Basketball Australia launches Online Officiating Tool

Basketball Australia launches Online Officiating Tool

Basketball Australia is pleased to announce the launch of the Online Officiating Tool, a new conflict resolution learning tool developed in partnership with Box Hill TAFE.

The Online Officiating Tool

The new program is aimed at beginner referees but is also beneficial for coaches, administrators and anyone within an association who may have to deal with a conflict situation.

The tool has two main functionalities; the theory and practical aspects of conflict resolution in basketball.

The theory section of conflict resolution is presented in an easily accessible format.  Through clear menus you can identify the topics you want information on, and then through a variety of engaging exercises there is information on topics such as understanding body language, reaching a “win-win” solution and understanding the triggers for conflict.  It can also be used as a reference tool as participants can access information on the particular topic they wish, or scroll through all the helpful information page by page.

In the practical section of the website you can participate in a game where you are the referee.  Throughout the game you are presented with potential conflict scenarios and you can choose your response.  What you choose to do will influence the next situation you face.  If you make a “poor” decision, the conflict will quickly escalate. There is commentary from ABC Commentator Darren Boyd as well as tips from an expert official.

You are presented with a rating of your current performance which changes with each decision you make.  This experiential learning is a valuable tool, particularly when done in a protected environment of the computer rather than on court with real people.

This is one of the most innovative online education tools in sport and has generated particular interest from the Australian Sports Commission and the International Olympic Committee and a number of other sports.

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