U16 Nationals: Day 7 Wrap... national title up for grabs

U16 Nationals: Day 7 Wrap... national title up for grabs

Read about all the action from the Semi Finals before the Finals tip off on Saturday morning at the U16 National Junior Championships with all the match reports from Ulverstone, Tasmania.

It will be a Victorian derby in the men's Gold medal game today as VIC Metro and VIC Country go head to head. In the Women's draw VIC Metro and SA Country won their semi finals yesterday to advance to the Gold medal decider.

For all the schedules, results, photos and box scores go to the Tournament Website.


DAY 7 – FRIDAY 17 JULY 2009

GAME 83 - Crt 1 Qld South Women - 72 Defeated Vic Country Women  - 64
Vic Country got off to a good start keeping Qld South scoreless for the first five minutes but Qld South came back to have the lead at half time.  This was a very close game but Qld South got over the line.
Top Scorers
Qld South – Christina Sekona 19, Megan Trinder 18
Vic Country – Ebony Rolph 20, Emily Koroneos 11, Leah McDonald 9

GAME 84 - Crt 2 NT Women  -77 Defeated Tasmania Women - 70
The game started off with NT Scoring the first goal but as Tassie came alive they commenced scoring.  Tassie played hard but were unable to get their goals to drop.  Tassie started to come back in the last quarter but NT managed to hold on and win by 7 point.  Tassie girls Play ACT on Court 2 Ulverstone at 9am Saturday.
Top Scorers
NT – Tamara Sheppard 22, Justine Schmidt 21, Rickelle Parfit 12
Tasmania – Jessy Price & Josie Greenwood 18, Irnini Alexiou 17

GAME 85  - Crt 1 WA Metro Women - 58 Defeated Qld North Women - 42
The teams came out firing to begin with, with only a 2 point difference in the first quarter.  WA Metro took a 5 point lead at half time and stayed in front for the rest of the game pulling away from Qld North who tried hard to stop WA Metro from scoring.
Top Scorers
WA Metro – Jorjah Smith 17, Amy Kidner 12
Qld North – Teyla Evans 14, Georgia Williams 11, Connie Finlay 5

GAME 86 - Crt 2 NSW Country Women - 49 Defeated ACT Women - 42
NSW Country was out in front in the first quarter of the game but ACT worked hard in the second quarter to draw at half time of the game.  ACT worked hard but was unable to stop NSW Country from winning the close game.
Top Scorers NSW Country – Hannah Lepaio 10, Maddison Penn 9, Kaela Thomas 87
ACT – Hayley Douglas 16, Leah Palamountain, Raingsey Kevin & Abbie Davis all on 6 points each

GAME 87 - Crt 1 SA Country Women - 65 Defeated NSW Metro Women - 46
Both teams work hard in defence and offence which saw NSW Metro match SA Country up until three quarter time.  SA Country pulled away in the last half making it difficult for NSW Metro to score.  SA Country won in the end by 19 points.
Top Scorers
SA Country – Alex Wilson 18, Cody Lange 15, Stephanie Talbot 13
NSW Metro – Vanessa Panousis 18, Casey Samuels 13, Rachel Fisher 6

GAME 88 - Crt 2 Act Men - 81 Defeated Qld North Men - 73
ACT was off to a good start, scoring the first baskets.  Qld was working hard but ACT came out and at the half time break lead by 11 points.  Both teams determined to win fought hard defensively and offensively.  ACT fought hard and won by 8 points.
Top Scorer
ACT – Alexander Obrei 28, Dylan Simpson 14, Hamish Aherne 11
Qld North – Michael Demertze 26, Hayden Wicks 14, Jason Osborne & Luke Ellwood 11 points each

GAME 89 - Crt 1 Vic Metro Women - 71 Defeated SA Metro Women - 58
Both teams evenly committed to the start of the game.  SA Metro took advantage of Billie Luca leaving the court through injury, leading at the first break.  Vic Metro playing good defence took the lead late in the third quarter and the vocal crowd went off.  Vic Country was up by 5 points at the end of the fourth quarter and went onto to win by 13.
Top Scorers
Vic Country – Jaclyn Smith 18, Vanessa Augustini 12, Carly Turner 11
SA Metro – Amy Shaw 21, Ashley Bow 13, Alexandra Ciabattoni 10

GAME 90 - Crt 2 Tasmania Men - 83 Defeated WA Country Men- 52
The Tassie boys got to a great start leading 15 to 4 at the end of the first quarter.  WA put up a good fight but seemed a little undersized compared to Tassie.  A game high of 29 points to Tassie boy Michael Woods who seemed unstoppable from the 3 point line.  Both teams contributed well of the bench.  Tassie winning again by 31 points.  Tassie will play 1pm Saturday on Court 1 Ulverstone Stadium against ACT.
Top Scorer
Tasmania – Michael Woods 29, Ben Lagnmaid 18, Cohan McDermott 13
WA Country - Beau Chimney 15 Dylan Ness 9, Damien Lee 8

GAME 91 - Crt 1 Vic Country Men – 63 Defeated NSW Country Men - 53
Both teams determined to win came out shooting goal for goal.  The last half became a battle until NSW Country pulled away in the third quarter.  Vic Country settled and score some fast baskets to win the game by 10 points.
Top Scorers 
Vic Country – Jake Stringer 12, Jayden Steers 11
NSW Country – Brock Dries 18, Jack Robilliard 17, Darcey Harding 9

GAME 92 - Crt 2 New Zealand Men - 72 Defeated WA Metro Men - 66
WA Metro led at the first quarter with New Zealand making up ground in the second quarter.  It wasn’t till the third quarter that New Zealand moved ahead with good shooting and strong defence.  WA Metro tightened their defence but their shooting let them down.  New Zealand out right winners by 6 points.
Top Scorers
New Zealand – Kurt Heatherley 30, Reuben TeRangi 9, Hoani Walker-Te Pania 12
WA Metro – Nikolas Iliadis 24, Ben Lee 14, Tevin Jackson 11

GAME 93 – Crt 1 Vic Metro Men - 62 Defeated NSW Metro Men - 55
Vic Metro was the first to score with NSW metro quickly answering to get in front.  Vic Metro seemed to be making ground, but NSW Metro pulled away again.  Later in the second quarter, Vic Metro made a comeback with a handful of 3 point shots to keep them in the game.  Vic Metro edged their way to the front and won by 7 points. 
Top Scorers
Vic Metro – Justin Davies 10, Greg Page 9, Justin Soleimani 9
NSW Metro – Emmett Naar 21, Craig Moller 10

GAME 94 - Crt 2 SA Metro - 85 Defeated SA Country - 58
SA Metro led from the start.  An evenly contested game, SA Country was unable to make their shots count.  SA Metro running out winners by 27 points.
Top Scorers
SA Metro – Joel Spears 18, Brodie Grundy 14, Sam Johns 14
SA Country – Bradley Hartman 17, Ricky Matner 12, Diane Pfitzner 14