Playing a team game: Bball TAS campaigning for Menzies

Playing a team game: Bball TAS campaigning for Menzies

Basketball Tasmania is proud to announce a major partnership and fundraising campaign to increase the number of honours scholarships at Menzies Research Institute.

The Board of Directors of Basketball Tasmania and its 32 associations in Tasmania will begin their “Basketball Tasmania - making a shot for Menzies” campaign this year to support Menzies’ Honours Scholarship Program. This support will assist Tasmania’s top young researchers with their studies into a range of common diseases within the community including arthritis, asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and MS.

Menzies’ Director, Professor Simon Foote says Menzies is delighted to have the support of Basketball Tasmania and is extremely proud to be named as their official charity.

“We are so pleased to establish a partnership with Basketball Tasmania. It is very encouraging to receive such tremendous support from another Tasmanian organisation.”

“Developing Menzies’ Honours Scholarship Program is a fundamental way to ensure the research we are undertaking today can continue to grow and have an impact in the future.”

Menzies’ honours students are given the opportunity to undertake interactive research in a dynamic environment. A number of outstanding honours students currently study at Menzies and many graduates go on to become successful independent researchers.

Basketball Tasmania President Mr Lou Cox said that he was delighted that the partnership between Basketball Tasmania and the Menzies Research Institute has come to fruition and in doing so, has highlighted the particular synergy between the two organisations.

“Despite the reach and impact of its programs extending far beyond Tasmania’s and indeed Australia’s boundaries, the Tasmanian Government has named Menzies a “Tasmanian Icon” in recognition of its scientific achievements, status and place in the Tasmanian community. I am extremely proud that Basketball Tasmania has chosen to acknowledge Menzies as its charity of choice,” he added.

“As a supporter of the Menzies Honours Scholarship Program, it is Basketball Tasmania’s aim to provide opportunities for outstanding students to undertake an honours degree.  I am sure that our 32 associations state-wide, together with their 8000 members, are as proud as I am to be associated with such a highly regarded organisation.”

Mr Cox said he looked forward to an enduring relationship which will flourish over the coming years as a statement of Basketball Tasmania’s commitment to being recognised as a good community member.