U16 Nationals: Day 5 wrap

U16 Nationals: Day 5 wrap

Follow the games from Day 5 at the U16 National Junior Championships with all the match reports from Ulverstone, Tasmania

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GAME 56 - WA Metro Men - 59 Defeated ACT Men -56
WA Metro came out strong in the first half forcing ACT to create holes in their defence.  At half time WA Metro were in the lead by 8 points.  Scores equal in the last minute and half of the game with both teams fouling.  ACT sent WA Metro to the line too often and WA Metro won by 4 foul shots made by Nikolas Iliadis.
Top Scorers 
WA Metro – Nikolas Iliadis 16, Nathan Smith 10, Ben Levey & Caleb Davis 8 points each
ACT – Dylan Simpson 14, Hamish Ahern & Declan Pratt 12 points each

GAME 57 - Qld South Men - 80 Defeated NSW Country Men - 58
The first half of the game was very close with NSW Country leading by 2 points.  In the second half, Qld South fought back and broke away playing great defence and winning by 22 points.
Top Scorers
Qld South – Joshua Derksen 25, Cade Towers 14, Nick Chia 13
NSW Country – Darcy Harding 20, Brock Dries 11, Christopher McIllhatton 10

GAME 58 - Vic Metro Men - 86 Defeated Tasmania Men -37
Tasmania started the game strong.  Vic Metro settled and started pulling away.  Matthew Brazendale went off the court with a shoulder injury and was unable to play the rest of the game.  Nothing seemed to work for Tasmania, not for the want of trying, playing desperate basketball.  Vic Metro too strong on the day.
Top Scorers
Vic Metro – Justin Davies 16, Joshua Oswald 14, Joel Leebody 14
Tasmania – Michael Woods 18, James Deegan 6, Matthew Zerna 4

GAME 59  - SA Metro Women - 92 Defeated Qld North Women -54
SA Metro’s defence was too strong for Qld North even though Qld North’s defence was tight at times making SA Metro earn their scores.  SA Metro ran away with the win by 38 points.
Top Scorers
SA Metro - Alexandra Ciabattoni 26, Amy Shaw 16, Jasmine Trimboli 14
Qld North – Connie Finlay 17, Shanieka Ross 14, Georgia Williams 5

GAME 60 - NSW Metro Women -64 Defeated WA Country Women - 42
NSW Metro came out with a strong start, leading the way through the first half.  Although WA Country played some excellent defence leading all through the third quarter, the NSW Metro girls looked as though they had the game won and did, defeating WA Country by 22 points.
Top Scorers
NSW Metro – Casey Samuels 13, Tahlia Kormanyos 9, Rachel Fisher 8
WA Country – Caitlin Dowding 10, Stacie Baker & Darcee Garbin 8 points each

GAME 61 - Vic Metro Women - 68 Defeated Qld South Women - 57
The game was close, Qld South played strongly in the third quarter.  Vic Metro started the final quarter strong, running away from Qld South winning game by 11 points.
Top Scorers
Vic Metro – Billie Lucas 18, Jaclyn Smith 14, Carty Turner 8
Qld South – Madelyn Willey 15, Mikhaela Donnelly 14, Christina Sekona 12

GAME 62 - New Zealand Women - 63 Defeated Tasmania Women - 61
New Zealand started well and dominated most of the first half leading by 6 points at half time.  Early in the second half Tassie played good defensive basketball stealing the ball from New Zealand.  A couple of times late in the final quarter scores were equal, making for an exciting finish.  New Zealand winning by 2 points.
Top Scorers
New Zealand – Emma Mayo 11, Morgan Hunter 11, Ales Svoboba & Morgan Roberts 10
Tasmania – Jessica Russell 24, Jessy Price 11, Josie Greenwood 11

GAME 63 - WA Country Men - 54 Defeated NT Men - 49
A game played in good spirits and well contested by both teams who were evenly matched.  The lead changed backwards and forward throughout the game.  WA Country were a lot stronger under the basket but NT did not let them win the game easily, WA Country had to earn it.
Top Scorers 
WA Country – Dylan Ness 12, Charles Thurkle 11
NT – Nicholas Pattrick 19, Caeron McKenzie 10, David Carroll 9

GAME 64 - ACT  Women - 55 Defeated NT Women -53
Act commenced the first quarter strong.  Both teams had costly turnovers in the first half.  NT rallied early in the last half of the game to peg back the lead.  In the later part of the final quarter each team had costly fouls.  ACT’s height was an advantage with offensive and defensive rebounds.  A 3 point shot from Tamara Sheppard levelled the scores in the last few minutes of the game but Hayley Douglas shot a 2 pointer and got ACT over the line.
Top Scorers 
ACT – Hayley Douglas 14, Kathryn Rendell 10, Claire King 10
NT – Justine Schmidt 17, Tamara Sheppard 15, Michelle

GAME 65 - Vic Country Men- 71 Defeated SA Country Men - 55
In an intense game SA Country matched Vic Country up until three quarter time, then the Vic Country guards took over, led by Anthony Fisher and Jake Stringer.  Vic Country won the game by 16 points.
Top Scorers
Vic Country – Sean Massey 19, Jake Stringer 13, Jordan Duncan 11
SA Country – Bradley Hartman 15, Riley Mattner 13, Luke van Rijn 12

GAME 66 - NSW Metro Men - 79 Defeated New Zealand Men - 58
NSW lead from the start, both teams gave away costly fouls in the first half.  Second half of the game NSW Metro drew away from New Zealand even though New Zealand worked hard to keep it to a 21 point win to NSW Metro.
Top Scorers
NSW Metro – Craig Moller 19, Mirko Djevic 14, Michael Rowley & Mitchell Cullen 12 points each
New Zealand – Reuben TeRangi 16, Logan Botica & Hoani Walker-Te Pania 9

GAME 67 - WA Metro Women - 68 Defeated NSW Country Women - 52
WA Metro got out to a hug lead 26 to 8 in the first quarter NSW Country came back in the second and third quarters.  WA Metro pulled away once again in the fourth quarter to win by 16 points.
Top Scorers
WA Metro – Amy Kidner 24, Rebecca Montroni 13, Jorjah Smith 12.
NSW Country – Jordan Barrett 14, Maddison Penn 8, Hannah Lepaio 7.

GAME 68 - Tasmania Men - 85 Defeated Qld South Men - 71
Great team effort by all the Tassie players.  Qld South tried to put a dent in the Tasmanian armour but Cohan McDermott and Matthew Zerna played well.  Qld South didn’t let Tassie win it easily drawing the score back.  Tassie composed themselves and won by 14 points.
Top Scorers
Tasmania –Michael Woods 36, Ben Langmaid 12, Jack McKenzie 12
Qld South – Christian lam 16, Nicholas Dickson 14, Nick Chia 13

GAME 69 - NSW Country Men - 64 Defeated ACT Men - 51
Both started slowly, but NSW Country gained some composure and pulled away quickly with a ten point lead in the first half.  ACT made several attempts at a comeback to take the lead, but NSW crushed their hope to win.
Top Scorers
NSW Country – Jack Robilliard 18, Darcy Harding 17, Chris McIllhatton 14
ACT – Dylan Simpson 14, Alexander Olbrei 11, Darcy Malone 8

GAME 70 - SA Metro Men - 72 Defeated WA Metro Men – 69
In a good first quarter with shots hitting their mark for both teams the scores were level at 17 apiece.  A physical game WA made a small break at half time.  SA Metro set up for an exciting finish hitting a 3 point shot on the buzzer to win the game.
Top Scorers
SA Metro – Joel Spear 21, Sam Johns 14, McKenzie Sexton 9
WA Metro – Nikolas Iliadis 23, Ben Levey 15, Beau Samuelson 11