A word from the coach

A word from the coach

Australian Emus Head Coach Marty Clarke took time out from the Emus camp at the AIS on Tuesday to introduce the squad that will be tackling Spain, Greece and France in the Under-19 Four Nations Tournament to be held in Melbourne 26-28 June.

Bryce ARNOTT (Dandenong / Vic)

Coach says: "He’s a tough defender, very strong with the ball, good organiser"

Cameron BAIRSTOW (Brisbane / AIS / Qld)

Coach says: "Cameron is an inside presence that likes physical play"

Ryan BROEKHOFF (Frankston / AIS / Vic)

Coach says:"A scoring wing, good shooting range, good rebounder for his size"

Jason CADEE (Bankstown / AIS / NSW)

Coach says: "Point guard, elusive, scorer, team organiser"

Matthew DELLAVEDOVA (Maryborough / AIS / Vic)

Coach says: "He’s a hard-working, strong combination guard"

Cody ELLIS (Sterling / AIS / WA)

Coach says: "Multi-skilled big, can shoot the three, post up, good basketball IQ"

Ryan GODFREY (Rockingham / WA)

Coach says: "Strong combination guard, defends well, great work rate"

Hugh GREENWOOD (Grenadiers (Hobart) /AIS / Tas)

Coach says: "Youngest member of the squad, immensely talented in the versatility he brings to the group, a great competitor"

Shane HARRIS-TUNKS (Liverpool / AIS / NSW)

Coach says: "He’s a strong defender, an improving rebounder and a good passer at the post"

Jeromie HILL (Cairns /AIS / Qld)

Coach says: "An athlete who runs the floor well, good on the offensive glass"

Matthew HODGSON (Ipswich / AIS / Qld)

Coach says: "The tallest of the group, left-hander, good shooter"

Brock MOTUM (Brisbane / AIS / Qld)

Coach says: "A versatile big man, can score a number of ways with an ability to defend on the perimeter."

Igor NUJIC (Cockburn / AIS / WA)

Coach says: "An offensively talented wing, gets to the basket off the dribble"

Jorden PAGE (Maroochydore / AIS / Qld)

Coach says: "A creative combo-guard, capable of scoring quickly"

Christian SALECICH (Sthn Districts / AIS / Qld)

Coach says: "Good range on his shots, strong defender, runs the lanes well"

Brad SIMPSON (Goulburn / Illawarra / NSW)

Coach says: "Hard-working four-man, greatly improved shooter that sees the game well"

Mitchell YOUNG (Logan / AIS / Qld)

Coach says: "Athletic big, good offensive rebounder"