U14 Girls: A wrap from Day 2 of the championship

U14 Girls: A wrap from Day 2 of the championship

Read all about the oncourt action from Day 2...

Game – 13 – Pool  D – Wanneroo Wolves vs. NT South Suns  

Fighting hard all game against Wanneroo’s severe height advantage, NT South were challenged all game, working hard on the rebounds but ultimately unable to overcome the height of the Wolves. Wanneroo took advantage of this and played a very fluid team game, resulting in Ashleigh Stewart scoring an impressive 26 points.

Final Score: Wanneroo Wolves 94 defeated NT North Suns 14

Game 14 – Pool D – Ballarat Miners vs. Eastern Mavericks                              

The Mavericks started strong against the Miners, leading by two after the first quarter and seven at half time. Ballarat finally slowed down the tempo and ran their own game, taking control in the third. A press late in the game rattled the Miners and multiple turnovers gave the Mavericks one of the closer games of the day.

Final Score: Eastern Mavericks 51 defeated Ballarat Miners 49

Game 15 – Pool D Canberra Nationals vs. Illawarra Hawks                 

Both teams started the game with very strong offensive and defensive set ups. Canberra ended the first quarter with a two point lead. The breaking point for the Nationals was in the third quarter, attempting to stop Illawarra’s ascent in the back court. Canberra’s Melissa McMorrow played some great defence and made some impressive quick shots but Illawarra fought through the defence, escaping with a win.

Final Score: Illawarra Hawks 50 defeated Canberra Nationals 37

Game 16 – Pool B – Northern Tasmania vs. NT North Geckos                            

Impressive defence locked down both teams’ scoring opportunities early in the game. Some well executed steals leading up to half time saw North Tasmania take a six point lead. In the third quarter, NT North brought some intense defence to the court, closing the gap with brilliant team play, carrying the momentum into the fourth to record a seven point win.

Final Score: NT North Geckos 65 defeated Northern Tasmania 58

Game 17 – Pool B – Cockburn Cougars vs. Hills Hornets                                  

An intensely close and physical game was brought to the court by these two teams. Jessie Burke and Kirsten Baldey of the Cougars making strong inside plays and thinking on their feat as the Cockburn crowd supported the girls. Brittnee Sewell of the Hornets showed brilliant speed, vision, penetration and leadership in the face of this. Free throws from Baldey iced the game for Cockburn who ran out winners.

Final Score: Cockburn Cougars 43 defeated Hills Hornets

 Game 18 – Pool B – Bulleen Boomers vs. Logan Thunder                                 

Bulleen were in some early foul trouble in the first quarter as Logan started with a lead, but the Boomers were quick to recover with an 11 point advantage going into the second quarter. Both teams pushed a hard game right up to the final minute but both Bulleen’s desperate effort to hold control of the game and Abby Watts’ hard working steals and fast breaks in the final quarter saw the Boomers come away with a 20 point win.

Final Score: Bulleen Boomers 58 defeated Logan Thunder 38

Game 19 – Pool C – Diamond Valley Eagles vs. Newcastle Hunters      

Diamond Valley’s intensity led to a number of fast break baskets. Newcastle fought hard to counter the height advantage of the Eagles, but strong offensive rebounding gave Diamond Valley the first half. Diamond Valley were hurried into a number of turnovers, allowing the Hunters to make a run in the third. The Eagles steadied, however, with solid fast-break basketball and ran out comfortable winners.

Final Score: Diamond Valley Eagles 85 defeated Newcastle Hunters 35

Game 20 – Pool C – Lakeside Lightening vs. Townsville Flames                        

Natalie Bruce (No. 4) of the Flames dominated the first quarter with 10 points which set the pace for Townsville. The strong lightning crowd rallied their team in the second and their penetration put them at the line. Ultimately turnovers, offensive rebounds and missed jump shots hurt Lakeside, allowing Townsville to run out winners by 14.

Final Score: Townsville Flames 44 defeated Lakeside Lightening 30

Game 21 – Pool C – Southern Tasmania Chargers vs. Forestville Eagles        

It does not get much closer than this. Both teams gave it their best right up to the final buzzer. An excellent defensive play from both teams resulted in quite a low scoring first half, with the Eagles carrying a narrow lead. The third quarter saw the Chargers take a stronger six point lead, pushing Forestville’s consistent offence. Forestville scored the winning goal at 12 seconds, taking a nail-biter of a game.

Final Score: Forestville Eagles 38 defeated Southern Tasmania Chargers 37

 Game 22 – Pool A – Traralgon T-Birds vs. Sutherland Sharks                

A nervous start from both teams resulted in numberous turnovers. Neither team established a dominance in the first half of a low scoring game. A physical third quarter continued this trend, with the T-Birds finding an opening for a small, but not increasing lead in the last. In a nail-biting finish, Traralgon clinched the win by two.

Final Score: Traralgon T-Birds 49 defeated Sutherland Sharks 47

 Game 23 – Pool A – Dandenong Rangers vs. Ipswich Force                  

The speed, strength and athleticism of the Rangers saw them take an impressive lead of 23 to 8 at quarter time. A  remarkable effort from both Khajdeishe Lologa and Hanna Tusa of Ipswich brought about a resistance to Dandenong’s assault in the second quarter. Dandenong’s lead was too great for the Force, however, seeing to the Rangers’ comfortable victory.

Final Score: Dandenong Rangers 56 defeated Ipswich Force 33

 Game 24 – Pool A – Perry Lakes Hawks vs. Northern Adelaide Rockets 

The first half commenced at a frantic pace, with Perry Lakes establishing a small lead. North Adelaide were to fight back and, despite some long range three-pointers from Georgia Nitschke, Northern Adelaide consolidated a 24 to 18 lead. Perry Lakes produced some strong play in the final half, only slightly outmatching the Rockets and running out with a three point win.

Final Score: Perry Lakes Hawks 45 defeated Northern Adelaide Rockets 42

Game 25 – Pool A – Eastern Mavericks vs. Canberra Nationals              

Both teams showing excellent sportsmanship and playing a fantastic game of basketball, the Mavericks maintained a strong lead of more than ten points the entire game. Abbey Preston and Renee Duffey of the Nationals showed notable assisting and defensive skill, while Samantha Lubcke’s rebounds and steals and Georgina Green’s shooting saw that the Mavericks ran out the winners.

Final Score: Eastern Mavericks 57 defeated Canberra Nationals 37

Game 26 – Pool D Illawara Hawks vs. NT South Suns                            

Illawara controlled the game with Danijela Milisic and Paige Phillips pushing their team to an early lead. The Suns produced some great half-court defence but were foiled by the swift offensive rebounds and steals of the Hawks, who pushed their lead to an impressive 52 points by the final buzzer.

Final Score: Illawarra Hawks 72 defeated NT South Suns 20

 Game 27 – Pool D – Wanneroo Wolves vs. Ballarat Miners                    

After a slow start to the match, the game opened up in the second quarter, giving plenty of fast break opportunities. Both teams played a hard defence, not allowing any run-away leads. Elizabeth Werry of Ballarat definitely the most influential player on the court. At the final buzzer, the Miners found themselves in a 17 point lead as a result of their shift to more offensive plays.

Final Score: Ballarat Miners 50 defeated Wanneroo Wolves 33

 Game 28 – Pool B – Bulleen Boomers vs. Cockburn Cougars                

A dominant Bulleen Boomers out muscled the determined Cockburn Cougars in the first half, despite flashes of fantastic play from Cougar; Lily Longley who produced one particularly sensational block. Bulleen asserted their dominance in the second half with some great play from talented forward Bridget Mimmo, taking the match with a 30 point lead.

Final Score: Bulleen Boomers 66 defeated Cockburn Cougars 36

Game 29 – Pool B – NT North Geckos vs. Logan Thunder                      

Logan started the match with an early lead in the first quarter which they successfully maintained. In a low scoring second quarter, the Geckos kept the gap at around ten points, not allowing Logan to make any solid runs to advance their lead. The geckos made an 8-0 run to start the fourth quarter and had the margin back to 2 points with 5 minutes to play. The game tied up at 35-35 with 1 minute left ending with Logan maintaining composure and winning it by four in overtime.

Final Score: Logan Thunder 41 defeated NT North Geckos 37

Game 30 – Pool B – Hills Hornets vs. Northern Tasmania                      

The Hornets opened up the game with their fast tempo and relentless defense early in the first quarter. An overwhelmed Northern Tasmania allowed the Hornets to build a substantial lead. Despite a strong performance in the second half by Northern Tasmania’s Georgina Briggs, the team was not able to regain  the ground they had lost in the first term.

Final Score: Hills Hornets 64 defeated Northern Tasmania 33

Game 31 – Pool C – Townsville Flames vs. Forestville Eagles   

The match started at a frantic pace with both teams running the floor hard. With to minutes to go in the first quarter, Forrestville were able to kick away and establish an early 12 point lead through some terrific long-range shooting, A tired Townsville were unable to bridge the consistent gap in the third quarter against their southern counterparts, the Eagles eventual winners in a disciplined display of basketball.

Final Score: Townsville Flames 59 defeated Forestville Eagles 34

Game 32 – Pool C – Southern Tasmania Chargers vs.  Diamond Valley Eagles

 A very scrappy first half contest was won by the more aggressive and physical Diamond Valley, taking a 15 point lead by half-time. The Eagles cruised to a 25 point win, despite some great opportunistic play by Southern Tasmania’s Melanie Wright.

Final Score: Diamond Valley Eagles 72 defeated Southern Tasmania Chargers 47

Game 33 – Pool C – Newcastle Hunters vs Lakeside Lightning

Both teams in this match up used similar full defensive place systems. Both teams were looking for the 3 point shot opportunites early in game, whilst maintaining defensive pressure. By the end of the 3rd, Newcastle closed the gap to a slender 3 points. With the game in the balance, the Lightning brought forward a controlled, well executed space offensive and came away with a hard fought win.

Final Score: Lakeside Lightening 49 defeated Newcastle Hunters 38

Game 34 – Pool A – Dandenong Rangers vs Southerland Sharks

The height advantage of Rangers had an early influence in the match, restricting the sharks to 2 points for the first term. Dandenong’s defensive intensity continued throughout the first half, leading 31 – 3 Although Ceara Leavai and Gabrielle Turnball of the Sharks put forward strong performances, the Rangers stayed consistent and ran out winners with an impressive 51 point lead.

Final Score: Dandenong Rangers 72 defeated Southerland Sharks 21

Game 35 – Pool A – Ipswich Force vs North Adelaide Rockets

After a nervous first quarter, both teams found their feet in the second, showing the crowd some very strong teamwork. The rockets weathered runs from Ipswich to preserve a nine point lead at the last break and went on to record a seven point win.

Final Score: North Adelaide Rockets 45 defeated Ipswich 38

Game 36 – Pool A – Perry Lakes Hawks vs Traralgon T-Birds

Traralgon, through strong defensive pressure, pushed away from the hard fighting Perry Lakes in the third quarter. Impressive shots were taken from both side, but the T-Birds were able to maintain the lead to the last quarter

Final Score: Traralgon T-birds 61 defeated Perry Lakes Hawks 51