Men's World Championship schedule released

Men's World Championship schedule released

Following last night's 2010 FIBA World Championship draw in Instanbul, the world governing body of basketball has released the event schedule.

Australia, selected in Group A, will face Jordan then Argentina, Germany, Serbia and Angola in its first five games and must be ranked in the top four nations of its pool to advance to the knockout Eight-Final stage.

If Australia is one of four teams in Group A to advance to the knockout Eight-Final stage, placings within the four become important as the lowest finishing nation in Group A faces the highest finishing nation in Group B, with that expected to be the United States.

The 2010 FIBA World Championship for men will take place in Turkey from August 28 to September 12 next year and will be played in Kayseri (Group A), Istanbul (Group B), Ankara (Group C) and Izmir (Group D).


2010 FIBA World Championship schedule:

First Round

Saturday 28th August 2010

A1 Angola vs Serbia Kayseri

A2 Germany vs Argentina Kayseri

A3 Australia vs Jordan Kayseri

B1 USA vs Croatia Istanbul

B2 Iran vs Brazil Istanbul

B3 Tunisia vs Slovenia Istanbul

C1 Greece vs China Ankara

C2 Cote d'Ivoire vs Turkey Ankara

C3 Russia vs Puerto Rico Ankara

D1 New Zealand vs Lithuania Izmir

D2 Canada vs Lebanon Izmir

D3 France vs Spain Izmir

Sunday 29th August 2010

A4 Serbia vs Germany Kayseri

A5 Jordan vs Angola Kayseri

A6 Argentina vs Australia Kayseri

B4 Croatia vs Iran Istanbul

B5 Slovenia vs USA Istanbul

B6 Brazil vs Tunisia Istanbul

C4 China vs Cote d'Ivoire Ankara

C5 Puerto Rico vs Greece Ankara

C6 Turkey vs Russia Ankara

D4 Lithuania vs Canada Izmir

D5 Spain vs New Zealand Izmir

D6 Lebanon vs France Izmir

Monday 30th August 2010

A7 Jordan vs Serbia Kayseri

A8 Australia vs Germany Kayseri

A9 Angola vs Argentina Kayseri

B7 Slovenia vs Croatia Istanbul

B8 Tunisia vs Iran Istanbul

B9 USA vs Brazil Istanbul

Tuesday 31th August 2010

C7 Puerto Rico vs China Ankara

C8 Russia vs Cote d'Ivoire Ankara

C9 Greece vs Turkey Ankara

D7 Spain vs Lithuania Izmir

D8 France vs Canada Izmir

D9 New Zealand vs Lebanon Izmir

Wednesday 1st Sept 2010

A10 Serbia vs Australia Kayseri

A11 Argentina vs Jordan Kayseri

A12 Germany vs Angola Kayseri

B10 Croatia vs Tunisia Istanbul

B11 Brazil vs Slovenia Istanbul

B12 Iran vs USA Istanbul

C10 China vs Russia Ankara

C11 Turkey vs Puerto Rico Ankara

C12 Cote d'Ivoire vs Greece Ankara

D10 Lithuania vs France Izmir

D11 Lebanon vs Spain Izmir

D12 Canada vs New Zealand Izmir

Thursday 2nd September 2010

A13 Argentina vs Serbia Kayseri

A14 Angola vs Australia Kayseri

A15 Jordan vs Germany Kayseri

B13 Brazil vs Croatia Istanbul

B14 USA vs Tunisia Istanbul

B15 Slovenia vs Iran Istanbul

C13 Turkey vs China Ankara

C14 Greece vs Russia Ankara

C15 Puerto Rico vs Cote d'Ivoire Ankara

D13 Lebanon vs Lithuania Izmir

D14 New Zealand vs France Izmir

D15 Spain vs Canada Izmir

Saturday 4th September 2010


61 A1 vs B4 Istanbul

62 D2 vs C3 Istanbul

Sunday 5th September 2010


63 C1 vs D4 Istanbul

64 B2 vs A3 Istanbul

Monday 6th September 2010


65 B1 vs A4 Istanbul

66 C2 vs D3 Istanbul

Tuesday 7th September 2010


67 D1 vs C4 Istanbul

68 A2 vs B3 Istanbul

Wednesday 8th Sept 2010

Quarter Finals

69 Winner 61 vs Winner 62 Istanbul

70 Winner 63 vs Winner 64 Istanbul

Thursday 9th September 2010

Quarter Finals

71 Winner 65 vs Winner 66 Istanbul

72 Winner 67 vs Winner 68 Istanbul

Friday 10th September 2010

Classification (5-8)

73 Loser 69 vs Loser 70 Istanbul

74 Loser 71 vs Loser 72 Istanbul

Saturday 11th September 2010

Classification (7-8)

75 Loser 73 vs Loser 74 Istanbul


76 Winner 69 vs Winner 70 Istanbul

77 Winner 71 vs Winner 72 Istanbul

Sunday 12th September 2010


5th-6th Place (5-6)

78 Winner 73 vs Winner 74 Istanbul

Bronze Medal Game (3-4)

79 Loser 76 vs Loser 77 Istanbul

Gold Medal Game (1-2)

80 Winner 76 vs Winner 77 Istanbul

Four pools of six nations were decided at the draw as follows:

Group A: (To be played in Kayseri)
2 Argentina
1 Serbia
3 Australia
5 Germany
6 Angola
4 Jordan

Group B: (to be played in Istanbul)
4 Slovenia
2 Brazil
1 Croatia
5 Iran
3 Tunisia

Group C: (To be played in Ankara)
6 Greece
2 Turkey
4 Puerto Rico
3 Russia
1 China
5 Ivory Coast

Group D: (To be played in Izmir)
4 Spain
3 France
5 Canada
1 Lithuania
6 New Zealand
2 Lebanon

Nb. Numbers next to nations are not seedings. Nations were drawn against a number to determine scheduling, after the initial draw.