Cats set the pace at the beginning of this match, but Thunder fought back in style leading up to half time. The Cats increased their lead to 10 points by the end of the third quarter but the Thunder fought back again to close the gap to 38-35 with less than five minutes on the clock. Thunder captain Stanley Morris did his bit for the team, scoring a huge 20 point haul. The Cats stormed through the last few minutes of the game, perfectly capped off with last-second goal by Tom Doedee to end the game 14 points ahead.

Cats – B. Biggs 14, J. Crawley 10, J. Syddall 9.

Thunder – S. Morris 20, D. Maluto 9, R. Wetere 5.

Eastern Mavericks 49 defeated Rockingham Flames 46

The Flames raced into the start of the game to set up a quarter time score of 12-6, but the Mavericks came back with a ferocious offence in the second term to close the gap to one point. The rest of the game remained a closely fought battle with Mavericks’ captain Billy Bald easily the standout of the match with an untouchable 28 points. The match ended in favour of the Mavericks with a tight 3 point difference.

Mavericks – B. Bald 28, M. Wegener 9, B. Wright 6.

Flames – L. Ebert 14, A. Zeverona 12, B. Amos 11.

Hills Hornets 71 defeated East Perth Eagles 32

The Hornets came out firing after their early morning win and took 17 points for the first quarter with Jay Green having a hand in almost every play. The Hornets ramped it up defensively in the second quarter and only gave the Eagles enough room to score two points. East Perth clawed back to score 22 points in the second half but were unable to match it against the superior Hills team. Eagles captain Shaun Amaduri lead from the front as his teams’ top point scorer but it wasn’t enough.

Hornets – B. Gligorevic 20, A. Bannatyne 12, J. Green 11

Eagles – S. Ameduri 9, R. MacKean 8, A. Donlagic 5

Diamond Valley Eagles 50 defeated Doncaster Panthers 29

Another great win for the Eagles in their second game for the day, in what turned out to be a much closer game than first anticipated. The Eagles got a huge lead early on in the match with half time lead of 31-7. The second half saw a huge improvement in the Panther’s game, including an impressive 10 points from Darcy Crocker. The Panthers managed to restrict the Eagles third quarter total to just 5 points, but were unable to close the gap, with a win of 21 points for the Eagles.

Eagles – A. Akintola 15, G. Turner 9, J. Formosa 8.

Panthers – D. Crocker 12, B. Hardwick 6, T. Jones-Hughs 4.

Northern Tasmanian Foresters 62 defeated South West Pirates 55

Yet another tight game filled with intensity and anticipation! While it was always a close match, the Pirates appeared to have the upper hand for the majority of the game and held the lead at the end of the first three quarters. The Foresters continued to fight their way back and close the gap, with an exceptional performance by Zach Kilby with a game high 24 points. After a three-quarter time lead of 47-41 to the Pirates, the Foresters played a stellar final term to take the game by seven points.

Foresters – Z. Kilby 24, D. Finau 13, I. Devereaux 12, R. Petterwood 12.

Pirates – W. McDowell-White 16, M. Leahy 15, L. Richardson 8, B. Volkman 8.

Gosford City Rebels 54 defeated Blackburn Vikings 33

The first quarter was a physical battle with bodies bouncing off one another with the taller Rebels winning the battle leading 16-7 after the first term. The Vikings fans got behind their team in the second quarter and they scored points and Michael D’Agostino an asset for the Vikings. Oliver Robilliard and was dominant in the third quarter as captain and put pressure on the Vikings defence and he scored 12 points for the game. The fourth quarter saw the Vikings fight back and they won the quarter with 13 points to Rebels 9. Jake Heath was instrumental in the small, final term victory for Blackburn.

Gosford – H. Murray 12, O. Robilliard 12, T. Akamarmoi 12

Vikings – J. Heath 7, R. Fyffe 6, M D’Agostino 6

Sturt Sabres defeated North-West Tasmania Thunder

The Sabres continued their impressive winning streak today, putting up another terrific performance late in the day. They got in front early with a 15 point lead at quarter time and further increased their lead by half time. The Thunder fought back hard in the third quarter scoring 20 points, with a fantastic performance by Kyle Clark with 16 points in the second half which topped off a total of 19. The unstoppable attack of the Sabres in the final term, including equal top scorer Nick Fassos ended the game with the Sabres 18 points ahead.

Sabres – N. Fassos 19, D. Angley 15, M. Simmons 9.

Thunder – K. Clarke 19, H. O’Neill 11, C. Little 8.

Sandringham Sabres 60 defeated NT North Geckos 34

The Geckos were ahead in the first quarter 13-11 and showed off some quality form when a combination of Joseh Althouse and Jarrod West proved too good for the Sabres defence. The Sabres broke out in the second quarter as the Territory lost their cool and the Sabres lead 32-15 into half time. Sandringham used the third period to enhance their lead and went into the final term in a comfortable position. Both teams scored 12 points in the final quarter and one last blast from the Sabres coach helped them cross the line well ahead of their opposition.

Sabres – T. Taranto 10, M. Foss 10, D. Atkins 8, J. Eti 8

Geckos – J. Clarke 9, J. West 8, J. Lew Fatt 6