Change to Shot Clock rulings for U14 Championships

Change to Shot Clock rulings for U14 Championships

Basketball Australia has made a rule change for both the Boys and Girls 2009 Australian U14 Club Championships regarding the shot clock.

At present there are a number of competitions around the country with U14 teams who may be vying to compete in the Australian Championships later in the year.

As foreshadowed in 2007, a new variation to the timing regulations for the Australian U14 Club Championships for 2009 is the introduction of the shot clock not commencing until the ball has progressed into the team’s front court.

The reason for this is to enhance the development of offensive skills at this age group.

With the traditional 24 second clock, teams often only have 17-18 seconds in the front court, which invariably means that one or two players will have the majority of the offensive play.

By providing teams with 24 seconds in their front court, greater opportunity for team play will be available.

Please click here to see the memorandum on the rule change