One month til tip off in Turkey

One month til tip off in Turkey

While the Boomers warm up for the 2010 FIBA World Championship with a run at the Stankovic Cup in China, it is a fitting reminder that only one month remains until the real thing in Turkey.

Before you know it the biggest event in world basketball will be thrilling spectators, tv audiences and basketball fans all around the globe.

Every Championship tries to BUILD-UP its COUNT-DOWN. Whether "one year to go", 100 days, three-full moons or the number of hours equal to the sum of the points scored in last edition's final, countdowns are a feature of the run up to any Championship.

But are not going to make a big deal about today's date. However, we ARE going to make a big deal about what we can all look forward to between 28th August and 12th September.

So (with one month to go), here are a few things you can look forward to:

- A Championship more open than ever, with at least 10 teams having a chance to bring home gold
- Passion from Turkish host fans that rivals that of any other country in the world
- Unprecedented spectator and media response
- Fan tailored coverage on FIBA's online channels
- Brand new basketball arenas that look superb and of course the monster Final Round Sinan Erdem Olympic dome
- Sports building bridges in the first round games USA vs Iran and Turkey vs Greece
- The birth of new heroes of the game: Kevin Durant? Ricky Rubio? Joakim Noah? Nick Calathes? Patrick Mills?
- Gold, Silver and Bronze medals; another major chapter in basketball being written
- Bascat - the coolest mascot of 2010 - getting up to mischief as he visits the four host cities
- Hoops, dunks, 3-pointers, alley-oops, buzzer-beaters
- Blocks, steals, nasty rebounds
- and plenty more

So remember the date. On 28th August the 2010 FIBA World Championship gets underway., Now don't tell us we didn't warn you.

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