Round 2 WNWBL results

Round 2 WNWBL results

Round two of the 2008 Women's National Wheelchair Basketball League (WNWBL) was held in Perth over the weekend and threw up some interesting results. The league is a crucial cog in the Gliders preperations for Beijing come September with many

Round two of the 2008 Women's National Wheelchair Basketball League (WNWBL) was held in Perth over the weekend and threw up some interesting results.

The league is a crucial cog in the Gliders preperations for Beijing come September with many of the girls in scintilating touch in the west.

Check out the results below:

Game 1           Western Stars 52       def       Hills Hornets 44

Stars took the lead early, 16-10 at quarter time. Sarah Stewart kept the

Hornets in touch. Cobi Crispin and Clare Burzynski worked great in tandem. Katie Hill provided a spark for the Hornets, but this was answered by Julie Ann Adams. A delighted home crowd saw the Stars clinch the win with some cool, calm execution. Coach John Triscari had his first win in the WNWBL.

A game high 20 points from Sarah Stewart couldn’t match the output from the Stars big 4, Crispin 14, Alicia Doughty 12, Amber Merrit 10 and Adams 10.

Game 2           Hills Hornets 72          def       Dandenong Rangers 38

The Rangers took the game right up to the Hornets in the first quarter,

leading 15 - 14 at the first change. Tina McKenzie and Leanne Del Toso

taking the game at the Hornets early.

The Hornets changed their game plan for the second quarter, applying full court pressure, and holding the rangers to a measly 4 points, while

generating 21 of their own, The Hornets continued to flex their muscle with more of the same in the 3rd, winning the quarter 21 to 9.

Sarah Stewart led all scorers with 24, while dynamo Katie Hill had 23. For the Rangers, Melinda Young found form with 16 points, and Del Toso played alone hand inside with 12.

Game 3           Western Stars 48       def       Hills Hornets 45 (OT)

The Hornets took the ascendancy early in this one, again Sarah Stewart,

Katie Hill and Liesl Tesch providing too much for the young Stars to handle in the early going. The Hornets looked to have put this one to bed early as they went into the half time break up 23 - 12, and seemingly having the game well in hand.

Stern words from Coach John Triscari saw his troops emerge from the halftime break a different team. Captain Julie Ann Adams marshaled the troops on court, and they delivered. An inspired Cobi Crispin, Alicia Doughty and Amber Merrit showed what they were made of. The Stars on the back of some great defensive play from Clare Burzynski and Mandy Bonavita closed down the threats of Stewart and Hill, and the Stars took the quarter 16 -7.

The game was poised for a great finish, the team with the best execution

would get this one. An inspired Crispin took the ball hard to basket several times in the dying stages to get the free throw line and Amber Merrit also came up big with some clutch baskets down the stretch.

Tesch and Stewart with 14 and 16 points respectively lead the Hornets.

Cobi Crispin's 20 points (16 in the second half) lead the Stars, while

Merrit and Doughty both had 12.

Game 4           Western Stars 60 def Dandenong Rangers 53

The Stars jumped out early in this one, pressing from the start and grabbing a 23 - 14 lead at quarter time.

To their credit, the rangers refused to lie down in this one, Mel Young and Leanne Del Toso again providing the scoring punch. Tina McKenzie provided trouble at both ends, controlling the offence and harassing the Stars ball carriers up and down the floor.

The game remained evenly matched as the rangers proved that should the ball bounce their way, they are a team to reckon with. Mel Young again out standing from outside with 18 points, and Tina McKenzie worked tirelessly for her 16. Cobi Crispin had a consistent 25, ably assisted by Doughty with 13 and Merrit with 14.

Game 5           Hills Hornets 75          def Dandenong Rangers       39

The early start didn't agree with the Rangers as the Hornets saw to put this one away quickly. Pressing from the start and giving the Rangers little chance, the Hornets took a 23 - 6 advantage into the first break and never looked back.

Katie Hill capped of a great weekend with some excellent fast breaks giving her 14 points, while Stewart and Tesch were way to classy for the Rangers in this one, 23 and 25 points each in this one.

Game 6           Dandenong Rangers 53         def Western Stars 47

Coach Brendan Stroud managed to pull the rabbit out of his hat for this one. When many would have expected a walk up win to the Stars in this one, the Rangers showed some grit and determination and came up with a well deserved win in the last game of the weekend.

The young Stars showed the signs of huge weekend physically and emotionally, struggling to find the basket, and each other at times.

Del Toso, Young, McKenzie and Amanda Carter put together a great 40 mins of basketball, and despite McKenzie fouling out in the dying minutes of the game, the Rangers held on for a great win.

Del Toso 20 points and McKenzie 21 points. Doughty 18 lead the Stars, Crispin 14 and Merrit 11.