From Germany: "Both the referees & players are learning a lot"

From Germany: "Both the referees & players are learning a lot"

He is the referee with the biggest travel distance to the World Championship in Hamburg, and … with the longest name!

Philip Lawrence Poulton Haines from Adelaide/Australia was one of the referees at the first game of the tournament and answered some questions after the game.

FIBA: Mr. Haines, what is basketball for you?

Haines: Everything! I have been living in basketball since I was six years old. I also started playing at that age.

I was also a coach and started being a referee at 12. My father was a referee for 53 years, so basketball has always been in my family.

FIBA: FIBA increased the number of World Championships over the past last years. What does that mean for the field of refereeing?

Haines: It is a very good opportunity for referees to improve. Not only as a referee but also as a person. Being a referee on the highest international level is not comparable to anything else.

These experiences and lessons you cannot get elsewhere. Both referees and players are learning a lot in games of U19 or U17 World Championships. They are learning from each other and this is very important for their future careers.

For me as a referee it is interesting to see the differences with senior games, because here everybody is still growing and the game is less physical. I have to concentrate more on other things.

FIBA: Have you ever been to Germany before? What do you think about Hamburg? And about the organisation here?

Haines: Yes, I’ve been to Berlin before. From what I have seen so far, Hamburg is a beautiful city and I’m very sure that I will find a lot of interesting places here.

The organisation is great. You can see at every place that they put a lot of work in organising this event.

FIBA: What is your personal goal for this WC?

Haines: Just to do my best! If I can do that I’m very happy!

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