Finals Action from U16's in Ulverstone

Finals Action from U16's in Ulverstone

We have seen an amazing week of basketball here in Ulverstone, Tasmania for the Australian U16 Junior Championships. Congratulations to all teams for their performances throughout the week.

VIC Metro has taken out the women's title for the tenth year in a row after defeating SA Country by just six points, 61-55. VIC Metro also took the crown in the Men's competition, defeating VIC Country 62-50.

All the competitors sincerely thank the Ulverstone Basketball Association and their many volunteers for what was an outstanding week of basketball.

Finals Placings

1 – Victoria Metro
2 – SA Country
3 – SA Metro
4 – NSW Metro
5 – QLD South
6 – WA Metro
7 – Victoria Country
8 – Queensland North
9 – NSW Country
10 – Northern Territory
11 - Tasmania
12 - ACT
13 – New Zealand
14 – WA Country

1 – Vic Metro
2 – Vic Country
3 –NSW Metro
4 – NSW Country
5 – SA Metro
6 – New Zealand
7 – WA Metro
8 – SA Country
9 -  ACT
10 - Tasmania
11 – QLD North
12 – WA Country
13 – Queensland South
14 – Northern Territory

Congratulations to Queensland North who were Fair Play award winners for this championship. The fair play award is given to the team that shows exception sportsmanship and respect throughout the championships.


Day 8 – Saturday 8 July 2009

Game 95 - Crt 1   Vic Country Women - 71 Defeated  Qld North Women - 58 

Both teams seemed closely contested.  Qld gained an early lead and the upper hand in the first half.  As the game continued Vic Country clawed their way in front.  Qld challenged late in the third quarter to make it an even game, until Vic pulled away again in the 4th to win by 13 points.
Top Scorers
Vic Country – Bronte Clark 15, Jane Douglass 14, Carly Geary 13
Qld North – Connie Finlay 17, Chloe Morrow 13, Georgia Williams 9

Game 96 - Crt 2    Tasmania Women - 53       Defeated      ACT Women  - 61

A good team effort by the Tassie girls who led in the first half by 16 points.  Jess Price once again had a good game with support from Jessie Russell.  ACT did not give up and Tassie had to earn the win.
Top Scorers
Tasmania – Jess Price 14, Jessie Russell 13, Irini Alexiou 11
ACT – Hayley Douglas 15, Abbie Davis 10, Kathryn Rendell 9

Game 97-PEN New Zealand Women – 65  Defeated  WA Country Women - 43

In a game riddled with turnovers, New Zealand grabbed the lead early in the game.  From then on New Zealand gradually pulled away to lead by 22 points at 3 Quarter time.  Teams went basket for basket in the last quarter but New Zealand ended up winning by 22 points in the end.
Top Scorers
WA Country – Morgan Roberts 15, Morgan Hunter 14, Alex Svoboba 8
New Zealand – Emma Klaztorny 16, Darcee Garbin 6, Jaimie Shanahan 6

Game 98  - Crt 1   WA Metro Men - 72    Defeated    SA Country Men - 66

WA Metro off to a quick start, while both teams quickly racked up the fouls.  WA pulled away but SA Country worked hard to keep them in the hunt.  The game seemed to take on a pattern, every time WA Metro pulled away, SA Country fought back to level the score.  In the end, WA Metro finally pulled away too much for SA Country to catch up.
Top Scorers
WA Metro – Nikolas Iliadis 20, Tevin Jackson 19, Nathan Smith 10
SA Country – Riley Mattner 16, Bradley Hartman 13, Liam Hehir 10

Game 99 - Crt 2      NSW Country Women - 62    Defeated     NT Women - 40

With NSW getting off to a slow start it looked to be a close contest.  After half time NSW Country put the pedal down.  With a great half, pressure applied forcing NT to make mistakes NSW Country never giving up took the win.
Top Scorers
NSW Country – Hannah Lepaio 16, Jordan Barrett 12, Olivia Sheehan 8
NT – Tamara Sheppard 21, Michelle Friel 8, Rickelle Parfitt 5

Game 100 - PEN      Qld South Men - 74         Defeated          NT Men - 57

Qld South dominated the start with NT struggling in defence and finding it hard to score.  Both teams scored rapidly in the second quarter with NT working hard to get the lead.  Both teams got in foul trouble in the fourth quarter but Qld South still too strong and won by 17 points in the end.
Top Scorers
Qld South – Christian Lam 17, Joshua Derksen 14, Nick Chia 12
NT – Cameron McKenzie 14, Nicholas Pattrick 11, Aaron Simpson 10

GAME 101 - Crt 1 ACT Men - 82 Defeated Tasmania Men - 33

Playing off for 9th and 10th.  Tassie looked to be in with a chance, but it quickly slipped away.  ACT out played them, Tassie attempted several come backs but ACT stopped them at every turn and pulled away to win the game.
Top Scorers
ACT – Patrick Morton 20, Dylan Simpson 16, Juan Edwards 12
Tasmania - Ric Howard 8, James Deegan 8

GAME 102 - Crt 2 Qld North Men - 60 Defeated WA Country Men - 59

Playing off for 11th and 12th.  An evenly played first quarter with WA Country with a 4 point advantage at quarter time.  No team had the advantage, both teams keeping the pressure on at both ends of the court.  Qld North had a 1 point advantage at half time.  The game was much the same in the second half with WA Country leading by 3 points at three quarter time.  The fourth quarter Qld North came out strong to take the lead.  WA responded and the game was even with 2.30 to go.  Qld North held onto win by 1 point.  Very exciting game playing off for 11th and 12th.
Top Scorers
Qld North – Michael Demertze 27, Jason Osborne 10, Hayden Wicks 6
WA Country – Dylan Ness 14, Jarrad Watson 12, Damian Lee 10

GAME 103 - DEV SA Metro Women - 78 Defeated NSW Metro Women - 65

Playing off for 3rd and 4th.  A well fought out game.  Very evenly matched teams, NSW lead by 1 point at the first change.  Both teams evenly matched up until the last quarter were NSW Metro got into foul trouble and SA Metro went ahead stopping NSW Metro scoring in the Last quarter of the game.  SA Metro won by 12 points.
Top Scorers
SA Metro – Ahsley Fitzpatrick 18, Taylor Falting 16, Ashleigh Greaves 13
NSW Metro – Vanessa Panousis 26, Brianan Kentwell 10

GAME 104 - Crt 1 SA Metro Men - 106 Defeated New Zealand Men – 60

Playing off for 5th and 6th.  SA Metro took the lead from the beginning.  New Zealand trying to match them but their shots would not go in and the SA Metro boys defence was too strong.  SA Metro taking the win.
Top Scorers
SA Metro – Ryan Clark 19, Sam Johns 17, Joel Spear 15, Patrick Thomas 13
New Zealand – Reuben TeRangi 16, Brodie Grundy Alastair Lundington 11 points each

GAME 105- Crt 2 Qld South Women - 66 Defeated WA Metro Women - 43

Playing off for 5th and 6th.  Qld South controlled the tempo of the game in the beginning until WA Metro came alive bringing the score down from 13 points to just 1 point difference at one stage in the first half.  Qld weren’t going to let WA Metro catch up that easy, keeping the lead, the gap got wider winning in the end by 23 points.
Top Scorers
Qld South – Amy Kinder 14, Carleen Stacey 7, Brianna Sheppard and Rebecca Motroni 6 points each
WA Metro – Megan Trinder 16, Ruby Mayson 12, Madelyn Willey 7

GAME 106 – DEV NSW Metro Men - 59 Defeated NSW Country Men  - 34

Playing off for 3rd  and 4th.  NSW Metro controlled the game from the start and played with great determination. The dominated the game and went on to win by 25 points.
Top Scorers
NSW Metro – Mirko Djeric 12, Emmett Naar 10, Christian Jurlina 8
NSW Country – Jack Robilliard 12, Christopher McIllhatton 5, Hayden Tinkler 5

GAME 107 - DEV Vic Metro Women - 61 Defeated SA Country Women - 55

Playing off for 1st and 2nd.  Vic Metro led from the start, slowly extending the margin to 10 points.  SA Country started the third quarter with a comeback, but Vic Metro caught up with the SA Country pace and took the margin back out to an 8 point lead.  SA Country launched a final attack to catch up.  They didn’t manage to close the gap and Vic Metro won by 6 points.
Top Scorers
Vic Metro – Jaclyn Smith 20, Carly Turner 10, Vanessa Augustini 7
SA Country – Stephanie Talbot 16, Alex Wilson 15, Dusty Rodda 9

GAME 108 – DEV Vic Metro Men - 62 Defeated Vic Country Men - 50

Playing off for 1st and 2nd.  What an exciting finish to the championships.  Vic Country started well taking the first quarter playing good team basketball.  Vic Metro settled in the second quarter of the game and lead by 3 points from a 3 point shot by Tom Rourke.  Vic Country played good hard defence in the second half of the game but was unable to stop the Vic Metro onslaught led by Patrick Mockiewicz who shot 15 points for the game.  Vic Country’s shooting from outside the 3 point line let them down in the end to lose to Vic Metro by 12 points.
Top Scorers
Vic Metro – Patrick Mockiewicz 15, Joel Leebody 11, Justin Davies 8
Vic Country – Jordan Duncan 11, Jake Stringer 10, Sean Massey 6