U14 Boys Day 1 wrap

U14 Boys Day 1 wrap

All the news and reviews from day 1 of the Boys 14 Australian Junior Championships

Geelong Cats 61 defeated Willetton Tigers 40
This game got off to a close start, the score at 13-12 to the Cats at the end of the first quarter, as Geelong pushed their lead to six points by half-time.  With some terrific defence and a few 3-pointers, Geelong took the game 61-40. Top scorer for the game was Jacob Pupavac with 18 points, with great efforts also made by Xavier McKeegan for the Cats and Emil Nedved for the Tigers, who both took 11 points apiece.

Logan Thunder 72 defeated Illawarra Hawks 51
Logan Thunder stormed ahead in this game, and got off to an early start of 29-21 by half time. Their ferocious offence got them to a 10 point lead by the end of the third quarter, finishing with a killer fourth quarter to push their lead to 21 points, with an end result of 72-51. An impressive 15 points were scored by Thunders captain Stanley Morris, but the stand-out performance was Thunders’ Dennis Maluto with an unbeaten 27 points.

Knox Raiders 58 defeated Rockingham Flames 43
Last year’s U14 premiers the Knox Raiders defeated the Rockingham Flames 58-43. The first half was a tight battle with the Flames answering almost every point the Raiders scored, but the Raiders turned up the heat in the last two quarters to finish 15 points ahead.  Raiders’ coach Dale Crotty said his team went into the game a bit nervous but pushed the ball down the court in the second half to secure the win. Top point scorer for the Raiders was Shaun Pritchard and Crotty said he was also impressed with the impact his bench players Jack Hare and Michael Cassin had. Flames coach Ryan Jeffrey said it was clear the Raiders wanted the win but was happy with the work McLeod Ngan-Woo and Jimmy Edmonds did.

Melbourne Tigers 77 defeated Canberra Nationals 28
The favourites of the championships certainly lived up to their reputation, with the Tigers taking an early lead against the Nationals that only widened as the game continued. Some brilliant defence prevented Canberra from getting too close to the Victorian champs, who capped off the first half with a 24 point lead to the Tigers. Top scorer for the game was Tigers captain Blake Allison with 13 points, which lead the team to an impressive 77-28 win over the home team.

Northside Wizards 63 defeated Eastern Mavericks 43
With a final score of 63- 43 in favour of the Wizards, the game was much closer than the score indicated. Wizards were up by three at the half time break after a good last few minutes in the second quarter and took the lead from the Mavericks. The Wizards sealed the game in the fourth quarter after Brad Wright for the Mavericks was fouled out after a game high score of 18 points. Johan Milburn had a good captain’s knock and top scored for the Wizards with 13 points.

Forestville Eagles 46 defeated Sutherland Sharks 39
The Forestville Eagles just held it over the Sutherland Sharks yesterday with a narrow seven point victory. The Sharks beat the Eagles earlier in the year in Melbourne but the South Australians got one back winning 46-39. Neither team could sink a ball in the first quarter with only nine points scored, the Sharks lead 5-4 at quarter time. The Sharks were trailing by five points in the final two minutes of the game and looked like they could pull off a victory but solid defence by the Eagles kept them on top. Eagles’ coach Paul Arnott said his team was just good enough to hold on and praised Andre McPherson and Josh O’Gorman for their defence. O’Gorman was Eagles top point scorer with 16 points. Sutherland coach John Suva said his team didn’t play with the aggression they usually had but said Zac Edwards at point guard was his best player for the game.

Doncaster Panthers 75 defeated East Perth Eagles 40
The Panthers came ready to play, with a close game in the first quarter at 16-11. The score was blown out from then on, with the final score being 75-40 in favour of the Panthers. Darcy Crocker of the Panthers had a game high score of 33, nailing 5 from downtown. Rhys MacKean kept the Eagles competitive and he added 18 points to the scoreboard, of which half came from the free throw line. 

Hills Hornets 46 defeated Diamond Valley Eagles 39
This one was set to be a tight match from the get-go, as quarter time finished at 9-9. The Eagles pushed ahead in the second quarter to reach a five point lead over the Hornets by half-time. Staging an impressive comeback in the second half including 10 points from Mitchell Evans (taking him to game high score of 14 points), the Hornets finished the match 7 points ahead of the Eagles at 46-39.

Gosford City Rebels 73 defeated Northern Tasmania 44
Depth and defensive intensity were the keys in the Gosford City Rebels 73-44 victory over the Northern Tasmania Foresters. In a highly physical game Rebel’s Oliver Robilliard was top scorer with 24 points and his coach Chris Ohlback said he was solid and kept the team settled throughout the game. The Foresters were comfortable in the first half as they only trailed by three points but coach Sarah Veale said they strayed from the game plan in the third quarter and lost control. Top point scorer for Northern Tasmania was David Finau with 16 points.

Blackburn Vikings 65 defeated South West Pirates 51
Both teams came in playing hard in this match, and a tight second quarter brought the half-time score to 31-23 in favour of the Vikings. Despite a strong second half for the Pirates, including 11 points from Matieng-iakah Leahy (which brought his total to 14 for the game), the Vikings brought home the win with a striking 14 point lead, with a final score of 65-51. The top scorer for the game was Vikings’s Michael D’Agostino, with 20 points.

North West Tasmania Thunder 52 V NT North Geckos 31
The Thunder came in with a strong first half and set up the match with a half time lead of 12 points, at 27-15. The Geckos put up a stellar fourth quarter, with Thomas Liebelt scoring a notable 10 points in the second half. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to overcome the force of the Thunder, who took the game 52-31. Tasmanian tall timber Kyle Clark top scored the game with a huge 20 point haul.

Sandringham Sabres 62 defeated Sturt Sabres 42
In the battle of the Sabres yesterday Sandringham took a bite out of Sturt as they dominated in the final quarter winning 62-42. Cheered on by a boisterous crowd, Sandringham scored 27 points in the final quarter with Harley Balic as their key in attack with 20 points for the game. For much of the game it looked like Sturt had the win and they held the lead 39-35 at three quarter time but Sandringham capitalised on rebounds and played out the victory. Sturt coach Ben Gliddon said they did a reasonable job of the first three quarters but turned the ball over too much in the last term.

Logan Thunder 69 defeated Willetton Tigers 59
Both these teams were backing up from earlier games and Thunder took out their second game for the day this time 69-59. Rawhai Wetere scored a massive 18 points in the second half making him top scorer for the game with a total of 20. Austin Cummings was Tigers top scorer for the day with 19 points including two three-pointers in the second half.

Geelong Cats 54 defeated Illawarra Hawks 37
The Geelong Cats comfortably defeated the Illawarra Hawks 54-37 and Jacob Pupavac top scored with 15 points. The Cats lead from their first touch and regardless of how hard the Hawks fought they couldn’t get around them. Angus Glover, although injured in the final term, was influential for the Hawks and controlled the momentum of the game for his team. Glover was Hawks’ top scorer with 13 points including two three pointers.

Eastern Mavericks 57 defeated Knox Raiders 43
Down from a loss in their first game the Eastern Mavericks fought back to defeat the Knox Raiders 57-43. The Mavericks lead throughout the game and were 10 points up at half time. The game was a spectacle of fouls with the climax being a controversial foul by Mavericks’ Brad Wright. The Mavericks ended up 14 in front with Wright their top point scorer. Leading point scorer for the Raiders for their second game today was Sean Pritchard with 16 points, he was helped out by Jordan Bass with 12 points.

Northside Wizards 72 defeated Rockingham Flames 64
The Wizards pulled out a great team performance to win their second game for the day against the Rockingham Flames. At only 12-15 at the end of the quarter term the Flames put up a tough fight and Flames’ Bailey Amos was the top scorer for the game with an impressive 26 points. The Wizards took control during the second half scoring 46 points which put them ahead 8 points. Captain Johan Milburn was the stand out in offense for the Wizards with 22 and other Wizards Darnell Robateau and Andrei Villamore dominated with 17 and 16 points respectively.

Canberra Nationals 60 defeated Sutherland Sharks 53
In a tense final term the Canberra Nationals scraped through over the Sutherland Sharks last night. The Nationals won 60-53 with Oscar Bayley and Brendan Hoang strong in offense collecting 28 points between them. The Sharks were behind the whole match but pulled the score to within five points in the last three minutes. In a desperate attempt to seal the victory the Sharks had two players fouled out in the final two minutes. Julian De Costa was strong again for the Sharks pulling 26 points for the game.

Melbourne Tigers 76 defeated Forestville Eagles 27
The Melbourne Tigers continued their winning streak for the day when they defeated the Forestville Eagles 76-27. The Tigers used their height and pace effectively to dominate the smaller Eagles side. The Tigers team work pulled them in front with Anthony Karabatsos, Blake Allison and Tom Wilson leading the point scoring tally. Andrew Georgeson and Jonathon Slade worked hard for the Eagles but nothing could wrangle in the Melbourne scoring machines.